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It is probable that Paeonians and Macedonians were kindred tribes. The origin tale of the Macedonian ancestors involves both sun worship and river worship which aligns with Paeonian (and Danubian) traits. The ethnic grouping of Paeonians is uncertain with ancient writers at times grouping them with Illyrian, Thracian and Phrygian. Efforts to tie them to being a Greek stock have been attempted. Like the Macedonians they were considered as northern barbarians (meaning foreign language and culture) by the Greek world so it’s more probable they were not Greek. We have to accept those that didn’t exhibit Hellenic culture we’re not considered Greek.

Their language is unknown. Names and place names exhibit a mix of foreign (non-Greek) and Greek but any etymological link to Greek is weak/nonexistent.

What remains unknown for me - If the Macedonian tribe descended from the highlands, are we suggesting an Illyrian stock? If they displaced Illyrians, Paeonians and Thracians, are we talking about power struggles between kindred tribes? How did Macedonians communicate with those opposed to them during western/northern/eastern campaigns?
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