Demarcation between Kosovo and Macedonia may end up at ICJ

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  • NikodimMKD
    • Apr 2009
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    Demarcation between Kosovo and Macedonia may end up at ICJ

    Aug 3 (Klan Kosova) - Macedonia may ask for international arbitrage on the issue of border demarcation between Kosovo and Macedonia if disagreements over the matter are not overcome within a short time, sources within Macedonian working groups on demarcation told KLAN Kosova. Same sources said that idea for international arbitrage was mentioned several times in the meetings of respective working groups from Kosovo and Macedonia, but it was never discussed officially.
    However, Kosovo officials are not informed about Macedonia’s intentions. Murat Meha, deputy chair of Kosovo’s working group on demarcation, said that Kosovo’s working group is not informed about the idea, and noted that the technical work on demarcation is ongoing.
    Reportedly, Kosovar families, whose land properties are left to Macedonian side agree with the idea on international arbitrage. They are convinced that their properties should belong to Kosovo.
    It is supposed the disagreements over border demarcation in the village of Debellde is one of the reasons for the delays in establishment of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Macedonia. KLAN Kosova sources said that if disagreements are not overcome by the end of the year, there are big chances to ask for assistance on the matter from the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
  • Risto the Great
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    Didn't you say the ICJ was a toothless tiger Niko?
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