Uncivilized Greeks in action, AGAIN!!!

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  • George S.
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    • Aug 2009
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    I think if you fly the old flag the greeks brains will be rattled that's the last thing they expect.
    "Ido not want an uprising of people that would leave me at the first failure, I want revolution with citizens able to bear all the temptations to a prolonged struggle, what, because of the fierce political conditions, will be our guide or cattle to the slaughterhouse"


    • Makedonetz
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      • Apr 2010
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      the greeks wouldnt know what to do....run away like the little bitches they are.
      Makedoncite se borat
      za svoite pravdini!

      "The one who works for joining of Macedonia to Bulgaria,Greece or Serbia can consider himself as a good Bulgarian, Greek or Serb, but not a good Macedonian"
      - Goce Delchev


      • Onur
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        • Apr 2010
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        Greek Cypriot archbishop`s christmas message for "peace"... I mean, hate.

        From Greek Cypriot media;

        Archbishop: some truths, no matter how bitter, need to be said

        ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos II sees eye to eye with a nationalist group on many issues, pays lip service to ongoing reunification talks though he believes they are doomed, and claims that former President Tassos Papadopoulos did not bother to read the whole 2003 UN peace plan.

        Those were some of the highlights of the Archbishop’s interview with online publication Kathimerini published over the weekend. In it, the Prelate was taken to task over his perceived political meddling and hardline views on the Cyprus problem.

        But perhaps the most eye-catching part of the interview was his assertion that he identifies a great deal with the views of the nationalist outfit ELAM (National People’s Front).

        I find that many of ELAM’s views express me. And if they are against illegal immigrants, I dare to say that I, too, am against illegal immigrants. We cannot have all kinds of seeds here,” Chrysostomos said candidly.

        It was not clear whether the Prelate had done his homework on the nationalist group, which advocates a ‘Greek Cyprus’ – a racially homogeneous nation, and wants all illegal aliens to be summarily deported.

        Chrysostomos defended ELAM, noting: “I don’t think that is the case. On the occasions that I had contact with these fellows, they struck me as educated guys, they care about their country and their views are crystal-clear.

        In addition to his ELAM comments, Chrsysostomos took flak for his Christmas message. In it, he warned that Cypriot Hellenism was being “smothered and soon no power will be able to rescue it.” He had gone on to accuse Greek Cypriot quarters of absolving Turkey for the 1974 invasion and of making concessions in ongoing peace negotiations, and urged the public to “turn to God” in order to avert a “bad” solution.

        The Prelate was next challenged that his rhetoric on political matters is often incendiary and that he tends to divide people into patriots and traitors, for example by adopting Tassos Papadopoulos’ claim that some people were paid off to support the Annan Plan in 2003.

        “Some truths, no matter how bitter, need to be said. I don’t think the Annan Plan would have solved our national problem, rather it would have dismantled the Republic,” he said.

        He was then reminded that he himself had once said that the people never actually read the peace blueprint – in order to form an informed opinion – and that the public had been swayed by then President Papadopoulos into rejecting the plan.

        Of course the people didn’t read it [the Annan Plan]. No one did. No one knows it.

        “Then how was it rejected?” the journalist asked.

        “We read about 500 pages. Not even the President knew the plan inside out, and he admitted as much to me. Nobody knew it.”

        Chrysostomos insisted also that the Church did not meddle in politics, despite being reminded that in the last presidential elections he had publicly backed Papadopoulos, and when the latter was defeated in the first round, he switched to Ioannis Kasoulides for the runoff.

        Chrysostomos was repeatedly pressed to resolve another contradiction in his statements, namely that he supports the talks despite the fact he believes the Turkish side cannot be trusted to implement any agreement.

        The Prelate also denied accusations that he was meddling in the state’s education policy, for example when he urged pupils at public schools to toss out the new, revised history books which try to weed out the more nationalist content.

        He said: “At any rate, I am certain that the students will not wait for the Church to tell them to throw out the books. They will do so on their own.”

        December 28, 2010


        Archbishop admits that even the PM of Cyprus didn't read the final paper of Annan peace plan while they rejected it after 2 years of negotiation process. So, i am wondering again; Why do we still negotiate with these people??? Is it possible to negotiate something with Greeks???

        Also he says that the neo-Nazi group of Cyprus, ELAM (National People’s Front)`s views are perfectly suitable for him and they express same thoughts as archbishop`s. Btw ELAM is like Cypriot version of Greece`s Golden Dawn. ELAM was behind the attack to the Turkish basketball players and last month`s violent raid to the festival and stabbing of Turkish Cypriots. ELAM youth also regularly beats any foreigner they see in the streets. On top of that, he is also worried about the future of Hellenism in Cyprus!!!

        You know, both in Greece and Cyprus, history books for the primary schools are full with ridicules stories and portrays Turks as monsters. It seems like the government changed some parts in them and archbishop hopes that the Greek children will throw out these new books without waiting for the Greek church to tell them to do so!!!!

        I find that many of ELAM’s views express me. And if they are against illegal immigrants, I dare to say that I, too, am against illegal immigrants. We cannot have all kinds of seeds here”
        Hmmm, immigrants are non-Greek "seeds". Whatta lovely definition for foreigners, isn't it? The seeds!!!

        So, that was all the christmas "peace" message from the "servant" of Jesus Christ, if Greek Cypriot media didn't censor some other parts of his interview!
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        • Onur
          Senior Member
          • Apr 2010
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          Turkish hackers bring down over 100 Cypriot websites

          MORE than 100 Cypriot websites were temporarily taken offline on Sunday and yesterday, after a wave of attacks attributed to Turkish hackers.

          “No terror in sports” was the slogan branded on the websites of some 100 private Cypriot companies and organisations. The hackers also posted the emblem of Pinar Karsikaya, a Turkish basketball team, on the websites as well as showing a map of Cyprus dyed red with a crescent on it. Complaints were being made to the police’s Anti-Cyber Crime Office.

          The basketball team Pinar Karsikaya were subjected to violence last Tuesday in Nicosia at a FIBA Eurochallenge game with APOEL, when APOEL hooligans began throwing things at them. There was speculation the hack attack was ‘payback’ for that incident.

          Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos stated that the evidence the police have indicates that the hacking had originated in Turkey. “Our first port of call was to the companies and to those who deal with the websites and they have already begun to restore the sites that have been hacked,” said Katsounotos.

          Companies were forced to temporarily take down their websites after the attack causes the website to freezing. Katsounotos also confirmed the fact that by the hackers putting up their own data, they end up blocking the system. The slogan “No terror in sports” was written in three languages: English, Greek and Turkish.

          According to Katsounotos, a whole range of websites were hacked, all private, some of them being car-sale websites and some of them being media websites, with one thing in common, that they were under one server. The specific host server is based in Limassol.

          “Three of the companies have already showed a willingness to come forward and file written complaints,” said Katsounotos.

          None of the compromised websites were governmental, he added.

          Some of the websites, such as online newspaper Kathimerini, were up and running again yesterday. According to a journalist with Kathimerini, the website was not damaged nor was any data stolen.

          A number of the websites attacked were of online publications belonging to the Sppmedia group. Such sites included: must.com.cy, mydeejay.com.cy, livingetc.com.cy, and sppmedia.com.

          A source with the police’s Anti-Cyber Crime Office said that a popular forum called www.cyber-warrior.org may be linked to the attack on the Cypriot websites. Hackers affiliated to the forum have in the past reportedly carried out attacks in other countries, including Greece and Israel.

          The same ‘group’ of hackers were likely behind a recent attack on the Archbishopric’s website, the Mail has been told. The actual attack was not publicised.

          December 28, 2010


          • Ottoman
            • Nov 2010
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            Lol bimbos, some of them look like Turks, put them in Turkey and nobody will even notice they are Greeks.
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            • Ottoman
              • Nov 2010
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              Lets hope the Turks wont take revenge for this...I hope not..