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Стило is probably of Latin origin. Also whilst there may be no direction translations into Serbo-Croat or Bulgarian there may be localised translations, e.g. Ќ is exclusive to Macedonian and as such its equivalents are Ћ and Щ in Serbian/Montenegrin and Bulgarian respectively. Sometimes words between our languages may only differ by one phoneme because they are not present in the surrounding languages. The same logic applies to Ѓ which is also exclusive to Macedonian and its Serbo-Croat and Bulgarian equivalents are Ђ and ЖД (diagraph) respectively. This can be expressed with the word for birth which in Macedonian is раѓање and is рађање and раждане in Serbian/Montenegrin and Bulgarian respectively.
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.

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