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I would disagree only with the last one:

Greeks also had the word phalos (φαλός, not to be confused with phallos= phallus) which also meant white, bright, shiny. It is related to phalakros (bald headed), that was balakros in Macedonia (a common first name, met in 4 or 5 different persons in the days of Alexander). Also, the name of a mountain in Eastern Macedonia, Thrace (probably at the Greek-Bulgarian borders).

According to Serafimov, in his paper "Etymological Analysis of Thracian Toponyms and Hydronyms," the original (ancient) Macedonian name for the Belasitza mountain range was "Βάλάκρος (Balakros)."

Oρβέλος (Orbelos) was Thracian name of the mountain Belasitsa. According Georgiev it means White Mountain, coming from the Phrygian, or Peonian – Βελον, corresponding to Bulgarian бел (bel) white. To that I would like to add that bel, bjal– white is common Slavic word. The Macedonian name of Oρβέλος was Βάλάκρος, which Georgiev sees as Βάλ-άκρος – White top [3], p. 33. Βάλ means white, and άκρος corresponds in my opinion to the Phrygian word akris – end, top [14], p. 158, related to Russian крыша (krǎiša) roof, top, and also to Slovene word kraj - end, Serbian and Bulgarian words край (krai) – top, end.
In my opinion, I see -akros as being the same word that is found in Greek. On the other hand, Bal- seems to correspond more with the Slavic Bjal. Here, Macedonian undergoes a similar development from a common root that is found in the Thracian -belo(s) (from Orbelos) and the Paeonian Byl(a)- (from Bylazora). Now, Βαλακρός (Balakros) according to Henry George Liddell's dictionary on Macedonian was the Macedonian version of "Φαλακρός (Phalakros)" (bald-headed). I'm not certain how much of a difference the difference in accents makes, but it seems to be enough to be noted as 2 different words by these two linguists.
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