Devil's Wall - the biggest Macedonian mystery

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    Kokino, Oldest Civilisation in the Balkans
    Кокино е најстара култура на Балканот На планинските

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  • Devil's Wall - the biggest Macedonian mystery

    Devil's Wall - the biggest Macedonian mystery

    Google Translator:-

    Beauties of Macedonia can not be enumerated quickly and to describe with ease.

    Through their wealth this beautiful country hides many secrets and mysteries that are interesting to the world, and significant for the Macedonians.

    Interesting geomorphologic natural occurrence on the right bank of Bregalnica called Devil's Wall.

    Legend says that the devil bet with God that the Bogoslovec locality in the district of Sveti Nikole for only one night to build a wall that will redirect Bregalnica from its natural bed, its waters will be sent to Ovcepolie and will completely flooding. God accepted the wager, and the devil are obliged to build the wall until the first zakukurikaat roosters. The same night the devil began to build the wall and it did so quickly and skillfully as a place ceased to doubt that the work will finish on time. The Lord has used shrewdness - before dawn klocnal a sleeping cock zakukurikal so that once announced the arrival of the day. The devil failed in its intention, Ovcepolie was saved from a flood, the wall is named Devil, and huge stones remained to this day to witness the legend that is not known when occurred.

    The interesting legend remained among the people, who to this day tells whenever you mention this wonderful place.

    Another legend says that on this space is hiding a wealth of great conquests of Alexander of Macedon, and this myth was very challenging for buried treasure seekers to try their luck.

    These are rocky izdanoci ie rock bands that are clearly evident in the relief and extend fragmented east-west-northwest, the length of several hundred meters. The phenomenon is a consequence of rapid erosion of the Eocene sediments erodibilnite-sands, and other pesochnici in terms of tectonic poremetenite, stronger vertical rock bands. These rocks stronger as compared to the relatives and friends behind in relief in the form of a natural wall. Thus the appearance is not a direct consequence of human activity or construction, unless they are considered human impact on the acceleration of erosion processes through ogoluvanjeto pitch.

    Dr. Aleksandadr Balabanov, a famous classical philologist and university professor in Leipzig said that the Devil's Wall wonder what does not exist in the world.

    When the already distant 1970, the famous archaeologist from Belgrade, Milutni Garashanin, accidentally hit a wall this admiringly said:

    - This is amazing! This is brilliant work, whether of nature or man! This is the wonder of the world! This wall is distinctively imponzanten significant length of five hundred feet in the direction of extension of "Bogoslvoec" and DES-tive along the coast of Bregalnica and its traces can be seen even five miles to the west. Traces of the wall can be seen on the left bank of Bregalnica edinsvenost that associated with the wall. Average height ranges from 10 to 12 feet wide and about 2 meters. The building is constructed with stone blocks with an average intake - to 4 cubic meters, and cause-tions between the stones is thin, reddish binder material skillfully done by expert grditel.

    For seekers of gold by a story that this is a wall from the Roman period, that it hides a tunnel with incredible wealth. The tunnel is designated and certain topographic maps naive seekers of fortune sell them adept fraudsters from nearby countries. The tunnel, according to them is the main reason that last year the illegal diggers treasure more visit the wall and damage. The last two years subject to such observation activities and the wall was some NATO troops with helicopters often unfold near the Wall. Also, repeatedly observed wild diggers from neighboring countries so that they become the biggest threat to the status of this rare feonomen.

    Devil's Wall creates unrest and peace simultaneously. The man carries risks, but shining with all its beauty, grandeur and mystery as breathtaking and awe real cause.