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Originally Posted by sydney View Post
Any news yet?
About the bones, this is the latest I can find (from 3 months ago). It's google translation:

In itself the DNA can not give the identity of the deceased for who he is, if there are no comparable data "claims Christina Papageorgopoulou studied the osteological material from the tomb of Amphipolis. The Assistant Professor Department of History and Ethnology of Thrace University notes: "The world is imagined differently than it is in reality. The DNA depends on the research question. The value goes up when we have data to compare. Only then can we move on to theories and to answer questions. "

Parsimonious in its statements for the study of Amphipolis Tomb bone suggests that the study in collaboration with the History, Archaeology Professor of AUTH Sevi Triantafyllou, done with full attention and thorough research. When asked what are the cases of application of modern analytical methods skeletal material states: "The DNA analysis can not be applied in osteological material has been fired. In the case of Philip II is unlikely to find DNA molecules for analysis. "

According to Ms. Papageorgopoulou ancient DNA of the bones found in the tomb caste was not investigated, as in other cases, due to increased costs, but these analyzes could provide important information. "This funding is a very important problem, however, will have to fight like all other issues."

The University of Thrace in collaboration with foreign universities through special programs have already begun to study palaiogenetikou material 200 different samples. "These results eventually to be published '' says Ms. Papageorgopoulou which wishes to proceed with the creation ancient Greece DNA database.

Finally, Assistant Professor Department of History and Ethnology of Thrace University favors the application of modern methods in archeology. "We have very significant discoveries in recent years. The world is in need of information. The opening of archeology to the public think it is necessary. "


The skeletal remains of the funerary monument, the tomb caste amount to 550. Of these 157 are systematically recorded in a database and the performance was trying to separate people. Moreover, animal bones were identified, some of which seem to belong to equine long bones. The animal bones will be studied by a special Zooarchaeology. The minimum number of persons identified by the diagnostic skeletal remains equivalent to five people, four of which are assigned to burials and a combusted.

Interview with Christina Papageorgopoulou became a scientific conference organized by the Democritus University in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki on "Ancient DNA window into the past and the future"
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