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Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
LOL I didn't realize it was controversial that Russia is an authoritarian state. I guess its normal for journalists and opposition candidates to continually and accidentally fall off of roofs and out of windows.
What's controversial is not that you think Russia is an authoritarian state, that's just your opinion (and the west's) but statements such as these:

Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
It's a shame that Russia is the place that it is. The people are not representative of their leadership. Russia has a rich culture and very artistic and intelligent people. That's what makes it that much more baffling that they continually submit to dictatorship.
I would argue that the Russian people are very much representative of their leadership. And, far from being a submissive people, I've always regarded them as submitting to no one. You make the mistake of equating the respect they have for Putin as submission to a dictatorship. The Russians have a tremendous sense of national pride and won't let go of the "Superpower" status they have enjoyed for nearly a century that easily. Putin is the embodiment of that sense of pride and power that they feel and they love him for it.

Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
The west is actually lucky that Russia isn't a totally free and democratic society, they would be a force otherwise. I always wondered if the west preferred Russia to stay the way it is, and feign its disgust with Russia's authoritarian leaders.
They already are a force...With or without a a Putin. Would you prefer a Russia with a west leaning puppet so that the New World Order would be complete?

Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
Sovereignty and independence are completely different concepts to freedom and liberty.
Thanks for the clarification but, again, I was referring to your assumption that the Russians have been forced into submission by the all powerful Putin. I know you will never accept this (just like the west, generally) but Putin is in fact the embodiment of the majority cross section of Russian society. Those that often speak out against him are poofters, lesbians, transvestites, billionaire traitors and other degenerates of Russian society (e.g.'Pussy Riot). No real Russian will shed a tear for these degenerates anyway, and neither will I. And, since Putin is representative of the majority of Russian society, all I can say is Fuck them!!! If you can't hang 'em all, poison the bastards. What the west can't handle is the fact that there is a great resurgence in the Christian Orthodox faith and this too is seen with alarm bells by the west. I've watched countless YouTube videos of this resurgence and it hasn't gone unnoticed by those concerned. As a matter of fact, there has been a rise in Americans actually converting to the Russian Orthodox church of late. This is what the west can't stand about Russia. They give a lot of lip service, like you seem to do, with praises of a rich and beautiful culture, but it bums them out when that very same rich and beautiful culture has no place in their society for the degenerates I already spoke about. And, it's not like they are persecuting them either. All Putin has said is "I won't tolerate LBTQI propaganda that impressionable kids could get exposed to, however, what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business". Fair any reasonably minded person.

Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
A few million North Koreans would happily die for their dictator. Millions are so used to living that way that they are fine with it. Russia is a few degrees below that.
"Russia is a few degrees below that". You probably even believe that don't you. The North Koreans are not stupid either you know. They are smart enough to know a psychopath when they see one. They follow their 'beloved' leader out of fear. The Russians and North Koreans are not a few degrees apart with respect to their leadership but a full 180 degrees. Completely poles apart. I won't even comment any further on this ridiculous comparison.
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The negative perception of Russia to this day has been forged by US propaganda...and that includes this ridiculous belief by many in the West have of Putin being a dictator...

If a motherfucker like Zaev represents liberal Western values or some sort of benevolent leadership, I'd take a Putin like 'dictatorship' every fucken day of the week...
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