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Daskalot 12-22-2008 06:30 PM

Greek contract mentioning the Macedonian language, translation needed!
Here is a Greek contract from 1923 mentioning the Macedonian language, see the red arrows.


Please Greek-speaking friends help us translate this contract into English!

Source: [URL=""][/URL]

Here is an explanation of th document and a partial translation:

The document is an official contract by a Voden Notary Public, in the year 1923, between the Macedonian villagers of Platani and the Greek State, for the purchase, from the State, of lands and properties in Platani village, which was founded in 1907 by people who moved from Pozarsko region. This year the Municipality of Voden celebrated the 100 years anniversary of the founding of the village.
Among other informations written in the contract, in the point showed by the two arrows, it is written exactly this:

".....the second of the contracting parties between number eleven and number forty nine who do not know the Greek but only the Macedonian (language), they presented themselves together with their own hired translator, of their choice and trust of beeing able to do so, person that I know as Mr. Theodor Tsiokou, land-owner and a Voden resident, who took oath in front of me on the Holy Bible as by law is requested, that he is going to make a sincere and true translation from the Greek to the Macedonian, and the opposite, to the contracting parties, the witnesses and to me....."

The MTO thanks Vodenka of the MakNews forum for this translation.

Daskalot 12-25-2008 10:37 AM

this contract needs to be shown in the Macedonian press and media!

Soldier of Macedon 12-25-2008 04:10 PM

Thanks Daskale and thank you VODENKA!;)

This is clear evidence of the acknowledgment of the Macedonian language by the Greek state. There is no disputing this.

85 years later and Greece has amnesia, the Greek state has no minorities and 98% if its population is "Greek".:rolleyes:

Daskalot 12-26-2008 06:01 PM

Please Greek member, help us out here, where have you all gone?

Carlin 11-20-2018 12:40 AM

I wonder if we will ever able to get a translation of the above?

Speaking of [I]acknowledgments[/I] here are two Greek Encyclopedia entries referring to MACEDONIA, as one of the states in Yugoslavia. The first one is from 1967 (or 1969), while the later entry is from 1980.




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