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Greece launched a book on Bulgaria's participation in the persecution of the Jews

Another testament to the participation of Bulgaria in the arrest and deportation of Jews to death camps, a book titled "The Rescue", was recently promoted in Greece, Athens correspondent Netpress.

"Night March 3 against 4, 1943 year, 187 members of the Jewish community in New Orestiada Greek territory under Bulgarian occupation, were captured literally while you sleep and sent to Nazi concentration camps, where after the war returned only three" - this is one of many examples in the book of Greek authors scour Lampsa and Jacob symptoms, in which 431 page through photos, documents and testimonials shown Bulgaria's participation in the persecution of the Jews by the Macedonian and Greek territories which were under Bulgarian occupation .

Book authors write that even 86 percent of Jews who zheveele Greek territory occupied by Bulgaria were arrested and deported to concentration camps.

Thessaloniki however, Bulgaria has managed to deport even 96 percent of the Jewish population, said in the text.

The emphasis in the book is placed on assistance or zasolnishtvoto that Greece gave part of the Jews who were lucky to be saved from one of the two choices that the Bulgarian authorities in cooperation with the Nazis put available - terrible end or horror without end.

Just a reminder, the number of Jews from Bulgaria Macedonian territories under Bulgarian occupation deported right to death is over 7200 or 98 percent of the total Jewish population in Macedonia.

"Good idea Bulgarian Ambassador in Athens gave this book to his President Boris as further evidence that the Bulgarian authorities collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews of Macedonian and Greek occupied territories," said Philip Paul Netpress Voskopoulos leadership party of Macedonians in Greece "Rainbow".

Given the fierce criticism that the Bulgarian state leadership sent to the Macedonian film "The Third Half" which covers the same topics, it remains an open question - whether there will be and what will be rekacijata Sofia in terms of this book, packed with authentic documents .

"Instead of the middle of Athens to talk about art as a movie, it would be better Mr. Borisov to read these documents from the book," said Pavle Filipov Voskopoulos.
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