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Originally Posted by makedonche View Post
I told you we should have turned to Russia when nato/eu started making impositions!

Russia, America and China are all mother fuckers – simple as that.

All three world powers use smaller nations as pawns in the big game. It doesn’t even matter if it costs thousands of innocent lives so that they can achieve their objectives. That includes Russia and its “little Bothers” Serbia, Bulgaria, Grease and Romania.

All three have killed or made indigenous peoples extinct. See the Native Americans in regards to the USA, the Asian people in Russia or even the native Alaskans in regards to Russia and the Uyghurs and Tibetans in Regards to China,

But in saying that macedonia needs to be good terms with the world powers. And I think it’s a great idea that macedonia is “close” to the USA, and also “close” with Russia and China. And I also agree that macedonia should get even more “close” to Russia and especially China. China has america by the balls as the US owes China stupid amounts of money. Russia is too scared of China as well.

Just don’t consider them as “friends”……
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