Diaspora candidates for Macedonian elections

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  • lavce pelagonski
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    • Nov 2009
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    Diaspora candidates for Macedonian elections

    Candidate for VMRO-DPMNE

    ruth for nomination Vasko Naumovski

    These days when it emerged that our fellow citizen and the official candidate of the VMRO DPMNE upcoming parliamentary elections on 9 unit began several individuals argued that true Vasko Naumovski . Today I read the text on the website of Radio titled Ilinden - shame - Chosen Vasko Naumovski the parliamentary candidate for the VMRO - DPMNE , VMRO-DPMNE disappointed in it called " generous " editor Donco Angeloski on behalf of the Macedonian community and offers $ 1 million prize citation and finally let's not forget about the announcement : Macedonian Community of Melbourne awarded $ 1,000,000 ( one million dollars ) if someone knows and prove that the candidate for MP Vasko Naumovski was a member of VMRO - DPMNE or any activist in Australia if it was also an investor or businessman as they want to show and promote . Does anyone know this guy that we have inserted to vote?
    Neither of the Committee in Melbourne do not know , what a shame !
    Well let us Cheers all . The other way if we run a donkey and donkey will vote for a party we bidekji it's sanctity , many of patriotism today. Folks Macedonian consciousness are not you sleep . ( complete quote) .

    Mine is as longtime activist in the Macedonian community in Australia and a man who definitely knows the best things on this continent in the Macedonian community in Australia I would like to respond to those who want to learn more about this man .

    First " generous " Donco Angeloski eager to tell you that when you run out of activities in the Macedonian community , and you have no more than 2 years in your life in Australia at the time when Vlatko Gjorchev you propose to be " first violin " until Cancel is to be president of the BC VMRO -DPMNE in Melbourne , and the reasons we all know how much I was ravenous Here it came time to elect a second member from Australia who again is on your taste .

    For your information Donco and information to those who will read this article Mr. Vasko Naumovski in the past often saw as activist , journalist and employee of the sports pages of the Macedonian newspaper - Todej today, but it did not follow the activities in Macedonia community that I have not encountered any of Macedonian activity last 3 years it 's not my problem or ours .
    Certainly Vasko Naumovski passed through many filters to get to the top and be chosen two days ago for a candidate by the President of the VMRO- DPMNE parijata Mr. Nikola Gruevski and IK in Skopje - Macedonia .

    The evidence that I will present below this text is specifically for younger and older Donco to know who suggested Vasko Naumovski be a candidate for Australia and I hope will become clear to both the hope that it will not comment on empty style court shots in the future before you consult with me that I know more of them .

    Candidate for SDS

    Official : Pece Smilevski candidate SDSM Australia

    Pece Smilevski was the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia to be a candidate in the upcoming elections in the country.
    As things go , and three candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections will be in Melbourne and three in Bitola.
    Pece Smilevski was born in Bitola 53 years ago , graduated the Faculty of Physical Education in Belgrade - Serbia Yugoslavia .
    The private life - married a long time and has one daughter .
    He was a professor of physical education in Bitola .
    Hobby is skiing on snow and swimming , and loves cheerful company , among the people known for prekator - Peruzot .
    Moved to Melbourne 10 years ago , now has his own business and in winter a ski instructor in Falls Creek ski resort .
    Yesterday Pece Smilevski went on a business trip to Macedonia where you'll probably get instructions for action in the coming period during the campaign in Australia.
    In Australia in close political cooperation with the coordinator of the SDSM Australia - Zoran Petrovski - Shvabata which will coordinate activities in Australia.
    Currently Pece Smilevski performs sekratarskata function in Bitola Club in Melbourne .

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    Стравот на Атина од овој Македонец одел до таму што го нарекле Страшниот Чакаларов гркоубиец и крвожеден комитаџија.

    Ако знам дека тука тече една капка грчка крв, јас сега би ја отсекол целата рака и би ја фрлил в море. Васил Чакаларов
  • lavce pelagonski
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2009
    • 1993

    VMRO NP formed in Melbourne emigrant Committee

    Today in Melbourne held the founding meeting of the Committee of VMRO-border National Party ..

    Long awaited event took place mostly in Tomasteon where Macedonians live and work in Melbourne.

    The beginning reading greeting letter from VMRO Party People - Ljubčo Gjorgjievska saying:

    The Founding Assembly this form governing body the-border Committee for Melbourne and Victoria and was elected the following members :

    The President was elected Ljupcho Kochishki Vice President: Dime Chapachulovski Secretary : Methods Cristo , Deputy Secretary: Mende Sotirovski , Treasurer : Daniel Nikoloski .
    The assembly Orde spoke Mitkoski which addressed the problems we have young people in Macedonia who largely leaving their homeland , tenders awarded to individuals , large number of unemployed in Macedonia , VMRO -DPMNE and DUI rakovostvata Albanians in Ministries , the dissatisfaction of the electorate in Australia to Milorad Dodevski and many other known causes .
    After granting trust and of the President of the Committee of VMRO -border NP speech before members held Ljupcho Kochishki which among other things said :
    Dear members and supporters of VMRO NP let me first you zavlagodaram my choice for President of the Committee of VMRO -border NP in Melbourne .

    Dear members we as emigrant Committee of VMRO NP have great honor and pleasure here on the other side of the world to represent the character and work of the Honourable Mr. Ljubčo Gjorgievski single VMRO in the recent history of our country tortured and Biblical MACEDONIA nije have the honor to represent the ideology of the right VMRO live Macedonia VMRO- People's Party lives .
    Стравот на Атина од овој Македонец одел до таму што го нарекле Страшниот Чакаларов гркоубиец и крвожеден комитаџија.

    Ако знам дека тука тече една капка грчка крв, јас сега би ја отсекол целата рака и би ја фрлил в море. Васил Чакаларов