According to H. Victor Condé, who teaches international human rights law at Trinity International University in California and at the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg France, there is no universally accepted and authoritative definition of a human right. Many define it as a legally enforceable claim or entitlement that is held by an individual human being vis-a-vis the state government, for the protection of the inherent human dignity of the human being. Human Rights Violations, Condé says, are acts of a state that violate the human dignity of individuals subject to its jurisdiction (for more info on H. Victor Condé's book click here,673481.aspx).

Is it too extreme to say that the Republic of Macedonia has committed human rights violations against the Macedonians within her boundaries by continuing to negotiate the name and identity of the nation and of the people. Has dignity been violated by accepting "fyrom" as the international name? Was changing the flag an act against the human dignity of the Macedonians?

What are your thoughts