Has Russia ever supported Macedonia throughout history?

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  • Risto the Great
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    • Sep 2008
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    Has Russia ever supported Macedonia throughout history?

    Bulgarian prime minister Stoyan Petrov Danev in 1902 was a strong Imperial Russian supporter. Terms of a loan from Russia to Bulgaria at the time included:

    - Appointing a Serb priest (Firmilian) as administrator of the Skopje diocese.
    - A condition that measures be undertaken to contain Macedonians (in Macedonia) which resulted in a banning of the sale of weapons, dismissal of officers involved in the Macedonian movement and expelling activists and seizing arms and ammunition held by private citizens.

    Notwithstanding the complex and ever-changing relationship of Bulgaria with Macedonia, Russia has been singular in its approach in relation to Macedonia. The above was an example of the Imperial Russian position. I query if sentiments changed during Soviet times.
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  • George S.
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    • Aug 2009
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    this thread has suddenly jogged my memory that i read that in the 1870's macedonians living in russia expressed to the russian establishment to help macedonia get their independence.I don't think anything came of it,It just points that macedonians abroad cared enough but the stablishment didn't care enough.
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