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Carlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud ofCarlin has much to be proud of

1) Handbook for Travellers in Greece: Including the Ionian ... , John Murray (Firm), 1900

"The spoken Greek of the present day is more or less mixed with Turkish, Italian, or Albanian words, according to the geographical or political condition of each separate district. 'In the Ionian Islands,' says Leake, 'most ideas above the ordinary usage of the vulgar, and even many of the most common phrases, are denoted by Italian words with Romaic terminations and inflexions; and thus the language of these islands is one of the most corrupt in Greece.' But the substitution in 1852 of Greek for Italian as the official language has made a great change there." Among seafaring Greeks, both in the Ionian and Aegean seas, many nautical phrases and technical terms, borrowed from the Venetians and Genoese, are still in use."

2) Report of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year ... with Accompanying Papers, Volume 1, By United States. Bureau of Education, 1898

"In the fifteenth century bands of Wallachians were to be found as far south as the Taygetos Mountains."

3) Munsey's Magazine - Volume 28 - Page 237, 1903

"Not only are there Albanians in Eleusis, two hours' drive from Athens, but another foreign race is largely represented in the near vicinity of the city. In its environs are many Wallachians, the remnants of the old Wallachian kingdom which once embraced Aetolia, Acarnania, and Thessaly..."

4) The English Historical Review - Page 657, Mandell Creighton, ‎Justin Winsor, ‎Samuel Rawson Gardiner, 1904

"On the other hand a few Wallachs wandered about Athens , some Albanian Mussulmans were employed in guarding the entrances to the town , and in all the villages of Attica the inhabitants were of the Albanian race..."

5) Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day - Pages 49 & 50, Edmond About, 1857

"Every evening at sunset, long files of Albanians are to be met on the roads, coming back with their wives from the labour of the fields. They almost all dwell on the slopes of the Acropolis, on the spot where dwelt formerly the Pelasgi. The Wallachs sleep in the air on the hillside among their flocks. It was thus that Eumeus lived of old... The dogs of the Wallachs are like those of Eumeus, ferocious animals, against which it is well to be provided with a javelin. ...

The Maltese, those Savoyards of the Mediterranean, are numerous at Athens and Piraeus; they are reckoned at more than fifteen hundred. By a rather curious exception, in Greece they are of unreproachable honesty, while at Smyrna and Constantinople they form the dregs of the populace. At Constantinople, robbery and assassination is their chief occupation; at Athens, they go on errands, and are the masons and gardeners - they divide with the robust inhabitants of Maina all the severe labours which the journeymen of Athens would refuse."
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