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Originally Posted by nushevski77 View Post
*my post doesn't share any news or politics but it is about Macedonian politics.

I know most of us live in the diasporas of Canada, Australia, and the USA but is there really nothing that none of us can do to help or assist Macedonia? Really what are we actually doing all we do is share news and talk about Macedonia and how bad all these traitors are, can we not think of something to do, I don't think umd or mhrmi is organizing any protests. Im not trying to shit on each other but how come theres nothing we can do?
I think it’s quite simple. The average wealth for a resident in USA, Australia or Canada is 8 to 11 times more than in homeland.

You have to pack and go back, have a privileged life in your homeland, invest your money and offer your advanced cosmopolitan culture, talent and mentality, share their destiny and see how it is or how you make a difference.
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