A challange for our modern Greek friends

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  • Napoleon
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    • Dec 2008
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    A challange for our modern Greek friends

    I originally posted this challenge to our modern Greek friends on Maknews several months ago...still with no reply. I'd thought I'd repost it here to see if I have any better luck.

    I have seen the below quote supposedly attributed to ancient Roman historian Quintus Curtius Rufus on many modern Greek propaganda sites, all being unreferenced.

    Holy shadows of the dead, I'm not to blame for your cruel and bitter fate, but the accursed rivalry which brought sister nations and brother people, to fight one another. I do not feel happy for this victory of mine. On the contrary, I would be glad brothers if I had all of you standing here next to me, since we are united by the SAME LANGUAGE , the SAME BLOOD and the SAME VISIONS.
    Can any of our modern Greek friends actually include a correct reference for this quote???

    Also...can you please give the quote in its full context if it truelly does exist???
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  • Soldier of Macedon
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    • Sep 2008
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    This particular quote a (I am sure it is the same one) was actually advertised as basically the motto for the maggotsontheweb forum for a good year and was attributed to Alexander the Great. I gave up asking about it long ago, they seem to have changed it after about a good year's worth of lies to its readers.
    In the name of the blood and the sun, the dagger and the gun, Christ protect this soldier, a lion and a Macedonian.