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Risto the Great 08-15-2018 11:02 PM

[QUOTE=Bill77;175789]Its made me think about the story i just shared of that 90-year-old relative first reaction first words "Please don't take my house".....And the confusion i had till this day as to why she reacted that way, now it makes sense and I'm convinced she has suffered these threats at some stage of her life.[/QUOTE]
Of course she would think that. She clearly remembers the era when the pig Greeks would confiscate and give property to the former Turkish nationals that migrated to occupied Macedonia.

Liberator of Makedonija 08-16-2018 12:29 AM

[QUOTE=Bill77;175789]LOM.... i just read your post and thanks for creating this thread.
I get the names and birthplaces were altered .... but coincidently they used Kladorabi and after reading the first page of the article or book you supplied where it states Ted's family home was confiscated ......


Its made me think about the story i just shared of that 90-year-old relative first reaction first words "Please don't take my house".....And the confusion i had till this day as to why she reacted that way, now it makes sense and I'm convinced she has suffered these threats at some stage of her life.[/QUOTE]

Glad this thread could bring that to light for you.

Dove 08-20-2018 12:50 AM

[QUOTE=Liberator of Makedonija;175743]I should have noted that names and birthplaces were altered for the protection of privacy, so "Jim Yannas" isn't actually from Kladorabi. [/QUOTE]

Thank you for mentioning that. Also, what is the name of the source document and the year of publication please?

Liberator of Makedonija 08-20-2018 02:25 AM

[QUOTE=Dove;175908]Thank you for mentioning that. Also, what is the name of the source document and the year of publication please?[/QUOTE]

The book was titled the [I]Macedonian Conflict[/I] by Loring Danforth, published in 1995.

Bill77 08-26-2018 09:55 PM

Hi there nushevski. Thanks for taking time reading my story.

Nevoliany or Nevoleny (if they are the same thing) is very familiar to me i might have relatives who came from there. I'll investigate a bit further on that and get back to you if i have something to share.

Regarding the comment, your grandfather fought for the "Communists" was he a communist? or is it just a label given to him by the fascist Greeks during the time he was captured. Yes Macedonians sided with the communist Greeks as both had a common enemy, but doesn't necessarily mean they to were communists. That was just propaganda at the time which still gets used by Greeks today.

Risto the Great 08-26-2018 10:31 PM

Nushevski77, I strongly doubt whether a single Macedonian soul was actually fighting for "communism" in Greece at that time. Your Great Grandfather was a Macedonian hero fighting for liberation. The rest of his family suffered whilst living in Greece because of this.

He would have been sent to Makronisos.

The Greek enemy were defending their German King.

What a pity nobody told our Macedonians that they were fighting the USA and Great Britain.

Risto the Great 08-26-2018 10:52 PM

No problem nushevski77.
The commies were promising Macedonians autonomy. So Macedonians supported the communists in the war. It didn't mean they were communists.

Liberator of Makedonija 08-26-2018 11:40 PM

Macedonians who supported SNOF, MNLF or the NLA were labelled Communists just like Macedonians who supported the Ohrana or VMRO were labelled Fascists.

I have met former Partisans here in Australia that stated they do hold Socialist-sympathies and many of their former Partisans did as well but their sole aim was Macedonian liberation, not Greek democraticisation.

Amphipolis 08-26-2018 11:48 PM

This is a collection of sources about your village (from Lithoxoou's website) automatically translated. Parts are often destroyed in translation, if you're interested for clarifications about anything tell me.

19. Gorno Nevoljani Gorno Nevoljani. It was renamed to Watchtower. The 2001 census was a settlement of the municipality of Florina, in the prefecture of Florina. It is an old settlement, which refers to a 15th-century Turkish register. During the last period of the Ottoman administration, there were 1,350 Christian Macedonians (mostly large) and 350 Muslim Turks. The Christians of the village participated in the Illidan Revolution and knew about the retaliation of the army. Because of their separatist and subordinate beliefs, they also became the target of the armed Greek organization. Residents from the village, who migrated, most temporarily, at the beginning of the 20th century in the US, told the US authorities that they were ethnic Macedonians. Until 1924 Muslims were forced to leave Turkey and in their place the Greek administration installed Christian refugees. In 1928 the population consisted of 1,600 Macedonians and 100 refugees (mostly Minorites). Most of the natives were, for the security authorities, anti-Greek or fluid thoughts. The demographic evolution of the settlement after the civil war has been normal.

19a. Sources:

In the late 15th century, the village of Nevoljani (not Gorno or Dolno) was a) Timisoara of Ilias Segban with 30 families; b) Temple of Ali (son of Jussuf) and Ahmed with 79 families; c) with 29 families; d) Temple of Mehmed (Habib's son) with 35 families; e) Temple of Jaghur (the son of Hoshu) with 34 families; e) Temple of Dauth (Chaltic Firus's son) of Fuat (Dogan's son) [Turkish Documents].

Grn. Nevoljan [Austrian Map].

Ano Nevologini kaza of Florina, a mixed settlement of Christians and Muslims [Map of Kontogoni]. Ano Dolian of Florina, 1,150 Christians and 440 Ottomans (: Muslim) inhabitants [Schinas 1886].

Involuntary / Lerinska said 1,260 Christian Bulgarians and 300 Turks [Kunchov 1900].

Neolithani, in 1902 had 232 families [Petcivas].

Nevoliani / Caza de Lerin (Florina), Christian population: 480 indigenous and 1,040 patriarchal Bulgarians. Operation of an elementary school with a teacher and 35 students and a patriarchal school with two teachers and 27 pupils [Brancoff 1905].

Nevolyian, an outlying village before the Ottoman Constitution of 1908 and a mixed village (exarchate and patriarchal) afterwards. Ten families went to the Patriarchate [Consulate of Monastiri 1908].

Neviliani: "Mercier of peasants had not been settled in 1898, I understood one of the two churches. In 1906 the remainder of the party was also denied, but the church was closed by the authorities. After the constitution the inhabitants tried to understand it, and the Authority proceeded to sealing it after protests by the Metropolitan of Moglenon. But the Bulgarians stamped the stamp and occupied it "[Ecclesiastical Truth 1909].

Upper Nevoliani of Florina, 725 Orthodox Greeks under Bulgarian terrorism (: Macedonians who joined the country) from 1907, 350 schismatic Bulgarians (old Macedonians) and 249 Muslims [Halkiopoulos 1910].

Ano Nevoleiani of Florina, 1,833 people (991 males and 842 females) [1913].

Ano Nevoleiani of Florina, was the homonymous community [Government Gazette 259 / 21.12. 1918].

Invalid, 150 homes of Christian Slavs and 50 Muslim Turks [Милојевић 1920].

Ano Nevoleiani of Florina, 1,520 people (684 males and 836 females). 299 families [Census 1920].

Renovation of the settlement from Ano Nevolyeni to Watchtower [GG 156 / 8. 8. 1928].

Ano Nevolyeni (Watchtower) of the office of Florina, became a mixed settlement of natives and refugees. Until 1926, 26 refugee families (121 people) settled [CR].

Ano Nevolyeni, a mixed settlement of Muslims and Christians, left 59 families of Muslims (350 people) and 25 refugee families came: three from Thrace and 22 from Asia Minor [Pelagidis].

Watchtower (Ano Nevologini) of Florina, 1,478 people (650 males and 828 females), of whom 74 were refugees who came after 1922 (31 males and 43 females). The residents were 1,442 and 36 heterosexuals. Altogether 10 citizens were recorded [Inventory 1928].

Watchtower (Ano Nevoleiani), 140 xenophobic families, all of them pronounced Slavic thoughts [Statistics 1932].

Nevoliani, "Ours, the families Stamboulis, Tasouskis, Koles Stefos Rousin and Elias Dane" [Stefos Grigoriou 1935].

Watchtower of Florina, 1,731 people (768 males and 963 females) [Census 1940].

Watchtower, 1,691 residents, of whom 1,100 were polarized. There were 800 non-Greek conscious, 300 fluid and 591 Greek [Statistics 1945].

Неволјани (Горно Неволјани): It was a mixed settlement of Christian Macedonians and Muslim Turks, who in 1940 had become a mixed settlement of Macedonians and refugees [Simovsky].

In post-war censuses the actual population was -> 1951: 1.522, 1961: 1.077, 1971: 732, 1981: 612, 1991: 594, 2001: 571.

Altitude 700 [NSSG Dictionary]

19b. 1903-1908:

During the Ilinden Revolution, on August 1, 1903, an Ottoman military squadron picked up the village church and stole 15 pounds worth of items [Dragoumis, 214].

On March 26, 1905, a man of the Greek organization attempted unsuccessfully to kill the separatist Naoum Hristof from the village of Nevoliani at the monastery (Bitola) [Consulate of Monastiri, 28/3/1905, document 318].

On August 18, 1905, the separatists killed the patriarchal priest Konstantinos Christides [362].

In the evening, on October 29, 1905, the bodies of the chieftains Thymiou Kaoudis and Yorgos Skalidis attacked. The attack has been indicated by Vasilis Balkos, from the Greek organization (center) of Florina. That evening a marriage took place in the village and the Greeks believed they would find many opponents gathered. They arrived at the house of Giorki Yanev's house where the feast was celebrated and set fire. Anyone who tried to get out was killed by the Greek gunfights [Script, 3/11/1905].

The Austrian Consul measured the other day 13 dead and 7 injured (three women, three girls and one boy). Kaoudis writes: "After seeing what they did not let us into the house, we had this candle, but from the door were Lefkaroudakis and Kostas Tarantoulis and they put on a lamp, so they were forced out one of them screaming, those who were left in the auditorium. I do not find out how many people were missing, but quite a few "[Kaoudis 115].

EMPROS wrote that 22 bodies were finally transported from the village to Florina [EMPROS, 9/11/1905].

The news was made known to the American press by a telegram from Thessaloniki on 1/14 November. According to this, the Greeks first shot six people outside the house where the marriage took place and then burned the building. Inside the burning house, seventeen people, most women and children, were burned [The Salt Lake Herald, 15/11/1905, p. 1].

According to Modes, "the poor bride, jumping from the window to escape, broke her legs" [Modes B, 294].

Vakalopoulos reduces the number of killed in 13 [Vakalopoulos B, 142].

The Greek organization then attempted to attack the village again, as shown in several parts of the Barda diary [Bardas B, 523, 619, 624, 884, 911].

Eventually he managed to kill the pre-eminent Santires on October 9, 1906 [Consulate of Monastiri, 14/10/1906, document 717].

On 19 August 1906 the separatists killed the patriarchal priest Anastasios [Consulate of Monastiri, 11/12/1906, document 832].

19c. Immigrants:

Between 1903 and 1915 they emigrated from the village to the islands and when they arrived at Ellis Island, the ethnic Macedonians declared the following 36 people:

Jovan Dinsitri, Kole Lazo, Kosto Hekso, Luice Dinsitri, Mice Risto, Mouse Stefo, Petre Vasilj and Taseff Kole in 1903.

Anastas Kole, Andrea Pavle, Epta Naonmtche, Riste Naonmtche and Sterico Tacho in 1905.

Cache Tovan, Don Stefoff, Ghitze Naoumtzeff, Ivan Gulorgi, Lazo Natzof, Lazor Tovanoff, Nicola Vasileff, Petre Koleff, Risto Kotchoff and Tanas Doneff in 1906.

Filipo Risto, Ilo Kristoff, Kiste Traykoff, Stepho Filip and Trayan Kristoff in 1910.

Christo Tilipoff, Fassil Kuzeff, Ilio Kotoeff, Ilo Laneff and Tlor Faneff in 1912.

Almed Mustafa and Sinan Nedjip in 1914.

Constantin Nicola in 1915.


Amphipolis 08-26-2018 11:57 PM

[QUOTE=nushevski77;176000]Thanks Amphipolis could I also please get a link for the website[/QUOTE]


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