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Voltron, like i told you before, Turkey doesn't need Greece in any way. So, either you love or hate from us, it doesn't matter much for us. If what you and the LAOS party members telling the truth, then i think this is happening because of your miserable economic situation. Just like the Salonika mayor, who wanna put down a statue of Ataturk in Salonika just to lure Turkish tourists, so you can leech some money from us, OR the mayors of several islands in Aegean sea like the Chios islanders who invites Turks there for the first time ever.

In the written demand for an explanation the LAOS deputies claimed that Veremis was pushing the idea of a confederation between Greece and Turkey.
Voltron, is this true? Who is this idiot called Veremis? I heard this myth of Greek-Turkish confederation b4, from another Greek named Dimitri Kitsikis. Are they out of their minds or gone mad because of the economic crisis? This cant, wont and shouldn't happen in a million years. Our lost ancestors from 1919-1922 would turn in their graves if anyone in Turkey even thinks something like that. You Greeks better behave like a normal neighbor, that would be more than enough.

A confederation!!! lol, fckin idiots!!! Why we would create a confederation with piss poor Greeks while there are dozens of Turkic countries with rich energy sources in eastern side, waiting for us in open arms???

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