Bulgarian approach to world terrorism, Doner Kebab!

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  • Onur
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    • Apr 2010
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    Bulgarian approach to world terrorism, Doner Kebab!

    This one is so funny!!!

    You know, There was an explosion in Russian airport recently and apparently Bulgarian PM Borisov made a comment about this;
    PM: No Terrorism Fears in Bulgaria, We Are Close with Arabs

    Bulgaria counts on its balanced foreign policy and good relations with the Arab world in order to prevent terrorist attacks such as the one that just happened in Russia, according to Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov.

    Borisov, who is on an official visit to Japan, commented for the media the tragic events at the Moscow "Domodedovo" airport where an explosion killed 35 people and injured 130 on Monday.

    "We maintain friendly relations with Palestine, with all Arab countries. The Arab world is doing business in Bulgaria; there is a doner kebab on every street corner", the PM said to assuage fears of an attack on Bulgaria.

    Borisov said the cabinet hopes people who make the decisions about such attacks would take into account Bulgaria's ties with the Arab countries.

    First of all, it`s still unknown who did bombing attack in Russia but Borisov speaks like supposedly Arabs did this!. Also he indirectly says that all Arabs are terrorists and he counts on Doner Kebab shops in Bulgaria for not to fear of a terrorist attack in there!!! Apparently, he doesn't know that Doner Kebab is Turkish but not related with Arabs and most likely these Kebab stores are owned by Bulgarian Turks. This is so stupid cuz there are close to million Turks in Bulgaria and how come he doesn't know that? lol!!! Also even if Kebab would be Arabian thing, is this supposedly stop terrorists to attack Bulgaria? haha

    It looks like the Arabs living in Bulgaria pissed off so much;

    'Doner Diplomacy' May Cost Borisov 15 000 Votes of Arab Bulgarians

    Prime Minister Boyko Borisov must apologize to the Arab community in Bulgaria for a recent statement associating Arabs with terrorism and doner kebab shops, according to Bulgaria-Based Egyptian Journalist Mohamed Kamal Alam.

    Alam told Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) he believes Borisov statement might cost him the support of some 15 000 Bulgarian voters of Arab origin.

    The PM's statement about doner kebab and Arabs, which was probably meant as a kind of joke in his typical style of expression, has drawn much criticism in Bulgaria.

    While commenting on the situation in Egypt, Egyptian journalist Mohamed Kamal Alam, who has been living in Sofia for 24 years, stated that Borisov must apologize to the Arab Bulgarians.

    "We know his style of talking and that he was probably joking but this is a joke that hurts... I think that Boyko Borisov can lose the votes of the Arabs in Bulgaria, which are about 15 000 votes. The Bulgarian citizens of Arab origin traditionally support the Bulgarian Socialist Party. But when Borisov emerged a couple of years ago, the overwhelming majority of them voted for him," Alam said.


    And surprisingly, it looks like there are some intelligent Bulgarians smart enough to understand that this was a gaffe;
    The Doner Kebab as the Pinnacle of Bulgarian Diplomacy

    Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, accompanied by several cabinet members just concluded his first official visit to Japan, in a "serious" attempt to "polish" the tarnished image of Bulgarian diplomacy after recent revelations our Embassies are swarming with agents and collaborators of the former Communist State Security.

    On the first day of the trip, Borisov missed the scheduled visit to the statue of the Great Buddha in Karakura. The 3 ministers, included in the delegation, represented him.

    In the aftermath, the PM nonchalantly explained this meddling with the official agenda by oversleeping due to jetlag, and assuaged inquiring reporters the skipped visit was not a big loss since "he had seen similar temples many times."

    The second day of the visit ended with a karate demonstration. Enticed by the show, Borisov, who has a black belt in karate and is the chairman of the Bulgarian Karate Federation, decided to display his own skills by using Agriculture Minister, Miroslav Naydenov, as a sparring partner. On the backdrop of the stunned Japanese, the improvised karate face-off ended with the Minister sprawling on the floor with one less button on his jacket.

    The crowning of Borisov's diplomatic skills came with his comments on the tragic events at the Moscow "Domodedovo" airport, where an explosion killed 35 people and injured 130. When asked if, in the light of these events, security at Bulgarian airports has been upped, the PM declared that even in States with much stronger secret services such things happen and nothing can prevent them a frank admission of Bulgarian authorities' forlorn of guaranteeing the safety and the security of the country's citizens.

    "Bulgaria is under no threat of terrorist attacks over its balanced foreign policy and good relations with the Arab world. We maintain friendly relations with Palestine, with all Arab countries. The Arab world is doing business in Bulgaria; there is a doner kebab on every street corner," the PM said to assuage fears of an attack on Bulgaria.

    The other blunders could be attributed by the reserved Japanese and the international community to the peculiarities of Bulgarian culture. This statement is a gaffe.

    If this was joke, it was a cynical one, considering the Russian tragedy; if Borisov was serious, then one might conclude that for Bulgaria's leader:

    1. Being Arab, (not even a radical Islamist), equals being a terrorist. No one had claimed responsibility for the attack, but he assumed it was the deed of people from the Middle East.

    2. Russia has bad relations with the Arab world.

    3. Other countries have no idea how to execute a balanced foreign policy.

    4. Doner kebab kiosks on every street corner are a strong national security guarantee. (I don't know about Russia, but there are certainly plenty of such stands in the US.)

    5. The doner kebab is the top achievement of Arab business and entrepreneurship.

    Obviously Borisov has no idea about the meaning of racial profiling and political incorrectness.

    In Japan, Borisov not only surpassed himself, he truly reached the "height" of former American President George W. Bush. Nevertheless, the latter still served two terms in office in a country with a much stronger civil society than Bulgaria.


    PM throws down his agriculture minister in a karate show to demonstrate his karate skills to the Japanese people in a formal visit!!!

    Ohh man, these Bulgarians always makes me smile
  • Frank
    • Mar 2010
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    And yet our Politicians have such a fear to stand up to these clowns


    • Soldier of Macedon
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      • Sep 2008
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      Their leaders are quite an interesting lot aren't they, yet it is these incoherent ramblers that do their utmost to deny the Macedonian people their rights in the Macedonian part of Bulgaria.
      In the name of the blood and the sun, the dagger and the gun, Christ protect this soldier, a lion and a Macedonian.