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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
What do you feel caused them to evolve differently?
I will name a few among many reasons

Ghegs(Northerners) were predominately Catholic and supported Rome while Tosks(Southerners) were predominantly Orthodox and felt closer to the Eastern Roman Empire favoring Constantinople.

Southerners lost their tribal society earlier than Northern Albanians.

South and central Albania was exposed to more of the outside world because of the coastline, warmer climate.... While the north was more isolated due to it's harsh mountains. Which led to Ghegs becoming herders while Tosks became farmers, merchants...

When Albanians were conquered by the Ottomans it complicated the situation even further. Most Ghegs became Sunni Muslims, while several tribes fled in isolated mountain areas where they continued practicing Catholicism. The majority Tosks remained Orthodox those that did converted to Islam did not choose to become Sunni but rather Bektashi's which most other Muslims would likely consider infidels because of their Christian in this case specifically Orthodox and pagan influence.

More contemporary causes of the rift would be communism. Most communist officials including the head of the party Enver were Tosks. It is no secret that they favored southerners while oppressing the north more so than any other area. Gheg culture suffered during communism while it's Tosk counterpart flourished. More money was poured building the infrastructure of cities in south and central Albania then the north.

From the 1990's onward Tosks favor the successor to the Communist party the Socialist Party PS, while Ghegs generally lean toward the Democratic Party or PD. There is still to the lesser extent some rivalry but we are still united by our Albanian identity above all else.

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