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Originally Posted by EricTheRed View Post
Its true that Greece right now has much more costs than income. However, the deficit has actually been reduced, and a small primary surplus will be achieved in 2013-14. Greece already signed first class deals with Cosco and HP. Piraeus will be the port China will use to expand into the Mediterrenean and Europe. Dont write Greece's survival off yet.

George, this revolt cannot happen for a number of reasons:

1. In Aegean Macedonia, Macedonians are today the minority, 200.000-300.000 max, while Greeks number up to 2.000.000. And this estimate is the most favorable to Macedonians, because they might actually be a lot fewer.

2. You failed to get the true meaning of my comparisons. Most of the Macedonians currently living in Greece have, even now, better living standards than Macedonians living in RoM. In the event that they suddenly became citizens of Macedonia, their income would be reduced even more than now.

3. Except for a small percentage of uber-patriots, do you believe the average Macedonian living in Greece will take up arms against the state? Its not like they live in occupied territory, check Florina/Lerin out. While its true that Macedonian could be taught at schools etc(I keep stating that I agree with catering to the needs of Macedonians in Greece), claiming that mass murders and stuff like that happen today is unrealistic. My point is:the Macedonians arent that much oppressed to revolt.

A revolt is not gonna happen because of these reasons. Lets assume however that a revolt does take place. It will fail because of the following reasons:

1. Macedonians are a minority right now. The revolt would mostly be constrained to areas near the borders between Macedonia and Greece, far away from the industrial centers of Northern Greece. So, the economy will not be that hard-hit.

2. The Macedonian army is simply unable to invade another nation, revolt or not. Rebels may be able to take hold of towns and villages, but can they hold them in the long-term?

3. The Greek army is still far more powerful than anything any Balkan country can deploy(I dont count Turkey as a balkan country, since its greatest mass is in Asia).

Let me tell you how these events would unfold. The revolting Macedonians would just take over some villages within some hours, disarming the few policemen there. And that happens in the event that the Greek state is taken completely by surprise. Even then, the forces positioned near Florina will immediately respond. There will be total news blackout. The 3rd Army Corps(Greece's second strongest military formation, being a NATO Rapid Deployment Force) based in Thessaloniki will reach these areas within 1 day at most. Unless the Macedonian army comes in as a whole to help all rebels retreat into Macedonia, its going to be very quick.

If you think that it will be like in Syria and Libya, with NATO and EU involvement, check again. Greece, as a member of these organizations, will actually be reinforced by NATO. BBC and CNN will report about how Macedonia was the first in so many things: first to invade a NATO member, first to invade an EU member, first to invade a member of both organizations! Macedonia will be presented as the aggressor, the rebels immediately linked to her. And no1 likes the aggressor.....

It will be a slaughter, and a very quick one, for Macedonians. RoM itself could be in trouble later, since declaring a war to Greece means that automatically Macedonia declares war to the entire NATO and EU(its in the treaties). The point of NATO is to deter any country from attacking any of its members. Macedonia will provide a good example to what happens when declaring war to NATO and the EU, since the country doesnt have any nuclear weapons. And dont even think that Greece will be condemned. Citizens in every EU country believe that due to the Union's existence the threat of war has been averted. The EU will be hard pressed to justify its presence, if it cant defend a single member. In order to avoid that, the EU's greatest supporters, the Germans and French, will demonstrate why you cant just attack an EU member.

And all the above will happen if Greece's EYP, US CIA,British MI5 etc fail to uncover the revolt(there is an 99,99% chance all info regarding a possible Macedonian revolt will be in Greek hands months before it actually happens).None but god can protect the Macedonians in Greece if that happens....

Yep, the whole point of this long post is:
A revolt would be an extremely stupid course of action.
nonsense greek military is garbage, training sucks they pretty much sit around all day play cards and drink coffee some of them are in our area small detachments they made me sick never wear the same uniforms unshaven bad weapons handling etc garbage

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