and the Word was the Word or duMA , and the word was Mama

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  • Goce Homer MakeDonski
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    • Feb 2016
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    Their is
    No God but Allah

    لا اله الا اللهla alh 'illa alllah

    Again we are matching up same symbols |` + ﻻ
    combined with letter m presented up side down


    • Goce Homer MakeDonski
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2016
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      Some how it is now difficult for me to explain .

      "Now look in any academic book on history, archaeology and etymology and they will all tell you that Μακεδονία is a Greek word and comes from the exact words."
      That is 1860-est claim.Not earlier .

      It might be difficult to someone for understanding.

      Why contradictions?
      If we observed, this World from its very beginning until now,
      it is all about religion .
      This is Macedonian case
      Macedon -Earth Mother

      Macedonians -Earth Mother followers

      Mace +don+ia
      Mother + Earth + belongs
      ia - as suffix meaning "land belong to.."

      ज ja adj. belonging to

      Belong to the Macedonians from the very beginning.


      • Goce Homer MakeDonski
        Junior Member
        • Feb 2016
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        If we talk about names for God
        No one human eye seen him ever.Imagination only .How He could possibly look like ?
        Latest imagination :Concept is as Creator , as long white hair and beard male .
        Тhe former should be a Mother giving life Concept .
        Mother as love giver
        Father as awe-inspiring .

        Might we are witnessing accomplishment following Biblical prophecy

        28.Father, glorify your Name! Then a voice came from heaven:
        "I have glorified it ,and I will glorified it again John 12,28.

        Knew that historically Macedonian name been twice prohibited, this present we are living should be third and last time of it
        Firstly when Romans occupied Macedonia and build up four Sclavinians, secondly when Ottomans under pressure agreed to deleted Macedonan name putting vilayeti instead .

        - 1- New Testament ,John 12,28.
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        • Goce Homer MakeDonski
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          • Feb 2016
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          Duniya Ki Maa
          or reading from right to left hand side
          Ma ke Duniya

          Originally posted by Goce Homer MakeDonski View Post
 at the present will provide us this results
          When we will type words on English : World of Mother we will read ,at Hindi मां की दुनिया
          ,and with Latin orthography as : maan kee duniya.
          World of Mother
          Translate from: English
          Translate into: Hindi
          maan kee duniya ,

          Today is Wednesday 30.03.2016.

          I have,I wanna to indicate that earlier at Hindi translation results we read were presented at this way:

          But earlier we were having
          year 2010
|hi| World of Mother

          :World of Mother

          Translate from: English
          Translate into: Hindi

          English to Hindi translation
          माँ की दुनिया
          (listed to this translation )
          Mām̐ kī duniyā
          माँ की दुनिया with Hindi alphabet
          Mām̐ kī duniyā with Latin orthography
          That's from 2010 recorded results

          As you can note it is a difference here at the part of Latin presentation

          earlier we had
          Mām̐ kī duniyā
          Or we read that instead of
          now days is
          and instead of
          we have got

          Shell we ask why it is as it is ?
          And to whom we have to congrats because of it ?
          But ones is for sure
          Always it will be माँ की दुनिया .