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Originally Posted by Amphipolis View Post
... the Athenians gradually eliminated the vlach (peasant) accent - with the increase of the population of Athens. Makrygiannis spells Papaflessas as Papaflessias or Flessias, which means that he spoke vlach/peasant, he pronounced it with a thick s.

I don't get it much either. I have a stereotype impression on how peasant accent was presented in cinema or theater until the 1950s or later. I don't know what a thick s is or if I should use the word thick. I don't know if Flessias means something. I didn't get if it was Makrygiannis who had a peasant accent or if it was Papaflessas and Makrygiannis was making fun of him.
sachlamara, igrački

The thick 's' is the 'sh' phoneme that was used in Athens before language changes occurred. The more significant point here is that the author is aware that the Vlach accent used the 'sh' phoneme and the Vlachs are so well known in Greece that the reader would have understood this expression at the time of writing.
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