Greek language oaths, forcing Macedonians to speak Greek, 1959!

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  • Daskalot
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2008
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    Greek language oaths, forcing Macedonians to speak Greek, 1959!

    This information was provided by Tsutsul Pase Goveda over at MakNews.

    Here is the article from the newspaper "Sfaira" dated September 1st 1959.

    The article describes how a language oath was taken by the inhabitants of the village of Atrapos(Karpeshina) in the Florina(Lerin) region of Aegean Macedonia.

    The oath:
    I do promise before God, the people, and the official state authorities, that from this day on I shall cease to speak the Slav dialect which gives misunderstandings to the enemies of our country - the Bulgarians - and that I will speak always and everywhere the official language of our fatherland the Greek language, in which the Holy Gospel is written.
    This is how the Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia were forced to speak Greek.

    Another Greek lie exposed. :rmacedonia

    Thank you TPG for this information!
    Macedonian Truth Organisation
  • makedonin
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    • Sep 2008
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    That is disgusting to say the least.

    But, the Modern Greeks did learned form their Bavarian Masters.

    It is well known that in the middle ages, if a person was caught to speak some Slavic idiom, he risked being hanged on the market place.
    To enquire after the impression behind an idea is the way to remove disputes concerning nature and reality.


    • TrueMacedonian
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      • Jan 2009
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      The modern "greeks" are a very disturbed bunch of people with an identity crisis and an inferiority complex. What a shame and what a sham.
      Slayer Of The Modern "greek" Myth!!!


      • Daniel the Great
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        • Nov 2009
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        Can you translate the whole article Daskalot, and not just the selective part. Does it say in the article that the Macedonians were forced to speak Greek?


        • Onur
          Senior Member
          • Apr 2010
          • 2389

          Daniel the Great, Anastasia Karakashidou wrote an article about this event before;