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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
Well, the Wolves are still alive and Macedonia is dead. So they failed.
No arguments here Risto...None whatsoever. Fact is the military should've got involved as soon as there was any hint of those cockroaches abusing their power to the detriment of the nation and declared Martial Law immediately. If I was to pin-point a moment in time where it would've been reasonable for the military to step in, it would have to be the moment they made that Shiptar terrorist, Speaker of the House. That should've been their first clue of an incumbent Government that is guilty of treason. Their second clue should've been the Government's very public anti-constitutional goals they hoped to achieve. Zero tolerance should've been adopted right then and there for this road to national suicide. Every other treasonous act after that just highlights the piss weak resolve to stand up for Macedonia's national interests. So, you're dead-on with regard to the Wolves or any other branch of the military - failures and utter losers. They may as will fill their ranks completely with Shiptari. After all, makes fuck all difference in the end.
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