Can we all agree that government is not the answer

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  • TrueMacedonian
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2009
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    Can we all agree that government is not the answer

    I donít believe that any government should be given the power to play with history, culture, identity, or re-naming anything.
    Government should not be given power other than to protect borders, and its people from attacks be it from another foreign nation or terrorism from within.
    If we look at Macedoniaís biggest issue since itís independence it has been its own government.
    Can we all agree that government is not the answer but is the problem?
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  • Risto the Great
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    • Sep 2008
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    The government should be the answer, but it isn't. The people should be the answer, but then again, the people's will should be the government. However, I think the people got precisely what they represent in the government. They don't really know what they want so they poke around at the carcass of Macedonia and try to see anything useful.

    Macedonia has been at war since the Greek embargo. It has needed a wartime leader since then. It has never had such a leader.
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    • Vangelovski
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      • Sep 2008
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      Government is always the problem. It always comes down to elected (or unelected) politicians that forget they are there to represent their constituents and not to impose their own will over the people that put them there.

      That is why 'the people' need a constitution that limits state power AND the will to enforce the constitutional order. Power belongs to the people, not elected representatives. But many people forget this and some even go further by making intellectually lazy claims that there's 'nothing' they can do.

      In the end, I agree with RtG. The Macedonian people got the government that they deserve, and deep down, one that they want. They want someone to sell out and take the supposed easy road into economic prosperity.
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      • Liberator of Makedonija
        Senior Member
        • Apr 2014
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        So are we taking a page out of the Gemiděii book then and beginning our anarchist campaign?
        I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.


        • Stojacanec
          • Dec 2009
          • 809

          The government is never the answer when it comes to the changing of the name, identity and constitution.

          These governments can't even run a census and now they want to vote on changing the name of the country??

          What is the use of legal framework and constitution when governments make up the rules as they go along?


          • kompir
            • Jan 2015
            • 537

            Government is the answer to a question nobody asked. Create the beast and eventually, it subsumes everything in its path.
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