Ohrid Football Players attacked in Tetovo

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  • dimi28495
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    • Jul 2011
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    Ohrid Football Players attacked in Tetovo

    From http://macedonianfootball.com/index....stic&Itemid=63

    FK Ohrid held a press conference today regarding the recent incidents that occurred during the match against Shkendija in Tetovo.

    FK Ohrid is demanding severe punishment to be handed out by the Football Federation of Macedonia to Shkendija because of the recent incident in Tetovo where several Ohrid players were attacked during the half-time break of the match Shkendija - Ohrid this past Sunday.

    'While the starting line-up was in the changing room, we (the players from the bench) were warming up on the pitch when a group of fans came down on the pitch and attacked us. We were beaten, while the delegate and the police did nothing' - said Jovan Kitrozoski, one of the attacked players.

    Ilce Kalanoski, Ohrid's president, said there were 6.000 people at the stadium and no more then 15 police officers who could not do their job and also got attacked. 'We went there to play football, not fight with the fans' - added Kalanoski.

    'It is not the first time an incident such as this has occurred in Tetovo. If something like this happened in Ohrid, football would have been forbidden forever, but apparently there are double standards' - pointed out Ohrid spokesman Ivan Arsenoski.

    Indeed, it is not the first time for the Shkendija fans to cause problems. Last year, they brought down the Macedonian flag during a match in Kicevo against Napredok and caused additional damage to the stadium. It remains to be seen whether FFM will take more action.

    This is not the first time that an incident has occured involving the supporters of Shkendija. Last season at a game against Napredok in Kicevo Shkendija supporters tore down a Macedonian flag and put an Albanian one in its place.
    Also at the match against Partizan in Skopje they held up sexually explicit and taunting banners and i dont think they were fined at all.
  • Risto the Great
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    These are the kind of rights the Eurodonians are celebrating nowadays.
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