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Post Dimitar Blagoev, who was he?

I have recently begun looking into the Bulgarian politician Dimitar Blagoev of which Blagoevgrad (Gorna Dzumaja) and the surrounding province (Pirin Macedonia) are named after. He was born in the Kosturski village of Zagorichani in Aegean Macedonia in 1856. He was a prominant socialist in Bulgarian politics and was the founder of the Socialist Party. He supported the creation of a communist Balkan Federation and in front of the Bulgarian parliament in 1917, declared himself a "Macedonian Slav" and apparently saw the creation of a Balkan Federation as the only way to assure Macedonian freedom. He allegedly also stated he was not Bulgarian but Macedonian and that his village was a famous Macedonian one. The information on Dimitar is quite conflicting and confusing, so I have begun this thread to discuss and share information on him so that a clearer image may be painted. I have included links to some sources I looked at also:
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