Population of Macedonia and Adjacent Areas

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  • Carlin
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    • Dec 2011
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    "In the 19th century, Muslims were colonized by plan, in order to separate the homogeneous Christian regions from each other. That was the policy of replacing the unreliable population with the more suitable ones. When Russia had finished conquering Caucasus, it expelled almost the entire Czerkes nation from its land. These Muslims moved into Turkey in the 19th century sixties. Part of them was colonized in the Balkans, mostly in Bulgaria, but also near the Serbian border, around Niš, Pirot and in Kosovo. Serbia was, in that way, surrounded by Czerkes’ settlements in the northeast and by Albanians in the southwest. That continuous Muslim zone separated Serbia from the Christians in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo"

    During the Great Eastern crisis 1875/1878, a large migration process was going on in the Balkans. It is estimated that, about two million people, half Christians, half Muslims, left their homes at ...