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Originally Posted by Vangelovski View Post
I'm surprised anyone even lives there - according to Wikipedia there's only 1,000 inhabitants in the region.

I always thought it was just an empty wasteland...oh, it sort of is.
1,000 people?, lol, yeah I think thatís an over estimate. The whole area is literally made up of decrepit ghost villages now, populated mainly by rocks and shrubs (as opposed to the 600 odd people each village used to house) To access most of the area and villages you need a 4WD (and I mean 4WD). If youíre lucky every second village may have 2 or 5 inhabitants whose live stock are free to dominate most of the properties. The closer to Prilep you get, the more people you will find and the more accessible the roads become. Most visitors would be right to probably consider it now as nothing more than a nature reserve with remanents of how peasant life would have likely been lived for over 2,000 years (which is why itís served as a popular backdrop for older period pieces). If you like isolation and have an urge to return to nature, itís the place for you.
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