Press Release: United Macedonians announces partnership with Investors Beyond Borders

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  • Risto the Great
    UM, welcome to the MTO.
    We have been developing an ideology based on supporting organisations with common aspirations. There are many organisations who feel they are contributing to the Macedonian Cause. As an example, the MPO could suggest their actions of undermining the Macedonian identity was part of their "Macedonian Cause". A logical progression of this is to determine what an organisation's interpretation of the Macedonian Cause is. We have tried to define the Macedonian Cause in the following thread:

    This thread is solely devoted to our combined efforts in defining the Macedonian Cause. Please post your feedback, additions and changes in this thread. The moderators will edit this first post to include your changes until we have all agreed on a complete, perfect, unwavering and timeless definition of the Macedonian Cause. --

    Can you please review the Cause as presently defined and advise if you feel the United Macedonians depart in any way from the sentiment of that definition?


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  • United Macedonians
    We would like to thank all of you for your gracious welcome, and we are proud to be members of such a great internet community for Macedonians around the world.

    The United Macedonians Organization is currently in a progressive transitional stage, as the experienced veterans have brought in a young, vibrant group of new members. Together, we are bringing forth new ideas and initiatives, and are entering a new phase that will only be the beginning of the United Macedonians next 50 years of serving and leading the global Macedonian community.

    With that, we are also in the process of restructuring our website, (stay tuned for the new launch date). In the meantime, please visit this link for more information.

    We will be posting on MTO regularly with updates and news.

    We look forward to your input and feedback.

    Thank you.

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  • julie
    welcome to the MTO United Macedonians

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  • Prolet
    Welcome Obedineti Makedonci

    Spolaj Ti mnogu za informaciite.

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  • osiris
    dobro doidovde united macedonians i love your logo

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  • Pavel
    well done to the United Macedonians.

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  • makedonche
    Welcome, United Macedonians, to the MTO, I look forward to more posts from your organisation and will avail myself of the opportunity to visit your website and that of IBB, once again warm welcome wishes to you!!

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  • Rogi
    Welcome to the forum United Macedonians.

    At your convenience, could you post a summary, with as much detail as possible, of the activities of the United Macedonians organisation around the world over the last 51 years.

    I think there may be many readers who are unfamiliar with the work of the United Macedonians organisation and would benefit from your summary.

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  • Daskalot
    Welcome to the forum United Macedonians and thank you for the above information!

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  • Press Release: United Macedonians announces partnership with Investors Beyond Borders


    Toronto, Canada, March 24, 2010 - The United Macedonians Organization of Canada (UM) is
    pleased to announce its partnership with Investors Beyond Borders (IBB), an organization
    which brings together educational institutions and energy councils to find investment
    opportunities in the renewable energy market.

    UM is proud to be a sponsor of IBB's Exclusive Networking Event, to be held on
    Thursday, March 25 at the LEED Gold Telus Towers in Toronto.

    As a precursor to the world's largest business case competition by students on
    renewable energy, the networking event will focus on exploring green technology
    investments and will be a tremendous opportunity for participants to learn more about
    IBB's global operations, meet some of the student competitors, energy industry players,
    government officials, senior administrators and many respected financial and economic

    Competing teams business plans will be will be reviewed by industry professionals and
    investors who are looking to the renewable energy sector in the Republic of Macedonia.

    Macedonia has been ranked by the World Bank as the top reforming nation in Europe and
    one of the best nations to do business in its region and has been selected as IBB's
    G.E.M. (Green Emerging Market) for the IRECC - International Renewable Energy Case
    Challenge 2010.

    "We are grateful to the United Macedonians Organization of Canada for their generous
    support of our initiative and their collaboration in establishing a network among the
    Canadian Macedonian community to attract potential investors to this project.", said
    Marijana Josifovska, IBB President.

    For more information about Investors Beyond Borders, please
    visit or call 416-619-0436.


    The United Macedonians Organization of Canada is the oldest and largest Macedonian
    national and cultural organization in the diaspora. Our mission is to promote national
    unity of Macedonians worldwide. For more information, please
    visit or call 416-490-0181.

    *Please note: The United Macedonians Organization of Canada, founded in 1959, is not
    affiliated with the "United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD)" which was founded in 2004.