Good news every one, Djokavic won!!!!

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  • Phoenix
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    • Dec 2008
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    Originally posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
    Wow Phoenix. You were actually right apparently his mum is Serb. My bad.

    Though I am pretty sure there would be full Macedonians out there who would do the same things he did.
    Believe me, I really like to give these people a good kick from time to time as well, unfortunately some are from mixed marriages and we need to understand that and cut them some slack.

    The others, although not related by blood probably have a close circle of Serb friends, which creates another outlook on things.

    In each case, each has their own decisions to make, whether those decisions are forged in blood, friendship or ignorance, it's probably not for the rest of us to judge.

    We need to focus on the living, not those dead to the cause.


    • EgejskaMakedonia
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      • Jan 2010
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      When one parent is a non-Macedonian, then it's fair enough that their children will draw an allegiance to both nationalities.

      I think the real confusing area is when one parent is a grkoman/srboman/bugaroman. The child would essentially be a product of two conflicting identities, one that is basically forged on denying the existence of the other (grkomani are a good example).

      One of the villages that our family is from felt the full force of Greece's assimilation policy. Problem is, do the younger generations know any better? It's difficult to pinpoint blame, as most are at fault but to varying degrees.

      In terms of a person who has parents from different nationalities, it shits me when the child only embraces one side of their heritage. This is very strong in marriages involving a Greek. I know a number of people who are half Greek and half Italian/Egyptian/Maco, yet one would think they were from a family with two Greek parents.