The Macedonian question still follows its phantom proverbs

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  • I of Macedon
    • Sep 2008
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    The Macedonian question still follows its phantom proverbs

    What I find extraordinary and quite frankly saddened is the emphasis of Macedonians by particular politicians (I don’t think I have to mention who), and others as SlavMacedonian (in other words a kind of insult forced despite its misunderstood and complex meaning behind it). Even some that may well recognise us as Macedonians still might mention SlavMacedonian even if it’s just lightly and just in passing – as if a light whisper in the ear. And the worst part, is the utilization of the media to get the message across that intern seem to highly influence and confuse the general people, even those that have no idea of the complexities of the Balkans, yet merely assume they do by simply seeing things in only black or white. At the same time, people (generally speaking) seem to rarely question what they are given through the media, even though there is always two sides to every story, and especially when that alternate story has quite an extraordinary amount of contrary evidence, thus eventually succumbing to a point where such evidence becomes somewhat pervasive – and this is not just referring to literary evidence.

    The governments and other western powers that stressed the problems in the Balkans (of ethnic division, nationalism, war, division of lands and downright neglect of basic human rights) and as such are also ignored by others (at least pretends to ignore). Thus, those that stress the importance of peace, democracy and human rights for supposedly everyone, seem to be quite comfortable at the same time, hiding, twisting and overlooking the truth to suit some irrational yet intended purposes. Such methods as we know to this very day persist, and methods that unfortunately seem to be too closely working alongside the old proverb: “Mundus vult decipi-ergo decipitatur,” that is; if the world wants to be deceived let it therefore be deceived.

    The SlavMacedonians as some call it (you know who) are therefore given a newly forged and itchy to get out of mask, thus are not fully let out of the mask to freely fell the sun touch upon on their faces. This is more so the case (as many of us obviously know) with the Macedonian people in Aegean Macedonia. But there is a proverb for this too, that is: “Give a man a mask and he will begin to tell you the truth.”
    No need to sit in the shade, because we stand under our own sun
  • Pelister
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2008
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    It's a spin off from the whole Slav/Greek dichotomy, and is directly related to Greek (and Bulgarian) colonial rule.

    You have to understand the nature of the Bulgarian and Greek conquest of parts of Macedonia.

    They justify their actions/behavior by illegitimizing the Macedonian. From a historical point of view, its easy to talk about the history of an event, or an individual, or a battle ...etc, but how does one write down a history of the illegitimate? Well, for mine you have to go straight to the people saying it - and it is no suprise it comes directly from Macedonia's invaders and occupiers. They have a stake in keeping their new lands - but its gone further than that. How can they give Macedonia a new identity?

    One way they objectify the Macedonian is through "dividing practices", i.e., Slav/Greek, barbarian/enlightened ...

    This is a problem in itself, but its nothing without the back up of particular modes of inquiry that give it the status of science. So, your a Slav and I've got historical evidence to prove it - I'm not and I've got historical evidence to prove it.

    One point along the battle lines, where they Greeks are changing the identity of Macedonia, are through dogdy and shady historical practices..

    I love the way you call them "phantom proverbs", because behind them there is a history of subjegtion and oppression they don't want exposed or told.

    The Greeks are demanding people keep their mouth shut about it - and people are because they don't want to open a pandora's box of who knows what.


    • Risto the Great
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
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      IoM, the sad but real observation is that Macedonians simply are an inconvenience in the Balkan landscape. The SlavMacedonian SLUR is a repeated and deliberate attempt to undermine the Macedonian ethnicity.
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