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Since we are talking about it, for those unaware of the story of the area (which all Mariovci are only too happy to remind everyone about lol):

It is said that Mariovo was named after the beautiful and brave girl Marija. The legend says that some Turkish Pasha who had conquered the villages of Mariovo, had fallen in love with this girl and, enchanted by her beauty, was prepared to do everything to gain her love. But Marija’s father was not approving on it, because his daughter was a Christian, and the Turk was a Muslim. The Pasha would not give up. Marija had answered his persistence with one condition: she would become his wife, but the entire region, from the Poloski monastery, Selecka mountain, to the village by the name of Brod, then the Bitola region, the Nidze mountain and to the reach of Kozjak, to remain Christian and that not a single Turk should be inhabited there. The Pasha agreed to this condition, signed papers on that decision and took Marija with him. He took her on the road leading to the village of Dunje, Marija suddenly took the knife from her folds, and forcefully killed herself. Taking away her life, she did not surrender to the pasha, who later, although he wanted to, could not annul the contract he previously signed. By the power of this document, the guarantee that the entire region should remain Christian was respected. In the honor of the girl and her courageous act, and the love for her fellow people, the region was named Mariovo.
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