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Originally Posted by EricTheRed View Post
I think the professor confused the apparent unwillingness of these students to answer the question(probably boredom) with lack of basic historical knowledge.
It's obvious that you did not bother to read the article. I don't think there was an unwillingness to answer to a question which they found boredom. If that was the case, then students would react against their professor asking from him to not provoke with such questions.

Originally Posted by EricTheRed View Post
When in any university amphitheater, with 300 students, a professor asks a question, do you expect 300 hands to raise? Depending on the question, it may vary from 1-6 at most people willing to answer. This however does not mean that the rest of the students do not know the answer.
Right. But keep in mind that professor asked twice his students for the battle of Marathon. Even if the students got that as offense toward their intelligence, they would answer when the professor repeated his question. Papagianis describes his students as silent as the grave. His words:

Ακρα του τάφου σιωπή. Ουδεμία απάντηση... Ουδείς γνώριζε! Επέμεινα... “Δεν θα προχωρήσω την παράδοση του μαθήματος, αν δεν ακούσω απάντηση στο συγκεκριμένο ερώτημα” είπα. Σιωπή. Ξάφνου σηκώνεται ένα χέρι. Με αυτοπεποίθηση. Δεν τρέμει. Νιώθω μια ελαφριά εκτόνωση. “Επιτέλους, γνωρίζει ένας” σκέφτηκα. Σώθηκε τουλάχιστον η τιμή του πανεπιστημίου.
The last line tell us that Silvana escaped the department from being disgraced. The public in Greece is alerted since the publication of this fact.

Originally Posted by EricTheRed View Post
I seriously doubt 299 university students really didnt know what the battle of Marathon was about, since every single one of them was taught about it during elementary and high school, in history classes.
I've seen even worst when students show lack of knowledge on elementary things. I've heard that students in USA universities sometime lack of elementary knowledge on both history (of their country) and geography:
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