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Originally Posted by TrueMacedonian View Post
They can ignore, hate it, spit on it, or deny it all they want. But the fact is this; it also makes mention of the Rascians. Here's what wikipedia says about the Rascians (I don't like to use wikipedia but in this case it has a source to it)

Now that we see that the Rascians were a Slavic speaking peoples we see that the author above notes 4. Serbians, Rascians, Macedonians, and Bulgarians.

Someone already tried to decipher that these were "greeks". But that person recinded his statement because this text makes no mention of a supposed "greek" Macedonian people anywhere else in this book. But it does make mention of 4 Slavic speaking peoples
Well what is your explanation to this then??

I like your style, you put in Macedonia click search and see what pops up. My advice is to read the whole article or Book in question.

Dont feel ashamed for using Wikipedia, i just learned that Serbs and all the South Slavs were called by this name. Hey you want to help me out here, it seems like mon, wed, fri you are proud Slavs and then tues , thurs and sat your antique Macedonians. Sunday is an off day im sure, everybody needs a day off to rest.

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