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Default Macedonian-Canadian Community Denounces Illegally-Imposed Name Change on Macedonia

Macedonian-Canadian Community Denounces Illegally-Imposed Name Change on the Republic of Macedonia

“The rule of law, democratic principles, human rights and the will of the people” are supposed values that all Western countries espouse, yet they blatantly violate them in the illegal name change forced on the Republic of Macedonia, which changes the name, identity and history of Macedonia and all Macedonians throughout the world. This includes all regions of Macedonia, partitioned in 1913 among Serbia/Yugoslavia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Bulgaria, Greece, and later, Albania.

Eradicating the existence of an ethnic group to appease its oppressors and to satisfy Western interventionism will not be tolerated by Macedonians, nor should it be tolerated by anyone claiming to defend human rights.

Therefore, the Macedonian-Canadian community:
  • condemns all use of the illegally-imposed name “North Macedonia” on the Republic of Macedonia and the racist term “Northern Macedonian” to refer to Macedonians;
  • condemns use of the 8-rayed flag that was designed to appease our biggest oppressor, Greece. It will be removed from all Macedonian churches, buildings and Macedonian events in Canada;
  • condemns any attempts to change the name of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, including current pressure to remove 'Macedonian' and replace with 'Ohrid Archbishopric'
  • declares that all personnel of the illegitimate Zaev regime to be persona non grata in the Macedonian-Canadian community;
  • demands immediate defence of the Republic of Macedonia's name and our Macedonian identity by the international community;
  • demands that Macedonian politicians end all attempts to appease our oppressors; and
  • demands that Macedonian politicians prevent any change to Macedonia's name.
We will not accept anything other than the respect of our age-old Macedonian name, identity, ethnicity and history and will not tolerate any attempts to undermine them. Our Name Is Macedonia.

At the time of issue, signed (alphabetically):
  • Andon Lazov Janev, Koseto
  • Association of Macedonian Refugee Children from the Aegean part of Macedonia
  • Banitsa Benevolent Society - (founded in 1911, Toronto)
  • Lerin Region Macedonian Cultural Association of Canada
  • Macedonian Academic Council
  • Macedonian Children's Relief Fund
  • Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
  • SNS Makedonium – Toronto
  • St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral, Toronto
  • St. Dimitrija Solunski Macedonian Orthodox Church, Markham
  • St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Monastery, Toronto
  • St. Naum of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church, Hamilton
  • St. Nedela Macedonian Orthodox Church, Ajax
  • United Macedonians Organization of Canada
  • World Macedonian Congress – Canada
We will update the growing list as Macedonian-Canadian organizations continue to sign on. Our Name Is Macedonia. We are united in defending it.
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Fantastic stuff! Canadian community seems so united compared to most others
I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.
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