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  • Batka
    Junior Member
    • May 2019
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    Zaplako mariovo & nesto ke te pitam babo always get me going


    • Karposh
      • Aug 2015
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      Iím pretty sure Iíve linked a live version of Makedonsko Devojce by these guys but hereís their official single and itís pretty good. The group is called Barcelona Gypsy Klezmer Orchestra (BGKO) and, honestly, if you didnít know the girl singing is actually of Catalonian heritage, youíd swear she was a native Macedonian. Sheís that good.

      Incidentally, I was reading some of the posted YouTube comments and I really liked the explanation one Macedonian gave to the question of what the song was about. ďItís what every Macedonian father sings to his daughterĒ.

      Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra - "Makedonsko devojče". Song included in the album "Avo Kanto". (C) 2018 Satelite K. & - ?...


      • Karposh
        • Aug 2015
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        Originally posted by Tomche Makedonche View Post
        One name - Tale Ognenovski
        You're not wrong Tomche. The man is a legend. I actually got to hear him play (even if it was brief) while he was still alive when I was in Brusnik back in 2005. It was during the Sv.Petka celebrations (patron saint of Brusnik) and Brusnichani had hired some Gypsy musicians from Bitola for the day's festivities. It wasn't long before all the young and drunk Brusnichani started the chant in front of Tale's house (his house is na sred selo) "Tale!, Tale!, Tale!" He came out from his house after a while just to humour the kids a little but you could tell he was quite old and frail and wasn't feeling too comfortable. In the end, he had a crack though and put the hired gypsies to shame.


        • Risto the Great
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          • Sep 2008
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          This is about the limit of my taste for Serbian music and why I am going back to Japan next week:

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