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Originally Posted by Carlin15 View Post
La Verita: Zaev bought Albanian votes through UCK commander


Italian newspaper “La Verita” journalist Laris Gaiser continued with the publication of evidence in the 2014 voter bribery case where ex-Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is the first suspect. Zaev, along with his brother Vice and SDSM MP from Strumica Marjan Daskalovski, are accused of criminal association with a goal through offering a bribe to influence on the will of voters and thus influence on the final election result in favor of SDSM...
His brother's name, Vice, would be ironic if it came as a surprise or that it was unexpected that these scumbags would behave in such a way. The English transliteration of his Macedonian name, Vitse, is a very apt way of spelling his name. Vice: immoral or wicked behaviour.
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