The Existence of a Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

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  • Risto the Great
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    • Sep 2008
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    Originally posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
    Excerpt of Georgi Dimitrov's speech on Pirin Macedonia, in relation to the-then People's Republic of Macedonia, in 1946:
    For the benefit of posterity (and future edits)


    August 9th, 1946

    …The second issue is the issue of the Pirin region. What is the new element which should be included in the elections in the Pirin region? It is related to our assessment of the Macedonian issue. In our ranks there are comrades who still do not understand how our policy concerning the Macedonian issue should be defined. It is often forgotten that the main goal of the Macedonian people is the already established state and nation in the framework of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, established as the people's Republic of Macedonia. This republic represents the base for the unification of the other parts of the Macedonian people, especially Macedonians in the Pirin region, in accordance with an agreement on this topic made between, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, which should also determine the return of the Western Bulgarian provinces to Bulgaria. In the preparations of this great deed, it is also necessary, at the elections of the Great National Assembly, to have a Fatherland Front candidate elected in the Pirin region and thus the elected candidates would represent in the future Great National Assembly a Macedonian parliamentary group. It is not correct to use the phrases "Vardar Macedonia", "Pirin Macedonia" and "Aegean Macedonia". Three Macedonias do not exist. There is only one Macedonia which in its principal part is established as the People's Republic of Macedonia in the framework of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, which at this time is in full development. (Applause). Now we are discussing the Macedonian population in the Pirin region. This population should now make their stand as a part of the Macedonian people, a part to be united with the People's Republic of Macedonia. (Loud applause).

    Starting from such a position we must precisely determine our tasks. It is not sufficient to recognize in principle the Macedonians as a separate people, that Macedonians are neither Bulgarians or Serbs, but that they are Macedonian. This is essential but not sufficient. Understandably such a recognition is indispensible but we must also act in this direction. The Macedonian population in the Pirin region should start with preparations even now. It is necessary to work on the cultural rapprochement of that population and the population of Federal Macedonia. It is necessary to encourage broad cultural understanding between Macedonians in the Pirin region and Macedonians in the People's Republic of Macedonia. The adoption of the Macedonian language and Macedonian literature is also necessary' Macedonians in the Pirin region should know the history of the Macedonian people.

    It is necessary to establish the closest contacts between the Macedonian emigration in Bulgaria and our Pirin Macedonians; they should develop between themselves cooperation in favor of the People's Republic of Macedonia which is in the general interests of all Slavs.

    We, as a Communist Party, should demand from the Pirin Macedonians and the Macedonian emigration that they should participate in the struggle of the Bulgarian people against the reaction, in the development of our future republic, in waging a resolute struggle against those who are hostile to the rapprochement of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, against the enemies and Greater-Bulgarian chauvinists, enemies of the unification of the Macedonian people, enemies of the People's Republic of Macedonia and those assisting the reaction in Bulgaria. They should be unmasked and expeled from the ranks of the movement for the unification of the Macedonian people, because they are the sworn enemies of the future federation of South Slavs. (Long applause).
    Risto the Great
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    • Liberator of Makedonija
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      • Apr 2014
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      A win for the Macedonians of Pirin!

      I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.


      • maco2envy
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        Originally posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
        A win for the Macedonians of Pirin!
        Finally, some form of good news


        • VMRO
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          Originally posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
          A win for the Macedonians of Pirin!

          Sadly they have won also in the past and nothing gets done.
          Verata vo Mislite, VMRO vo dushata, Makedonia vo Srceto.

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          • Rogi
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            • Sep 2008
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            Unless I am mistaken, this is something like the 12th such win, but alas, nothing has changed.

            These kinds of issues have never been resolved via courts.


            • Carlin
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              • Dec 2011
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              Citizens of Vatasha paint a slogan in response to claims by Bulgarian MEP Andrey Kovatchev


              Citizens of Vatasha, near Kavadarci, responded to an interview with Bulgarian member of the European Parliament Andrey Kovatchev, who denied the World War Two crimes perpetrated by Bulgarian soldiers, by painting the slogan “Vatasha is written in blood”.

              Vatasha had a history of rebelling both against Serbian and Bulgarian rule. During World War Two, in June 1943, occupying Bulgarian soldiers massacred 12 young men from Vatasha who they suspected of cooperatign with partisans. Those killed aged between 15 and 28, while four girls that were also taken to be shot, were eventually spared.

              Kovatchev, who is campaigning strongly among Bulgarian nationalists on the Macedonian issue, did an interview with Alfa TV, during which he denied that Bulgarian forces perpetrated crimes in Macedonia during the war.