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Epirot 01-19-2013 08:04 AM

Manolis Glezos - The voice of reason in Greek Parliament
Recently, I had the opportunity to hear the speech of Manolis Glezos on the Greek parliament. He panned certain nationalist elements which are eager to undertake a fierce campaign, whose ultimate goal would be the expelling of thousands of non-Greeks. Glezos has participated in the World War II resistance, being one of the most distinguished figures of the Greek left. Considering that some of leftist in Greece are basically 'right' in their vision towards minorities, Glezos is quite different. Here is the video:

[url=]TRABOINI:JENI ARVANITAS!-M.Glezos ® Pantheon HD - YouTube[/url]

A rough translation of his speech:

[QUOTE]I ask from the respected minister of Education to answer whether he is Greek or not? Because his name is apparently Albanian. I am referring to minister....minister....As far as I understand, [B]13 out of 36 deputies bear names which are not Greek. [/B]They are foreign names, I emphasize, probably with the exception of 2 Turkish names because we are 38 right now. [B]So out of 36, 13 are foreign (Albanian).[/B] Does it mean that we are two peoples who wants to kill one another? As I said on one occasion, we cannot expel our neighbors. Children can be displaced from their houses, you can leave the house of your father, you can leave even your woman, but you cannot order the neighboring people to get away. Both peoples should build tolerance, more simply, from the government to the people. We should find out a solution in order to cooperate. This should be our principle...[/QUOTE]

In the state of chaos when Golden Down lunatics have embarked a fascist campaign by manipulating with the card of nationalism, yet there is a dissent voice who courageously remind the Albanian origin of certain deputies. The truth has always a way of coming out, went a saying. Athens has been ruthless on suppressing its sizable Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish minorities by putting forth various claims. The finest of them were those who consider that there was no Albanian minority but just a considerable Greek community who mysteriously happened to spoke Albanian. Greek nation is nothing but a sand castle, which impress everybody with its beauty. But this sand castle is being swept away from the first wave. I cannot but laugh loudly with the state of general collapse which is taking place in Greek forums. The story of the so-called AMAC (forum) is a case in point. Its quality has badly declined, said a Serb izbeglica who has found shelter there. Interestingly enough, Greek activists stirred up a civil war with one another, drawing swords from scabbard. One of them tried to sensibly argue how most of them received a Greek identity just recently, noticing that Greece was being peopled from Albanians and Vlachs. He could not end his word, when hardcore Greek nationalists burst in hysteria by attacking him ad hominen. As the bellicose parties have signed a ceasefire, most of its members abandoned the forum led by the narcissist Andreas Kyropoulos, an outstanding expert on google.books :). He could easily rise his reputation among his virtual friends on the ground most of them are so feeble-minded. With his atrocious English, Kyropoulos did a sloppy work consisting of selected pages from google.books, thus providing quite incoherent as well as eclectic responses. One does not know whether to cry or laugh that he will soon sit down with Miltiades Hatzopoulos in the first ranks of Greek academy :) Such ambitions were ruined as he got bitch slapped at the moment he challenged some of crucial points of the Greek identity.

momce 01-19-2013 08:17 AM

Mr.Glezos is a very brave man. Respect.

George S. 01-19-2013 10:14 PM

well we are waiting for golden dawn to take power & destroy greece completely.

momce 01-21-2013 01:27 PM

Hopefully the golden dawn will come to power so all of greece neighbours can attack and annihilate her as an entity :).

George S. 01-21-2013 03:39 PM

get rid of the useless piece of shit.It's only a thorn on everybody's side.

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