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  • Amphipolis
    • Aug 2014
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    Originally posted by nushevski77
    Amphipolis I don't really understand what it means by "725 Orthodox Greeks under Bulgarian terrorism (: Macedonians who joined the country) from 1907, 350 schismatic Bulgarians (old Macedonians) and 249 Muslims"
    Were the greeks under Bulgarian terrorism actually Macedonians or the other way around or not at all? I'm a bit confused & also what are schismatic Bulgarians (old Macedonians)? Sorry for any inconvenience or ignorance I'm just a bit confused and don't know about this stuff but thank you.
    This is the wording of a Greek source. Here's the accurate translation.

    Άνω Νεβόλιανι Φλωρίνης, 725 ορθόδοξοι Έλληνες υπό τη βουλγαρική τρομοκρατία (: Μακεδόνες που προσχώρησαν στη εξαρχία ) από το 1907, 350 σχισματικοί βουλγαρίζοντες (: παλαιοί εξαρχικοί Μακεδόνες) και 249 μουσουλμάνοι [Χαλκιόπουλος 1910].

    Upper Nevolyani, Florina, 725 Orthodox Greeks under Bulgarian terror since 1907 (i.e. Macedonians that became Exarchists), 350 schismatic pro-Bulgarians (i.e. Macedonians who were already Exarchists, before 1907) and 249 Muslims [Source: Chalkiopoulos 1910]

    Notes are by Lithoxoou.