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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post

If by western Bulgaria they are referring to the former (and recently acquired) periphery territories of the First Bulgarian Empire, as the land and core territory of Samuel's Empire was in Macedonia, and not Bulgaria, which is located in upper Thrace bordering the Danube.

Bulgarian Patriarchate? Lol. The Bulgarian Patriarchate was finished, over, no more. Samuel established the Ohrid Patriarchate,
the Bulgarian label a mere remnant from the time of the Bulgarian Empire, which was also further reinforced by the establishment of the East Roman theme known as the 'Bulgaria Theme', which, oddly enough, included modern Macedonian and Serbian territory,
but not modern (or medieval for that matter) Bulgarian territory.

Such emphasis some people like to misleadingly place on these name games, while closing their eyes to some obvious points of truth such as the language, letters, people and geography of Samuel's state, which, were all the same as the people who live there today.

Exactly the point you mentioned, to understand the terms which were applied back than, we shouldn't lead ourself from the present point of view.

And I absolutelly agree with you about establishment od Ohrid Patriarchate by Samoul, anyway the creation of themes:

And this is much more earlier than Samoul's reign, we can find all kind of misleading conclusions if we are not aware of the meaning that those terms had back than.
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