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Explore Macedonia - Paris

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rtg, and the other owners of mto. something, you may want to consider setting up a small team of excellent writers to send correspondence to various governments and organizations when there is need to do so. There, could be a locked thread for those memo's with feedback in the general forum.

Why, wait for other's? You, have by far the best Macedonian forum writers and it would be wrong not to be more active in this regard. I, was just kidding better then MOST large Macedonian organizations .. :)

Akritas, dream on sweetie - not, even close!

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Map http://www.cardinalgolfclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=62&Itemid=96&Itemid=96

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YouTube - ‪History of the ethnic Macedonians in Canada‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hj_hYGpaQ4)

Narrated by John Evans & Yana Branova (mark's mother)

Mark, can't answer this question or he will blow his cover here; however, Yana was at the Grand Gala Banquet in 2010 yet I don't recall seeing any booth on Macedonian foods over in that area .. was, there anything Staro_Selo? Lubi, was off to the side enjoying his bopche .. :)

Since, when did prime rib become traditional Macedonian food - eight years ago?


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YouTube - ‪Alex K . Gigeroff - Macedonia for the Macedonians‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veSc02jIKgU)


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YouTube - ‪Styx - Grand Illusion Live 1996‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpqbn6xWH_g)

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Alex K. Gigeroff

Canadian Macedonian Historical Society

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Today, MTO had a very good day (traffic) thanks for taking the time to pass by and read and or post. See you soon!

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Well, I must say that Mary Poppins is not as stupid as I originally suspected and he/she has stopped posting. He, will continue to read so I will from time to time take a moment to educate him. First, he's very misguided if he seriously believes that I’m only one person and no one cares what I think or have to say. This, folks is only a wet dream and he would MUCH rather have me with him then against him.

Now, most things I do are planned for specific reasons so you never know 100% what my mission is or why aka to be continued.

Every, forum I have been active on most members cringe, bitch and complain (smiling), however, that never takes me off course. Case and point .. When, I was on MkMuzika, Maklink and Maknews we seen those forums reach major traffic totals and when I left none recovered. Just a coincidence? Maybe.

One person can never be called a follower only a leader. If, you agree with Mary Poppins then all these Macedonian's who don’t mind this old guy are stupid. Are you stupid? If, not tell the UMD exactly what you think about them and feel free to throw in the odd F Bomb if need be.

God bless!

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Congratulations Zoran!


- The award I received in appreciation for my work with the children's hospital at westmeads' rehab units Emerald Ball.

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Australian Macedonian Theatre, Mr. Balkan tour of Macedonia

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YouTube - ‪Intervju so Dimitri urednik na " Nova Zora " .wmv‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-0HmYZteqc)

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Central Intelligence Group

Washington D.C.
June13, 1947
Country: Greece/Canada
Subject: Letters from Macedonian Autonomists in Canada
Date of Info: 3 April i947
Evaluation: F-6

1. The letters in paragraphs 2 and 3 below were written by George Grouios (or Grouev), a resident of Canada . He went to Canada from his native village, Alonia, near Florina, in Northwestern Greece . He is Secretary General of the Slavo-Macedonian Organization in Canada , which is seeking the federation of Greek Macedonia with Yugoslavia . An important point brought out in one letter is the fact that during the spring of 1947 a considerable number of Slavo-Macedonians are preparing to go from Canada to fight as Comitaji (mountain bandits) against Greece .

2. The following letter is written to Nikolaos Tsetos, a resident of Alonia:

“Dear Cousin Nikolaos,

Many greetings from me, your cousin George Grouios. Also give my greetings to Vasiliki and to all the rest. I am well so far. I am going to America (i .e., U.S.A. ) , and I decided to take this opportunity to write you a few words. I am indeed very well, but I am distressed because I hear much that is not good news. They are now writing news even worse than before, namely that there are many Comitaji. In the spring, Nikolaos, the situation will be far worse. They are preparing to go there from America and from Canada by the thousands to fight as Comitaji against your mangey-bald old nanny-goat (meaning Greece ), and until we get what belongs to us you will not have liberty there. Tell my godfather Panos Tantsef: “Be a little better to my boy, or Panos, you will have the same experience as Antonis Standisis” (the President of the village of Alonia who was carried off by the bandits, and his fate is still unknown). Cousin Nikolaos, don't think that the world is asleep. Everything which happens there happens because of our men. Therefore tell my boy to snap out of it, because there will be nobody to protect him. Tell the same thing to Panos Tantsef. I tell you that letters come here from Monastir, and they write us who is harming our people. Give many greetings to all who ask about me… I am expecting much news from you and for you to write me what everybody in the village is doing.

With fraternal greetings Yours cousin, G. Grouios”

3. Elias Lalos, also a resident of Alonia, is the recipient of another letter written by Grouios:

“Dear Elias Lalos,

I received your letter some time ago, but… we learned from the newspapers that the Andartes have taken Antonis Standis, but we do not know how far this is true. I am anxiously awaiting your answer on this point. Liberty will not be slow in coming; everything that the People demand will come about. You there know nothing of what is going on. We know. Thousands of telegrams are sent from here to the Peace Conference demanding that Macedonia remain independent with Salonia as its capital, and this will happen in a short time. Pay attention to my words. This only you need to know: you and the others demand the just rights of our people. You are Macedonians and not Greeks. Demand just this by telegrams from there.

Yours friend, George Grouios”

4. Although the letters are not dated, probably written in February or March 1947.

Extract from the Dispatch from His Majesty’s Consul in Skopje

March 27, 1949

……..The Yugoslav communist Party's entire Macedonian policy is based on the assumption that they can carry in the teeth of fierce opposition from most Bulgars and some Serbs their thesis of a distinct Macedonian language and national tradition. The Party is therefore particularly committed to support advanced research in the little explored subjects of Macedonian national history and philology. Such studies have, of course, had little chance until recently of getting very far, owing to ferocious opposition from Greeks, Bulgars or Serbs, and as a result there are really no trained specialists in this field. The discovery that at Skopje University very few students are showing any interest in Slavonic Philology or the Macedonian language, and that during the recent end-of-term examinations they showed themselves much keener on the Serbian language and Yugoslav literature, is therefore a good deal more significant than might appeal at first sight. One or two other minor incidents that I have observed would appear to suggest that some Macedonians, at least in Skopje , may prefer to read in Serbian, rather than Macedonian, when they get the chance. Add to this the fact that a large number of the students here are showing very little interest in their compulsory Russian studies, or at any rate are scoring deplorably bad marks at Russian in their examinations, and it will be seen that Crvenkovski has a lot to think about in his new post.

The apparent lack of interest among certain sections of the intelligentsia in the "Macedonian National Tradition", so essential to party ideology here, is no doubt also reflected in the “indiscipline” and “passivity” of the Macedonian writers and poets referred to earlier in this dispatch. It is a fact that, to judge from Dimitar Nitrev's speech, various brands of “decadence” (meaning, apparently, a failure to express oneself unequivocally as on the side of the Yugoslav Communist Party or, at the very least, to be interested in individual, rather than in mass emotions, and thus, by implication, "apolitical") is a far commoner offence here, and certainly very much graver, than any inadequacy in form or style.

Some clue to the degree to which the “Macedonian National Tradition” has captured people’s imaginations here may also be afforded by the long series of free public lectures given in Skopje recently by Dimitar Vlahov. At the beginning of the series, when Vlahov was speaking on the early history of the Macedonian Revolutionary Movement, his audiences were quite large -perhaps 500 or more -but a very high proportion of them appeared to be elderly people such as may have had some personal experience of the period he was describing. As the series progressed, however, not even Vlahov's considerable reputation, as the “Grand Old Man” of the Macedonian movement was able to compensate for the impossible dullness of his lectures. When I looked in one minute before he was due to begin the lecture entitled "The successes of the Macedonian People’s Republic" there were precisely three people sitting there, and another half-dozen or so huddled around the stove at the back of the hall -although in fairness it should be said that Vlahov tended to begin his lectures later than the advertised time, and it has been a habit for people to return.

If as these events appear to suggest, the (not very numerous) intellectuals here are not over-impressed by the new Macedonian Idea, what then is their attitude? Some (I should say not very many) are plainly pro-Bulgarian on principle. Most of the students and young people, although probably more interested in their technical studies than in their Macedonian traditions, are, I should say, supporters to a greater or less degree of the present Yugoslav Government in the same way as are most other young Yugoslavs. As Macedonians, they are likely to be far less worried by any submergence of "Western Values" than are their fellow students, say, in Zagreb and Ljubljana . At the same time the Yugoslav Communist Party, by putting an end to the almost colonial policy in Macedonia of successive pre-war Belgrade governments, has at one stroke eliminated the greatest single curse of Vardar Macedonia, and released a good deal of latent energy hitherto suppressed. The Party can also claim, convincingly, that Yugoslavia has done a lot more to liquidate the economic backwardness of Vardar Macedonia in the last three years than Bulgaria is ever likely to do for Pirin. Finally, the Bulgarian Occupation was not a particularly pleasant affair, and the memory of it probably still works as a fairly effective discouragement to pro-Bulgarian sympathies.

On the other hand, there is evidently fairly widespread support for a Macedonian autonomist movement - largely, I should say, among older people, though certainly also in certain sections of the youth. As a spokesman of the Yugoslav security service said at the Macedonian Party Congress what opposition groups there have been have consisted "almost entirely of Mihailovists". It is a commonly held view that the Mihailovists, or IMRO, are really only advocating autonomy as a prelude for incorporation in Bulgaria when the time is ripe. The fact that they seem quite happy to talk the Bulgarian language lends credence to this view, and certainly one of the main tenets of Yugoslav propaganda is that the policies of the Bulgarian Communist Party and of the Mihailovists is virtually indistinguishable. I am inclined to believe, however, that this is an over - simplification, and that there is a body of opinion which seeks a united, independent Macedonia as an ultimate object in itself - quite possibly within some larger federation, perhaps, as is alleged here, under Anglo-American protection, but probably not under the protection of the Kremlin. Evidence in support of this view comes from Lazo Mojsov’s book, mentioned earlier in this dispatch. Mojsov gives, for the first time, more details of the " Skopje intellectuals" who had been mentioned earlier as criticizing the Manifesto put out by the partisan Headquarters for Macedonia at the end of 1943. These, critics, who appear to have been supporters of the Partisans, were apparently professional politicians with no very great regular following, but their views are interesting none the less. They argued that there could be no final settlement of the Macedonian question within Yugoslavia, as the very name of Yugoslavia was for Macedonians a symbol of slavery; that the future of Vardar Macedonia could not be decided without reference to the other two parts of Macedonia as well; that the first aim of the Macedonian Partisans must be clearly stated as being a United Macedonia, and a joint Macedonian military command must therefore be established with a view to placing the Macedonian Question fairly and squarely “in the diplomatic arena”. Other criticisms put forward by these people were that the Partisan Headquarters were “not competent” to issue any “Manifesto” in the name of the Macedonian People; that they, the “intellectual leaders”, should be consulted more frequently and entrusted with diplomatic missions, etc.; that there was no need publicly to criticize Ckatrov and other "fascists", as they were completely discredited anyway; that for General Mijalce (or Mise) Apostolski to sign himself "Mihajlo""smelt of Serbdom" , and so on.

Various extracts from Tito’s letters quoted by Mojsov make it clear that he was worried by autonomist tendencies on the fringes of the Partisan movement in Macedonia . No doubt they were a good deal harder to deal with than plain “Greater Bulgarianism”. It seems clear that Metodi Andonov- Cento, the Macedonian nationalist politician who eventually became President of the Presidium of the Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Macedonia, must have been one of these “autonomists”. He must also have been a figure of some standing in Macedonia , otherwise he would scarcely have been given the appointment. This may also explain why the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proved so eager to sing Andonov's praises since their hands were freed by the Cominform Resolution. Andonov, of course, tried to escape to Greece with the object of laying, proposals for an independent Macedonia before the Paris Peace Conference, and since that attempt (as on several occasions before the war) he has been inside a Yugoslav gaol.

Lazo Mojsov, of course, argues (or rather states categorically again and again -it cannot be called argument) that these Macedonian autonomists were really “tools of Bulgarian Chauvinism”. If that were so, then it would of course be easier for Mojsov to discredit them in the eyes of the public. But his “arguments” are not convincing, and clearly beg the question. There seems to be no doubt that IMRO, if it plaid its cards carefully, could count on the support of most politically conscious anti-communists among the Macedonian intelligentsia, in addition to the more-or- less fascist following it has always had -in present circumstances there would appear to be no other alternative to communism, whether Titoist or Stalinesque. It is certainly a fact that autonomist bands were active in both Vardar and Aegean Macedonia during the war, and at least in Vardar Macedonia for a considerable time after the war, until they were dispersed by Yugoslav security troops. It is scarcely likely that the ideas for which they stood in 1945 have been so easily disposed of.

But IMRO has often been described with some justice as mainly an affair of the bourgeois intelligentsia, with little mass support. The same is probably true today, and autonomist tendencies are likely to be limited to certain groups of Macedonian intellectuals (not a very numerous body, in any case). The state of opinion among workers and peasants is altogether a different matter. My impression is that the Macedonian workers' main feeling is one of dissatisfaction with living conditions as they are at present -they are certainly very bad -and that they are a good deal more interested in their standard of life than in ideological or national disputes. Town workers here suffer more than those elsewhere as a result of the inevitable, but none the less frightening inefficiency of Management in their People's Republic, which can be observed at its worst in the State commercial network. As a result, housewives here have had to put up with a good deal more in the way of queuing and shortages than elsewhere, and the free market-prices of essential food are painfully higher than they are only a few kilometers away in Serbia (particularly in Kosmet).

"It was better than when the Bulgarians were here” is a typical comment, but it is not a political judgment; in fact, most people know well enough the rations in the Bulgarian People’s Republic are appreciably worst than they are here. “Yes, we suppose things will get better – but WHEN?” probably best expresses the resigned attitude of most town worker.

While housewives struggle to make ends meet, many of their husbands have to work in extremely bad conditions, and workers are constantly leaving their jobs in the (slender) hope of finding something better. This again seems to be very largely due to inefficiency and thoughtlessness, resulting once more, to some extent, from Macedonian inexperience in management and administration. In the once British-owned chrome mines at Radusa, to take one fairly typical example, workers have been standing all day in several inches of water although it is said that gum-boots are in fact available if someone will only do something about it. One thing is certain, and that is that in general (although a few branches do manage to assist their members to some extent, as for instance in getting them extra rations and firewood) the Trade Unions are of almost no help at all in improving working conditions. It is scarcely likely that the scandals revealed in the recent purge of the Trade Union leadership will do much to increase their reputation.

Nevertheless, there are, signs that the living conditions of ordinary workers will improve this year, and I should say that most of them would give their more-or-less willing support to the present authorities unless somebody else can offer them, convincingly, a standard of life dramatically better than the one they suffer at present. It seems very unlikely that advocates of union with Bulgaria could hope to make such an offer. Whether Macedonian autonomists could make their proposals more attractive with an offer of Anglo-American spam and circuses is another matter. I should be inclined to think it extremely doubtful. Probably, apart from other factors, very few of the thousands of Greek Macedonian refugees here are likely to be good propagandists for Anglo-American support.

Opinion among the peasants (the great majority of Macedonians, of course) is a different matter again. As I have reported on an earlier occasion, many (if not most) of the country districts of Vardar Macedonia are so backward that it is difficult to conceive of any but a few individuals having any sort of coherent political opinion at all. But Bulgarian (and perhaps more particularly Albanian) occupation was certainly no pleasant business for the Macedonian peasants, and I should say that by the end of the war the Partisans were regarded genuinely as liberators in many country districts where the peasants neither knew nor cared anything about communism. Macedonia possesses an unusually high proportion of really poor peasants, and many (particularly among the Albanians in the south-west, it appears) were either without land or hopelessly in debt. For these people -a very numerous class -the Agrarian Reform came as a godsend, and subsequent resistance to the idea of Producer Cooperatives was far less than in districts with a higher proportion of richer peasants.

The Macedonian Communist Party, compared with the parties in the rest of Yugoslavia, had comparatively little influence in the towns, where the Bulgarians were naturally able to develop far more effective anti-communist (or at any rate anti-Yugoslav -communist) propaganda than German or Italian occupiers elsewhere. The Macedonian Partisans, therefore, were based almost exclusively on the villages, and it seems clear that the Macedonian Communist Party is well aware of the source of most of its strongest and most effective potential support nowadays. The Party appears to consist of a not very large group of intellectuals who in earlier days might have been Macedonian nationalists, a group (again, I should say, not large) of Macedonian workers who for one reason or another were less influenced by anti-Serb opinion than their fellows, plus the usual admixture of flamboyant “1941 Partisans” and warriors, together with an unusually high proportion of time-servers with rather murky records. The latter, although they do no occupy the highest positions, are obviously the most unstable element in present circumstances. The Party is both young and (except as regards Partisan warfare) very inexperienced. As pressure on it becomes stronger (and the leaders are obviously very nervous about the possible effects of Bulgarian propaganda, especially since it increased in vehemence at the beginning of the year), the Party is trying to consolidate its position in the most promising (and, in Macedonia, the most decisive) sector; namely, in the villages.

In my opinion, the Party is likely to be successful in its policy, given time. There is to be ideological work on a very big scale where pre-conceived political notions are few; the party's wartime record is mostly in its favour; loyal peasants of the more influential kind are to be admitted as members of the Party with little or no regard to the purity of their Marxist-Leninist ideology (if indeed they understand it at all). In this way, the Party will build up a firm basis of influential villagers committed to its support. Many of them will undoubtedly be (already are) opportunists and yes- men, but the policy in general is likely to be effective.

The main weapon in this drive for increased support in the countryside is of course the extension of the Producer Cooperatives. On this issue (as I have suggested earlier in this dispatch) Kolisevski, who, as a worker born and bred, probably takes a less novel view of the social category from which a communist party should draw its main support, appears to have been over-ruled. There is no doubt that Macedonia , compared with the rest of Yugoslavia , offers very favourable conditions for the establishment of Producer Cooperatives with the minimum of peasant opposition. It is, after all, the home of "pecalbarstvo" -the system under which the men of a village unable to support its inhabitants would go abroad to earn their living, and send their savings home. In the case of the mountain village of Galicnik, near Debar (and others too) the entire male population used to go abroad to work as crafts men or yoghurt makers, and returned once a year in July for about a fortnight (or every other year, if they had been to America). The month of July was thus filled with celebrations and weddings, and the newlywed husbands would look forward to seeing their three-months-old children the following July. Such a way of life was extremely picturesque for foreign visitors, but not very satisfactory for the villagers themselves. Now, Galicnik has a very large and flourishing cooperative engaged in stock-breeding and carpet-making. It has libraries, electric light, a cinema. I am told by a man who has just spent a few months there teaching the carpet makers the secret of wool-dyeing that the women and young people are delighted with the new arrangements, although some of the older men who had got used to the idea of going "on pecalba" every year are still inclined to hanker after foreign parts. The case of Galicnik, of course, is so startling that it can scarcely be called typical. I believe, for example, that government loans to this particular cooperative have been unusually large. Nevertheless, it does serve to illustrate the fact that the cooperative idea is likely to become increasingly popular in the very large number of poor, backward and barren villages of Macedonia .

It is therefore clear that if "the population of Bulgaria is to be increased from 7 million to 10 million" (as has apparently been said in Sofia ), it will not be as the result of a popular rising in Vardar Macedonia in the foreseeable future. Propagandists here have not much difficulty in disposing of Greater Bulgarian Chauvinism. They can point to the fact that there is not likely to be any autonomy for Macedonians inside Bulgaria -and some sort of autonomy would certainly be demanded even by Macedonians who might not press their claim to a language of their own distinct from Bulgarian. The "Kolisevski clique" can even make a convincing enough counter-claim for the inclusion of Pirin in the Macedonian people's Republic. Neskovic, at the Macedonian party Congress, strongly denied that Yugoslavia had ever claimed Pirin except as part of a general settlement in an eventual South Slav Federation. This seems, if not an actual misstatement, to be at least misleading. Mojsov's book makes it quite clear that at one stage the union of Pirin and Vardar Macedonia within Yugoslavia and without regard to an ultimate South Slav Federation was agreed to in principle by the Bulgarian Communist Party, though without enthusiasm. They are scarcely likely to have agreed to this unless the Yugoslavs had been pressing them very strongly (and unless, one might perhaps add, they had had instructions from Moscow in this sense).

Mojsov and his fellow publicists will have a far harder task, though, to counter proposals for some sort of Macedonian autonomy with no special Yugoslav association. The Bulgarian Party appears, wisely enough, to have given up the attempt to persuade Macedonians that they are really Bulgars, or that they would be happier as citizens of the Bulgarian People's Republic. Nor can they convincingly propose Pirin as a basis for some sort of autonomous Macedonia . But if they are still thinking in terms of an autonomy based on Aegean Macedonia, then they touch the Yugoslav Communist party in general, and Lazo Mojsov in particular, on a very weak spot indeed. Publicists here have surely been thinking of this possibility when driving home the not entirely convincing argument that all Macedonian autonomists without exception are the dupes or agents of Sofia . As I have indicated the autonomists can in no sense be described as the agents of Sofia ; whether they will in due course become their dupes will depend on the skill and subtlety of the Bulgarian propaganda machine. Less convincing still is Skopje ’s secondary argument that, pending a form of South Slav Federation acceptable to the Yugoslav Communist Party, a united Macedonia not; based on the People's Republic within the framework of Federal Yugoslavia is "unthinkable". At this point Mojsov completely abandons reasoned statement in favour of a mystical wrath and categorical assertion. He claims that those Macedonians (i.e. the Yugoslav Macedonians) who fought for and won their national independence within Yugoslavia have a natural right to lead the way to Macedonian unity, and that since Yugoslavia is in itself a federation of South Slav peoples, the incorporation of the rest of Macedonia in it, along with the Macedonian People's Republic, is an obvious next step. Vardar , says Mojsov, is in any case the natural heart of a united Macedonia , gliding calmly over what I believe to be a fact -namely, the existence of a fairly general feeling in Aegean Macedonia that the people of Vardar are backward and uncouth. Perhaps as a natural reaction on the part of the latter there is, I believe, a slight tendency here (certainly in other parts of Yugoslavia ) to regard Aegean Macedonians as slackers.

Mojsov's assertion that Vardar is the natural heart and head of any united Macedonia is not likely to go unchallenged. His language at this stage of his “argument” is cautious and in rather general terms. He probably realizes he is skating on very thin ice which may expose him to the charge of Belgrade Chauvinism. Reading most of the Yugoslav Communist Party's Macedonian propaganda one might be excused for supposing the Macedonians quite entitled, if they so wish, to form a united Macedonia of their own. But this is just what Mojsov will not countenance, and he only just manages not to say in so many words that South Slav Federation is of less importance than the need to keep the Macedonian people's Republic firmly attached to Yugoslavia , and to add the rest of Macedonia to it as soon as the opportunity arises. It is difficult to see what else a Yugoslav publicist could say, given the post- Cominform situation in the Balkans, but this is certainly the weakest part of Mojsov's (and therefore of the Yugoslav Communist party's) case as far as Macedonians are concerned.

In the light of recent developments, it looks as if the first shots in what must surely develop into a high powered Macedonian propaganda campaign were in fact fired by Mito Hadzi Vasilev in his article in "Nova Makedonija" on 24 February (i.e. some days before Mosa Pijade opened up with his big guns on 6 March).Vasilev revealed, rather innocently, in a single brief sentence adduced in support of his charge of Bulgarian hypocrisy, that Mr. Visinsky's reference in Paris to the “Macedonian and Albanian minorities” in Greece had been reported by Tass and Pravda as "Bulgarian and Albanian" minorities. Since when, asked Vasilev curtly, had Tass been a mouthpiece for Bulgarian Chauvinism? - and in the rest of a nine-column article made no further reference to Soviet Policy or to Greece. He charged the Bulgarian Government with encouraging talk in Pirin (he did not say Aegean ) Macedonia of a "free Macedonia not in Yugoslavia but in a South Slav Federation", and hinted darkly at the possible significance of the alleged Bulgarian claim that " Bulgaria 's population will soon be increased from 7 m. to 10 m." If the Bulgarian leaders did not realize they were making a big mistake and mend their ways, said Vasilev, “invincible Life will teach them a cruel lesson to-day or to-morrow”. I do not know whether this is in fact the article which is said to have been quoted indirectly by The Times on 21 March (I have not yet seen the Times report but if so, then Vasilev certainly got no nearer to anything that could be called a threat of war than this prophecy about "invincible Life".

It may not be irrelevant to conclude this general review of the position in Macedonia by mentioning a conversation I had last December with an officer of the Yugoslav Army Engineers in Djevdjelija. He was a Bosnian, from a remote village in Krajina. I asked him whether there were many Macedonians in his unit on the frontier, and how he liked service in Macedonia . “Macedonians?”, he replied, “of course not – we’re mostly Bosnians and Montenegrins – you can’t expect a Macedonian to be any good at fighting. Wild people too - just savages – take the girls, they just run away when you chaps appear – as for dancing…… Give me Zagreb any day”.

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1. YouTube -James Saunders - First Macedonian Chuch in Canada (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDPM-lBDer0&feature=player_embedded#)

YouTube - ‪james saunders book‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlyM0M91cks&NR=1)

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Vasil Atanasov & Aleksandar Josifovski-Pajdusko, Hanover,Spasovden.MOD

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Not, sure who is responsible for this absolute fucken disgrace; however, lets blame this on Gligorov.

What, does the "ventilator" have to do with Aegean Macedonia? Folks, the 1st 100 years don't count - practice.

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It’s official, Stamkos is a stud

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But the Markham native is officially a stud — named one of the 25 fittest men in the world by Men’s Health magazine.

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Roberts says the fitness message is often lost on young athletes, but Stamkos heard it loud and clear.

“When you’re a young guy and you’re in your best years to develop physically, take advantage of it,” said Roberts. “What you can do to give yourself the edge is take care of yourself, change your lifestyle, eat healthy, and that will give you an edge.

“That’s the only edge left — the lifestyle choices you make that give you a chance for longevity in the NHL. You can fool people for a few years, till maybe 27, but when you’re closing in on 30 and you’re not making the right lifestyle choices, the game is just too fast.”

06-02-2011, 10:48 AM
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Edition 66 – June 2011

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It’s official, Stamkos is a stud


Kevin McGran Sports Reporter

At first, Steve Stamkos thought it was a joke. Then he was almost embarrassed.
But the Markham native is officially a stud — named one of the 25 fittest men in the world by Men’s Health magazine.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Stamkos, almost shy talking about it. “I think Steve Downie is the only one who knows, I’m going to try to keep it that way.”

Too late. It’s in the June-July issue scheduled that will hit news stands May 9. He’s mixing with some pretty cut company, like soccer’s David Beckham, basketball’s LeBron James and some of Hollywood’s finest like Chris Pine, Liam Neeson and Michael Fassbender.

“It’s really something seeing your name with A-list celebrities and some great athletes,” said Stamkos.

At 21, he’s the youngest on the list and only hockey player. As humble as he is about such public recognition of his abs, it is a testament, not only to Stamkos’ commitment to working out, but how hockey has evolved over time.

“Let’s just say we had ashtrays in our stalls,” said retired star Dave Andreychuk, recalling his first year in the NHL — 1982 — with the Buffalo Sabres. “There was not a lot of hard bodies in that room.”

Andreychuk said few players would even go on a bike after a game, now a routine across the league. If one did, he might even be chided by a teammate for holding everybody up.
“In the early ’80s, guys got into shape in camp. Now it’s a full-time job. The game has definitely changed that way,” added Andreychuk. “These guys have their own nutritionists, their own trainers. I think you’re going to see players last longer because of their physical condition.”
Of course, there’s a lot more money at stake in the NHL now than the 1980s. Stamkos credits ex-Leaf Gary Roberts with instilling in him the workout ethic that has given him the stamina to reach such heights at such a young age. Roberts also helps train Carolina rookie Jeff Skinner and was hired to run a program for the Dallas Stars.

Roberts says the fitness message is often lost on young athletes, but Stamkos heard it loud and clear.

“When you’re a young guy and you’re in your best years to develop physically, take advantage of it,” said Roberts. “What you can do to give yourself the edge is take care of yourself, change your lifestyle, eat healthy, and that will give you an edge.

“That’s the only edge left — the lifestyle choices you make that give you a chance for longevity in the NHL. You can fool people for a few years, till maybe 27, but when you’re closing in on 30 and you’re not making the right lifestyle choices, the game is just too fast.”

UNL student, LPS teacher to teach in Macedonia

http://journalstar.com/news/local/educa ... 5adc1.html

Jennifer Birdsall's passion for teaching those who struggle with the English language soon will span two continents.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate student and Lincoln Public Schools elementary teacher won a Fulbright scholarship that she will use to teach English in Macedonia . Now, she teaches K-5 students with behavioral disorders, including some English Language Learners, at Holmes Elementary.

"I think the smaller we can make our world, the better we are as individuals," Birdsall said. "I can't really think of a better way to do that than to be a teacher in another country and come back and share those experiences with my students."

Birdsall, who grew up in Lincoln , expects to graduate from UNL with a master's degree in educational administration this summer and will go to Macedonia in October. She has never studied abroad or visited Macedonia , a land-locked country north of Greece , but said she was drawn to the country through research.

"The people and the culture intrigue me and have sparked a passion to want to know more," she said. "I want to go there and be immersed in all that Macedonia has to offer."

Birdsall plans to create an electronic pen-pal program between American and Macedonian students. She will use email, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Twitter to give the students a chance to connect. The project would let them see how kids their age live in another country.

"Part of my job as an English teaching assistant is to introduce American culture and ways of life," she said. "I decided that the best way to learn about America is to see it."

Birdsall's experience in Macedonia also will benefit her students in Lincoln . Laura Damuth, UNL undergraduate studies fellowship adviser, said Birdsall has a lot to offer Macedonian and American students as an established teacher.

"I think she has a lot going for her," Damuth said. " Macedonia was very interested in having someone with that experience come in. She was a professional already in the realm of teaching."

Birdsall has been a teacher for six years and has worked with a wide range of students.

"Through my short time as an educator I have had experiences with students from different cultures and experiences, levels and abilities, and I have learned to build relationships with all of these students," she said.

When she gets back from Macedonia , Birdsall plans to continue teaching and hopes to be an administrator one day. Her passion for teaching is based on the idea that sharing knowledge is rewarding.

"With teaching, you not only get to help others to obtain knowledge, but you learn every day as well," she said. "There is no other feeling comparable to that of inspiring others to learn."

Not another BIG Greek Lie?


By Dragan Kljakic, printed “Globus”, Zagreb
Translated from Serbian into English by Marina Kovincic

The journalist Pulos reminds readers that "Times" printed in May 1948 concerning the situation in Greece it was possible to be solved by certain diplomatic measures. Instead, it came to a clash between international workers movements, the resolution of the international Communist organizations, the forum “Cominform” against the Yugoslav Communist party. When Stalin realized that he could not overthrow Yugoslavia and her government, it was established, writes Pulos, to plan for autonomy of Macedonia to create an independent Macedonian state to oppose the Yugoslav established Federal Republic of Macedonia. The aim was to overthrow Tito’s Yugoslav Federal government, as a whole. Stalin expected to make a change with his explosive plan or to have a revolution within the Communist party in Yugoslavia , with help from Greek partisans. But, on the contrary the clash between the Greek Partisans, DSE and Tito’s army did not take place. In reality all Stalin’s plans proved catastrophic for the Greek Democratic Army. Fighting against the royalist and the Anglo-Americans supporting them. Stalin’s plans proved disastrous for the Greek Democratic army, which at the time had the upper hand in the fight with the government in Athens , the insurgents controlling a large territory in Greece . Stalin’s plan of an autonomous Macedonia was in fact a plan to involve Greek partisans against Yugoslavia . "That plan, said Pulos, "was betrayal of the Greek left wing or destroying the Greek people's guerrillas." Pulos also said that Stalin couldn't afford any change of the original plans and that General Markos, who was against this plan of an autonomous Macedonia , tried to stay outside of the clash between the USSR and Yugoslavia and he disappeared in 1949. (It was thought for a long time, even in 1957, that General Markos was killed in 1949 at the border with Albania.) "Stalin's plans that Greek freedom fighters be involved in a campaign against Yugoslavia, was part of an "autonomous Macedonia" was forcibly implemented into the Greek Communist party", said Pulos, and it was all part of his own plans and interest to use the Greek people for his personal gains.
In a final battle against Yugoslavia it was important to "act" against, and target some "key" people, “agents” of that next door neighbour country ( Yugoslavia ), who is against the democratic army of Greece . Zaharidis named all those people involved and accused them in public, counting on, it is better to accuse than be accused.

When the rest of the Democratic army went across the border to Gramos over the Albanian border, into a Bureli camp, the general secretary of the Greek Communist Party Nikos Zahariadis, on 2nd of October 1949 called a conference. There he "spilled" all his anger onto the highest ranking Macedonian people of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front group, the main "troublemakers".

"Because of those opportunists and enemies like Mitrevski, Nikola, Fotev, Rakovski and others, we, as comrades lost a battle! Those, we have to blame, who organized people to leave the front and stop fighting and spoiled all our plans of fighting tactics. Those enemies, the enemies of the working class people; we have to get rid of from our surroundings! Death to them!"

Based on the patterns of monstrous Stalinist's processes, like Laslo Rajk from Budapest , it was made a "Greek-Macedonian" version of prosecution of "people's enemies". They had to pay for betrayal and defeat of the Greek uprising, namely the defeat of DSE, The Greek Democratic Army. Those who were blamed were partisans, officials and skilful activists from Egejska Macedonia .

1. Paskal Mitrevski, President of the Main Council of the People's Liberation Front and a minister in the newly proclaimed Provisional Democratic Government, of the democratic party of Greece .

2. Jevdokia Foteva (Vera Nikolova), Vice President of the Main Council People's Liberation Front, secretary of the Main Board of Antifascist council of women and Vice president of the All Greek Democratic party for women.

3. Mihali Malio, secretary of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

4. Minco Fotev, member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front and member of the Executive committee of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

5. Tasko Hadzijanev, member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

6. Lazar Poplazarov, member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front and member of the Executive Committee of the artillery division.

7. Lambro, Colakov, candidate for member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

8. Uranija Jurikova, member of the Executive committee of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

9. Pavle Rakovski, member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front.

10. Hristo Kolencev Kokinos, member of the Main Board of the People's Liberation Front and president of NOF for the Florinski council.

Those were arrested at the annual conference and imprisoned in solitary confinement from 14 October till 14th December 1949 .

They were transferred by ship, called "Micurin", and after a few terrible and painful days, they arrived on 23rd December 1949 in Odessa .

"In Odessa we were very cold", said Jevdokija Foteva and Minco Fotev. "In jail we stayed until January 1950. Then from Odessa , we were transferred to Kiev . We lived in wagons, with specially equipped bars, until further relocation by railway..."

One night they arrived in Moscow . One by one the imprisoned ones were separated and kept in places where only animals could live. Finally they were placed into a famous jail in Lubjanka. Apart from Paskal Mitresvki, all of them were in Lubjanka or Lefortovo. They were together with other "political" prisoners and "war" criminals, and with them also were other enemies of the people".

“I lived in a dark and moldy jail room, sixteen feet long and eight feet wide" remembered Jevdokija Foteva. "It had a cast iron door with a little window from which the prison guard was constantly monitored. He only said 'Pojdjom'- going or 'Nelzja'– can't. It was forbidden to talk, laugh, cry, yell, or make any kind of sound. We were only allowed to talk when we were asked by the warden of the prison."

"Confess”, Fotev, that you are guilty, that you are traitor and agent", said the investigator. Mincu, "confess in front of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Military Court , Obrascovom! Confess immediately and you will feel better! Your destiny is in your hands!"

"I don't have anything to confess," Jevdokija and Minco answered every time. After sixteen months of constant interrogation, (about 1600 text pages), the Supreme Military Court decided on 19th of April, 1949, that the accused would serve a consecutive sentence; of 10 years imprisonment and hard labour, in hard labour camps . Others were convicted to 5 years of hard labour.

"Such was the punishment handed out by the Military Court to the so-called: "counter-revolutionary saboteurs who worked for the international: ” Bourgeoisie….

Only Paskal Mitrevski, as a key person in the Main Board of The People's Liberation Front, was sentenced to 25 years and 5 years without any political rights.

Apart from this sentence in absentia, other Macedonian leaders were sentenced who formed the government of the Vardar Macedonian Federal Socialist Republic : Lazar Kolishevski, Nikola Mincev, Dimitar Aleksievsky, Cvetko Uzunovsky and others.

The prisoners were sent without any human rights up north, to Vorkuta, 40 km from the Arctic Ocean, where the average temperature was -50*C.

They dug in the coal mine eight hours daily. On a daily basis they commuted from the barracks. They lived in a frozen and very cold environment, without any heating.

The text above is an extract, pages: 207, 208, 209 from the book “General Markos”
This book was written after the amnesty to the communists in Greece , the return of Markos as a hero and his tour of the East European countries still under the Socialist yoke, about 1975.
Written by the Croatian writer Dragan Kliakic.

It shows amongst other things the betrayal of the Macedonian people by Stalin and afterwards by the Greek Communist party and Bulgaria . For a long time as illustrated above, the Greek communist party, persecuted “Macedonians”, calling them agents of Tito and traitors of Socialism, agents of imperialism, enemies of the people, death to these enemies. The Bulgarian alternative to the Macedonian solution was advertised. Only when all the Balkan countries became real socialists, would the Macedonians receive their ethnic rights. This thesis was explained by Dinu Kiosev in his book: “The struggle of the Macedonian People for Independence ”. This antagonism lasted until 1956, when Todor Zhivkov came to power and the Macedonian issue was swept under the carpet. Anybody who mentioned Macedonian people was locked in a loony house. Yugoslav Macedonia was treated as a Serbian Banovina and the word Macedonia was forbidden by Bulgarians and Greeks. As one Bulgarian Bolshevik explained to me in Perth :

“To claim Macedonian people means you provoke a third world war”.
I answered: Really?”

Then bring it forward straight away now. So it is comfortable for you to bury the Macedonian people and you live in peace? To hell with all of you criminals.

Mr. Cernev never spoke to me again. Some people are still hypnotized by the claim that if it was not for Tito’s betrayal, Macedonia would have been reunited in one whole independent country today.

Judge it for yourselves .Commentary by Samson Stanislavsky.

From the International Scene

Euro 'will be dead in five years'

05 Jun 2010


The euro will have broken up before the end of this Parliamentary term, according to the bulk of economists taking part in a wide-ranging economic survey for The Sunday Telegraph.

The single currency is in its death throes and may not survive in its current membership for a week, let alone the next five years, according to a selection of responses to the survey – the first major wide-ranging litmus test of economic opinion in the City since the election. The findings underline suspicions that the new Chancellor, George Osborne, will have to firefight a full-blown crisis in Britain 's biggest trading partner in his first years in office.

Of the 25 leading City economists who took part in the Telegraph survey, 12 predicted that the euro would not survive in its current form this Parliamentary term, compared with eight who suspected it would. Five declared themselves undecided. The finding is only one of a number of remarkable conclusions, including that:

• The economy will grow by well over a percentage point less next year than the Budget predicted in March.

• The Government will borrow almost 10bn less next year than the Treasury previously forecast, despite this weaker growth.

• Just as many economists think the Bank of England will not raise rates until 2012 or later as think it will lift borrowing costs this year.

But the conclusion on the euro is perhaps the most remarkable finding. A year ago or less, few within the City would have confidently predicted the currency's demise. But the travails of Greece , Spain and Portugal in recent weeks, plus German Chancellor Angela Merkel's acknowledgement that the currency is facing an "existential crisis", have radically shifted opinion.

Two of the eight experts who predicted that the currency would survive said it would do so only at the cost of seeing at least one of its members default on its sovereign debt. Andrew Lilico, chief economist at think tank Policy Exchange, said there was "nearly zero chance" of the euro surviving with its current membership, adding: "Greece will certainly default on its debts, and it is an open question whether Greece will experience some form of revolution or coup – I'd put the likelihood of that over the next five years as around one in four."

Douglas McWilliams of the Centre for Economics and Business Research said the single currency "may not even survive the next week", while David Blanchflower, professor at Dartmouth College and former Bank of England policymaker, added: "The political implications [of euro disintegration] are likely to be far-reaching – Germans are opposed to paying for others and may well quit."

Four of the economists said that despite the wider suspicion that Greece or some of the weaker economies may be forced out of the currency, the most likely country to leave would be Germany .

Peter Warburton of consultancy Economic Perspectives said: "Possibly Germany will leave. Possibly other central and eastern European countries – plus Denmark – will have joined. Possibly, there will be a multi-tier membership of the EU and a mechanism for entering and leaving the single currency. I think the project will survive, but not in its current form."

Tim Congdon of International Monetary Research said: "The eurozone will lose three or four members e SEnDGreece , Portugal , maybe Ireland e_SEnD and could break up altogether because of the growing friction between France and Germany ."

The recent worries about the euro's fate followed the creation last month of a $1 trillion (691bn) bail-out fund to prevent future collapses. Although the fund boosted confidence initially, investors abandoned the euro after politicians showed reluctance to support it wholeheartedly.



Thank you for your exploration of this subject. It is a very critical issue, how we behave in community. I have for many years participated in a group here where I live that works very hard to act mindfully for the good of all.

The Society of Friends, or Quakers, have a long history of respectful relations. They start from the premise that "there is something sacred in all people and that each person is a unique and precious child of God." With that premise they strive to practice patient, alert attention to what others say and do, and to search their own consciences for guidance on how to behave in relation to others.

Quakers are known for spending a lot of time in silent reflection during their meetings and for generally favoring peaceful resolution of conflict and giving much attention to healing the wounds after war. As a group they received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948 for their work in organizing the feeding of refugees in Europe after World War Two. What they value most highly is fostering mutual respect based upon patient, honest, truth seeking. In this regard, they do have something to say to our Macedonian communities struggling to find their way in a world that seems filled with enemies and dangers.

Truth is that there really are people, as you suggest, who work to destroy their communities, and others who simply do great harm by serving their own immediate desire for power or wealth and the like, at the expense of the community good. Firm adherence to speaking the truth to others will do the most to avoid falling prey to their injurious behavior. And striving for a mutual respect is the only sensible long-term strategy. That would mean never succumbing to hatred of another people because of the harm they have done collectively to any other people. Never let them off the hook when it comes to pointing out what they have done, but always strive to respect their right to exist and offer them the opportunity to grow in wisdom. Greeks, as a community, have done harm to their Macedonian neighbors that require acknowledgement and restitution.

At the same time it does no good to declare them as a people to be the enemy. Their bad behavior deserves to be resisted in the same way we would resist any destructive force of nature. But we don't hate the wind because it sometimes reaches gale force and does damage. We try to protect ourselves against such events and we even try to figure out how to harness the wind power to serve our good. The court case at the present time before the International Court of Justice is one of the ways Macedonians can act for the good of both peoples. Let's get at the truth of the matter in a public trial. Macedonians are doing the Greeks as much of a favor as they are themselves by demanding this public hearing of the facts. War, and hostile propaganda, on the other hand, just feed everyone’s prejudices.

I want to strive as much as possible to find the path that leads to truth and justice, not victory over some perceived enemy. I favor some similar spirit to guide our community groups. I hope I haven't over-simplified too much or been too preachy, but I really don't see much hope for humanity in general without our putting much more effort into being patient and mindful in our relations with each other. Nobody really wins unless everybody is better off as a result.

Just some thoughts,
Best to you,
Michael Seraphinoff


Altona 'Vardar' Magic Latest Victims of Greek Racists


VANDALS burnt an Australian flag, spray painted Nazi Swastikas onto and dug grave shaped holes into the pitch of a suburban soccer club in a senseless attack yesterday.

Zak Milenkovski, Altona Magic soccer club junior coordinator, said over $40,000 had been done in the inexplicable attack.

"We were dismayed, disappointed and gutted," he said.

Signs and goal posts were damaged and a window broken as a Swastika and a Greek flag were spray painted onto the ground of the soccer club.

Holes dug in the pitch are ankle deep and even when repaired may put players at risk of injury, according to Mr Milenkovski.

"It puts players at risk, it's like running in a park with pot holes everywhere," he said.

He feared those responsible were trying to make a political point on his club.

It will take six weeks to return the field to playing condition.

Police believe the brazen vandals struck the Paisley Park Complex at the corner of Mills and Ross roads in Altona at about 9am yesterday morning and are looking for a number of offenders.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to visit www.crimestoppers.com.au



What follows has taken me two weeks to finalize but was driven to do because my eyes are failing and I'm beginning to show my age mentally.

The issue is self explanatory (I hope) and one most important as Macedonians.

To continue in the same vein as in the past, will only isolate us into a minority and not of major importance to others. However to change our focus as outlined below, we may conceivably gain the support of many others beginning with the Jews, out Native peoples and including countless others who wish to but have not achieved the degree of recognition they deserve but are unable to achieve.

The prime issues must be education, democratic educational values, and everyone's right to a properly defined birth identity and related ethnic achievements to society in its entirety.

I'm hoping what follows will serve as the initiator and believe that with your help in seeking others (especially educators and academics) we will achieve that which we have tried for so diligently.

An educator's request for cooperative support!

Following the invention of the printing press, few had the means to upgrade themselves and their education.

In an effort to subdue conquered minorities, absolute monarch’s initiated what since has become a societal misconception relative to history often discriminating.

Half a world away, residents are being abused while ethnic discrimination is extended from their place of birth.

Initiated centuries ago by the most powerful monarchs, such a discriminatory process is still being imposed upon minorities such as the; Greeks verses the Macedonians, the Russians and former states such as; Georgia , Latvia , Estonia , Lithuania , Ukraine , etc. and many others. Such abuses expanded into developing nations in the west such as; the United States , Canada , Central America , South America , Australia and New Zealand where the original natives were forced into an indoctrination process which attempted to deny their native origins!

Most nations, to some degree, have had to endure various forms of such oppression but very few parallel the abuses our native peoples endured.

As teachers and professionals we should be teaching factual history but instead appear to be regurgitating distorted and incorrectly documented data which is also discriminatory.

Hopefully, what is being introduced will unite many into revising such societal misconceptions!
As educators we are all obligated by very similar governing precepts. Yet our administrators are still reluctant to respond to these issues and ultimately initiate some very necessary changes relative to, “How History Should Be Taught Properly”!

Adopted by the United Nations, “The Universal Declaration on Human Rights” was universally accepted, yet such fundamental contradictions still persist!

Historically, servants of royalty were strictly chosen then rigidly confined to their royal chambers. While on occasion, some became scribes or royal; secretaries and teachers then, on rare occasion, court historians. All, as royal appointees, were strictly accountable to their royal masters who not only created a new ethnic identity and culture, but also a new nation!

The same monarch’s controlled the; a/. ocean traffic in the Atlantic, b/ African slave trade, c/ the silk and spice trade in the middle east, d/ and an emerging Empire in India (England) and ultimately e/ most of that which became questionably documented and presently regurgitated as/if historical when not!

Subsequently copied by reputable institutions such as the Encyclopedia Britannica and the National Geographic Society, when printed, such has reluctantly been regurgitated and even repeated by all of our media!

Regretfully, most educators are parroting such distortions initiating questionable behavioral issues which often initiated false reactions such as;

a/ those in power determine history! Though true as a statement, such also initiates many distortions relative to factual history!

b/ improper claims relative to pre existing cultures.

c/ the renaming of ancient identities to presume an unjustified continuation of that which pre existed.

Most nations were all under the political dominance of others and all suffered some form of oppression, yet none to such a degree as the ancient; Egyptians, Jews and Macedonians and relatively recently; all of the native peoples within the newer worlds!

History: Political, or Factual?

As a subject history must be taught only as a factual subject, unbiased scientific and when in conflict the content must always be objective, never subjective and stress our societal precepts based upon democratic values!

History as taught must;

a/ be based upon facts and scientific data,
b/ be taught using scientific parameters,
c/ stress a need to be scientific in approach by using verifiable data only,
d/ define clearly what is and what is not acceptable as to terminology used.
e/ assuring students of what is properly debatable!

The primary issues must always be education and never politics!
Working within existing laws, precepts and regulations, what we are proposing are very minor changes initiating with appearances, and some physical and structures relative to how history should more properly be taught!

As the founder of a historical society I’m pleased many; educators, professionals and ethno cultural representatives are all equally as concerned and willing to also assist in initiating such changes.

Most respectfully,
Pete James Kondoff
[email protected]


Pete has been fighting on this issue alone! He can use some help. If you want to help, please write us at [email protected] or write to Pete directly at [email protected]

Free Advice

Busting the "Vergina Tomb" myth


In 274 B.C., when Antigonus Gonatas was King of Macedonia, Pyrrhus, the King of Epirus, invaded Macedonia and arrived at Aeges (Vergina), where he pillaged all royal tombs and
scattered the bones of all kings, among which there were those of Philip II and his son's, Philip III Arrhidaeus'. (Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, Pausanias)

Professor Andronikos in his book refers to the pillaging of the royal tombs by Pyrrhus, but claims that “it was by mere coincidence that the tomb of King Philip II escaped from being pillaged”.

However, this tomb was well known to everyone and would have been impossible for it to have
escaped, just like no other royal tomb in Vergina escaped before 274 BC.

This view on which Professor Andronikos' final conclusions on the identity of the dead and the
tombs of Vergina were based was, in my opinion, a serious historical error of facts in the field of

This error of facts was significantly reinforced by the conclusions of a group of British scientists
under Anatomist Dr. J. Musgrave, who supported in their report that “…they succeeded in restoring the head of King Philip II based on the skull bones discovered in Tomb II”

(Transactions of the International Congress of Classical Archaeology XII, Athens 4 10.9.1983).


Based on the evidence presented above in combination with the age of the dead of Tombs II and III as well as the building construction and artifacts, I have formed completely different views from those of Professor Andronikos', after these had already been established in Greece and abroad. In 1993 I undertook the writing of a book on the subject (“To Philip II or to Alexander the Great belongs the royal tomb of Vergina?”,1993) and expressed my counter-arguments
concerning Professor Andronikos' conclusions and Dr. J. Musgrave's findings. My conclusion was that:

The bones of Tomb II do not belong to King Philip II and his last wife, Cleopatra. The same conclusion is expressed in the relevant report by Mr. N. I. Xirotiris, Professor of Anthropology
at the University of Thrace and his colleague, Mrs. Franziska Langenscheidt (Archaiologike Ephimeris 1981).This was also later confirmed by Mr. A. Bartsiokas, Professor of Anthropology as well (Science Magazine, 21.4.2000).

Historical evidence leads us to the conclusion that in 316 BC King Philip III Arrhidaeus was buried in this tomb by Cassander, following his murder by Olympias in 317 BC at Pella (Pausanias).

King Philip II was buried between 336 and 335 B.C. in the adjacent Tomb III. There is important
evidence proving his identity.


After Pyrrhus was driven away in 273 BC, Tomb II was prepared by Antigonus Gonatas and acquired the form we know today with the Hunting Scene Mural (Fig. 1); this hunting incident had taken place in Bactria in 327 BC, nine years after Philip's death (Arrian). The rider seen in the middle on the mural is Alexander the Great, while both King Philip II and Philip III Arrhidaeus are missing. Alexander's attire (Fig. 1) confirms what Diodorus Siculus writes that in
Persia “…he wore a white tunic and a Persian belt without Persian breeches (anaxyrides)”. Also what Herodotus writes is verified, i.e. that “in Persia , those who were about to make a sacrifice wore a wreath of myrtle leaves” (as the mural confirms).

As for Professor Andronikos' view that the lion hunter on horseback is Philip II, because of his
physical similarity to the king, I hold a different point of view. This is the chief of Alexander's bodyguards, Ptolemy, son of Lagus, who according to ancient sources was the biological son of Philip but in name the son of General Lagus, since Philip had given to Lagus the boy's mother, Arsinoe, Philip's concubine, as a wife while she was pregnant (Ploutarch).

It was, therefore, natural for the young man to look like his natural father, Philip II. The other view held by a team of archaeologists, that the hunter on horseback (Fig. 1) is King Philip III
Arrhidaeus, is wrong for the following reasons:

Hunting wild animals was considered truly dangerous and it was common sense that those participating in the sport should be physically fit, bold, quick-thinking, experienced and agile.

Philip III Arrhidaeus suffered from a physical disability, an incurable mental disease, was
mentally retarded and after the death of Alexander the Great was made king due to the order of succession to the throne, given that he was Alexander's half-brother and there was no other successor, other than the expected son of Alexander (Ploutarch, Diodorus Siculus).

Therefore, it is out of the question that Philip III Arrhidaeus was the lion-hunter on horseback.

A brief extract of evidence contained in the recently published book The Royal Tomb II at Vergina Reveals Alexander the Great by historian researcher.

Triandafyllos D. Papazois


"Indeed for most scholars working in fourth-century Macedonia , the original attribution by Andronikos now seems doubtful," - Winthrop Lindsay Adams, a professor of history at the University of Utah .

Not Philip II of Macedon Skeleton from Vergina royal tomb reappraised.

A skeleton thought by some to be that of King Philip II of Macedon, is not, in fact, that of the accomplished military leader and father of Alexander the Great, but rather one of Alexander's half brothers, Philip III Arrhidaeus, a far less prominent figure in the ancient world, according to a new study published in the April 21 edition of the journal Science


A whole text soon to be published in Macedonian:


Posted by Bratot



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Newspapers of the Macedonian emigrants in USA and Canada are of special interest and are of great significance. Their history and development are quite turbulent and very interesting. They were of special importance and played a huge role in the information activities of the Macedonians in their new environment. The development of the newspapers before the Second World War coincides with the development of the Macedonian emigrants in USA and Canada . Basically it overlapped with the development of events in the Balkans, but even more so, it depended on the development of events surrounding Macedonia . The majority of emigrants had been forced, for economic and political reasons, to leave their native hearth in search of peace, tranquility, and material security. However, even there they were followed by the unscrupulous Bulgarian, Greek, and Serbian, propaganda, misleading them and causing division and discord among them. This can be seen regarding their newspapers, where due to the deficiency of their own newspapers they read Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, English, and other newspapers.
Printing of the newspapers as papers of the Bulgarians and Macedonians in America was for the reason that prior to the Second World War, according to American laws, clubs, societies, and other forms of organization and activity could only be based on, and developed by those nationalities that were constituted as states. To the American administration at the time it was much more important what country the people came from rather than what nationality they belonged to. To them information in passports regarding national belonging was decisive. In this context we need add the large and extremely unscrupulous Greek, Serbian, and especially Bulgarian propaganda. It was very wisely spread not going without consequences among the Macedonian emigrants by misleading them and causing division, discord, and other negative consequences among the Macedonians on the North American Continent and beyond that. Even today the Bulgarian, Greek, and Serbian propaganda are still strong. However, they are only supported by a certain number of Macedonians which unfortunately are good servants, but bad masters.
The newspapers of the Macedonian emigrants in USA and Canada prior to the Second World War were shared with the Bulgarian emigrants, which included the following:

BORBA ( Battle )

The first newspaper in USA that treated the Macedonian issue was the “Borba” newspaper which began to be published in January 1902. This was the first newspaper of the Macedonian and Bulgarian emigrants in America . Till its eighth edition it was a means of the Macedonian – Odrin society, but was later taken into the hands of the Bulgarians. In fact, until the eighth edition the “Borba” newspaper treats the Macedonian issue with its essential thesis being the autonomy of Macedonia . After this edition there was a dominance of topics relating to Bulgaria . It came out in 15 editions of which the last is dated 15 October 1902 .

MAKEDONIJA ( Macedonia )

The first edition of this newspaper was published on 7 December 1907 , and the last in August 1910 in Granite City as an organ of the emigrants in America . It was published by the “Makedonija” society.

NARODEN GLAS (People’s Voice)

The “Naroden glas” daily newspaper (1907 – 1944) is one of the largest joint newspapers of the Macedonian and Bulgarian emigrants in USA . Till 1913, i.e. till its sixth Anniversary, it came out once, and then twice a week, until it became a daily newspaper published in Granite City and printed in its own printing office.

MAKEDONSKA TRIBUNA (Macedonian Tribune)

After the First World War there was more intensive emigration from Macedonia throughout the world, and so national organizations and societies were established. As a result of this in 1922 these societies united into the Soyuz of the Macedonian Political (Patriotic) Organizations in USA and Canada known as MPO. The “Makedonska tribuna” newspaper was an organ of the Soyuz of the Macedonian Political Organizations in USA and Canada and appeared in Indianapolis . At first it served the interests of the revolutionary movement of the Macedonian people, but later supported the Bulgarian assimilatory and denationalizing policy in Macedonia and throughout the world.
“Makedonska tribuna” as an organ of the MPO came out continually, once a month, starting 10 February 1927 . From its beginning till the 1990’s it was published in Bulgarian, whereas presently it is published in English with a certain number of articles in Bulgarian, and Macedonian from time to time.
This newspaper has the longest history of publishing in the Diaspora. During its history of 75 years it has played a significant role in the affirmation of the aims and interests of the MPO organization and of the Bulgarian propaganda. Despite the fact that the paper carries the attribute “Macedonian” it is nevertheless a far cry from the Macedonian truth. Because of this only a certain category read this newspaper and it is not popular among the Macedonian emigrants who came to USA and Canada after the Second World War.

MAKEDONIJA ( Macedonia )

This newspaper was devoted to the Macedonian liberation and independence movement. Its first edition was published in 1923; it came out once a month in English, and was published by the Central Committee of the Macedonian political organizations in USA and Canada .

MAKEDONSKI BJULETIN (Macedonian Bulletin)

The first and only edition of this paper was issued on 1 March 1930 in the city of Pontiac , Michigan , published by the Macedonian initiative committee. Its motto was: For a free Macedonia within a Balkan Federation.

MAKEDONSKI BILTEN (Macedonian Bulletin)

“Makedonski bilten” appeared in USA in March 1930 and only three issues were published. The newspaper was an organ of the Initiative Committee of the VMRO (united) organizations. The aim of “Makedonski bilten” was to inform the emigrants of the Macedonian issue from VMRO’s point of view. This attitude was particularly stressed in the appeal to the Macedonian emigrants which appealed that they fight against the supremacists and called upon the Macedonians for an uncompromising struggle against the fratricides and their servants.

BALKANSKO ZDRUZENIE (Balkan Association)

After establishing the Initiative Committee of the independent progressive groups, in April 1931 they held the First Congress of all the progressive Macedonian groups that united in the Macedonian People’s Soyuz. As a result of the awakening of the Macedonian consciousness, on 1 June 1931 the “Balkansko zdruzenie” newspaper appeared as an organ of the Macedonian People’s Soyuz in America whose seat was in Detroit , as a continuation of “Makedonski bilten.” It was published till 1934.

SOZNANIE (Realization / knowledge)

The first Macedonian independent progressive groups in Canada and USA , and later in Australia , began forming between the two World Wars as part of the Macedonian national soyuz whose long lasting and fruitful progress was expressed through the “Soznanie” newspaper. This newspaper was an organ of the Bulgarian branch of the Communist party in USA , and it also included Macedonian progressive emigrants. It appeared in Detroit on 15 December 1932 and came out every Friday in 2,000 copies. Printing stopped on 29 October 1937 , and it was replaced by the “Narodna Volja” (People’s Will) newspaper as an expression of the progressive Bulgarian and Macedonian emigrants in USA and Canada .

NARODNA VOLJA (People’s Will)

The first edition of this newspaper was published in Detroit in 1938. It was published once a week in the Cyrillic alphabet with a large part of the materials being published in the regular articles in English. After the constitution of the People’s Republic of Macedonia numerous texts were published in the Macedonian literary tongue. The “Narodna volja” newspaper was published as an organ of the MANS till 1944, usually consisting of six pages and a total of 127 editions.


The “Novo vreme” newspaper was published in Toronto at the time of the foundation of the Macedonian – Canadian People’s Soyuz (Makedonsko-kanadski naroden sojuz – MKNS) as its organ. The contents of this newspaper were identical to the contents of the “Narodna volja” newspaper. The aims and objectives of the MANS in USA were also identical to the aims and objectives of MKNS in Canada .

GREECE: War Averted
Monday, Nov. 02, 1925


Somewhere along the Macedonian frontier between Greece and Bulgaria someone shot or shot at a sentinel. In the incendiary Near East one bullet is certain to breed many. Before the day was out, Bulgarians were storming a Greek blockhouse and Greeks were pouring into Bulgaria and shelling the Bulgar town of Petrich . Amid these scenes of violence the last thing ascertainable was whether the sentinel originally fired upon had been a Greek or a Bulgarian.

The Greeks addressed a "48-hour ultimatum" to Sofia , in which they charged that a Greek sentinel and later a Greek officer bearing a flag of truce had been wantonly shot and killed by Bulgarians. For this injury to her "national dignity" Greece demanded an indemnity of 6 million drachmas (about $80,400).

Bulgaria retorted by sending a note to the League of Nations wherein she described minutely how a Bulgarian sentinel had been wantonly fired upon by Greek soldiers, who, when he returned their fire, entered Bulgaria at the head of a Greek invasion, which penetrated Bulgar territory to a depth of eight kilometres. The note asserted that Bulgaria was throwing herself entirely upon the protection of the League, and that her soldiers had been ordered to make not the slightest resistance to the invading Greeks.

Meanwhile scores of dispatches reported fighting on the part of soldiers of both nations, terrorization of the Macedonian peasantry, and the utter destruction of Petrich by Greek shell-fire—as well as denials from Greece that she was either shelling or bombing that town.

Amid these alarming incertitudes, Aristide Briand, as Acting President of the Council of the League of Nations, promptly reminded the governments at Athens and Sofia that as League members they were bound not to have recourse to war, but to appear immediately in the person of their envoys before the League Council, which would then decide upon the action to be taken in order to insure peace.

The envoys of Greece and Bulgaria scurried to obey. At Paris they found M. Briand and Mr. Austen Chamberlain, personifying France and Britain in the Council of the League, which was brought up to full strength by representatives of Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, Japan, Czechoslovakia and Brazil. After a short hearing, Mr. Chamberlain read out the Council's preliminary discussion. Greece and Bulgaria were given just 24 hours to clear out of each other's territory and 72 hours in which to file proofs that they had done so. The envoys of the defendant powers accepted this ruling—scurried once more. The League Council commenced the task of collecting and sifting evidence, with a view to adjudicating the question of responsibility for the outbreak.


FEEDBACK: RE: "There is a question mark hanging over the story of Noah and the Great Flood" (May's Digest)

"There are those who believe that the story of Noah and the ark was plagiarized by the hebrews from an earlier Sumerian ark story (the Epic of Gilgamesh). This event never occurred on a global scale."

Note the following:

Sumerian > Sumeria > Su-me-ria > Lives "ma-ra". (Ma-ra is the Ma-donna).

Gilgamesh > Gilgame > Gi-l-ga-me > Lives-li-zeus (don)-ma.

(Hmmm.... Notice how the "Ra-ma-da" theology pre-dates all religions.)

FEEDBACK: RE: The second part of the same article.

"The Atonism (Adon) of Lower Egypt was the original monotheistic belief system." *1

"Judaism was based upon the creed and culture of the Amarna regime of Pharaoh Akhenaton." *2

Note the following:

Aton > A-ton > Lives-don.

Judai > ju-dai > Lives-don.

Akhenaton > Akhen-a-ton > Lives, the living don.

Essendon (A suburb in Melbourne, Australia) > E-ssen-don > Lives, the living don.

*Notice how "Don" took over from "Ra" as the leading deity....

*How about the "Ma" (Mother) deity? Well, we all know how certain countries view and treat their women. The "Mother" deity was basically demoted and/or made obselete.

By Dusko L.

The Dorian Invasion?


The Hebrews were in Pelasgian proto-Slav lands at Morea from at least 1,600 BC.

The proto-Slavic Script was replaced with Linear B.

Around 1,330 BC The Hebrew Aye re-named the indigenous Pelasgians of Morea Dannans.


Just like the fabricated 5th and 6th centuries AD so-called Slav invasions of Macedonia, so too is the so-called 1,150 BC Doric Greek invasion of Mycenaean (Dannan) Greece which is said to have started from a point well inside the territory of the modern day Republic of Macedonia! Both scenarios have been concocted by the west to suit the agenda of Macedonia's artificial southern neighbour.

Proto-Slavic inscriptions have been found on the territory of the modern Republic of Macedonia which date well before and after 1,150 BC. There are no so-called Archaic Doric-Greek inscriptions.

If there was an invasion of Mycenaean (Dannan) Greece in 1,150 BC, the conquerors would more likely have been proto-Slavic, namely, the Brygians.

According to the center text on the Rosetta Stone the Ancient Macedonians (chiefly Brygians) called the citizens of the ancient City States Dannans.

If the Ancient Macedonians were so-called Dorians why would they call the citizens of the ancient City States Dannans? Considering the fact that the citizens of the ancient City States were heavily comprised of Dorians?

Also, why didn't the Ancient Macedonians call the citizens of the ancient City States "Greeks" or "Hellenes" but instead Dannans?!

By Vidan

(P.S. The so-called "Dark Ages" of Archaic Greece which followed this Dorian invasion is yet another lie concocted by the west! It's so obvious that they're trying to cover up something!)

The following comment about the Dorians comes from a person calling himself "STORI" dated January 6 2011.

See www.topix.com/forum/world/macedonia/TDSJF8CGHK7OE102J


"I strongly question the hypothesis that dorians or rather doirani were greeks. Firstly according to the predominant hypothesis they came from "north/northwestern greece" but most probably north of the boundaries of greece - rather they were Macedonians and Macedonic tribes and not greek.,..........,. How convenient for the greeks that there are no traces left behind by the dorians. One must really question this convenience.
Furthermore if we look at the meaning of the name dojrani/doirani from the Macedonian etymology point of view it's meaning in Macedonian is "early settlers" "the ones who arrived early".
This is NOT a coincidence. DOIRANI WERE THE EARLIEST MACEDONIANS and they were NEVER greek. (don't fall for the lame explanation about the name coming from doris - that is only greek b-s and doesn't show the true etymology of the name DOJRANI/DOIRANI.
This also explains the Macedonian etymology of the islands of KOS, ROD (Rhodes), KRF (KORFU), places that the dorians also settled. This is also NO coincidence. Remember Macedonians were never Greek

06-05-2011, 10:10 PM
YouTube - ‪Vasil Atanasov Live "Kade ste Makedoncinja" 2.6.11.Hanover-Laatzen-Spasovden‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21XvQQjc30I&feature=share)

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From the Once Classified Files - Part 17

Department of National Health and Welfare
War Charities Division

Ottawa , April 23rd, 1947

Secretary of State For External Affairs, Ottawa

Attention Mr. Scott Reid

Dear Sir:

Your letter of April 11th to my Deputy Minister concerning Macedonian and Bulgarian activities in Toronto has been directed to me for reply.

Following your information received in November, 1946, one Mr. Pepcoff, 24 Sydenham street, Toronto, was informed by registered letter that we were aware of appeals for Macedonian relief were being conducted and that $ 15,000 had been collected for the purchase of supplies. We pointed out that the raising of funds for objects connected with the War could not be carried on without benefit of registration and that if they could not affiliate themselves with the registered organization in Toronto , which contributed to Yugoslav relief, they were to discontinue raising monies forthwith.

As no reply was received, on December 4th a request for an investigation was dispatched to the Commissioner of the R.CM.P. A copy of this letter is enclosed.

I have taken advantage of your letter to write the Commissioner and call his attention to the possible connection between the last named group and the individuals we heard about last Full. I am asking the Commissioner what progress might nave been made with regard to the investigation requested by the Department last December. As soon as word has been received from the constabulary I shall lost no time in getting in touch with you.

Yours sincerely,
Leon Trebert,
War Charities Act.


Draft Minute to Mr. Laffan

The following is a resume of the points I made when discussing with you your paper on Macedonia .

Paragraph 12

Were the Bulgarian Tsars Slavisized Turks or Tartars?

Paragraph 24

Two points seemed to me to require elaboration. The first was that there were really three Macedonian groups: (1) those agitating for complete independence; (2) those agitating for the inclusion of all Macedonia within Bulgaria ; and (3) those willing for some form of compromise. The second point was about the Protoguerrovists. It is necessary to bring them into the picture because they link on to and explain Tito' Macedonian policy. Protogueroff split from Mihailoff because he was willing to co-operate with Agrarians and Serbs. His party moreover was subsidized by the Yugoslav Government.

Paragraph 28

Can we find out whether Petrich is now linked with the Greek railway system?

Paragraph 35

So long as Yugoslavia and Bulgaria are at loggerheads, Yugoslavia will require Greek and Turkish support to keep the Bulgars down. .Their interest in the acquisition of Salonika would therefore from the purely strategic point of view be problematical, because it would not merely weaken Greece in itself, but, by depriving the Turks and Greeks of a common frontier, weaken the whole defensive system on which any form of Balkan entente directed against Bulgaria would have to be founded. Naturally if Yugoslavia and Bulgaria came to terms, the position would be different. The main Serbian interest in Salonika (see paragraphs 35 and 37) is at present historical or connected with prestige.

Serbian and (see paragraph 42) Bulgarian economic interest in Salonika is at the moment somewhat indeterminate. If the trade of these countries is mainly to be with Europe , or with Russia , the economic importance of Salonika to either will be very small. How far this country or America will take Yugoslav or Bulgarian produce after the war is very doubtful.

Paragraphs 38, 39 and 49

Salonika for the Greeks is as important strategically and economically as it is ethnically. The town and its hinterland are the richest of the Greek provinces and as we know from the present war, Salonika is essential to the defense of Greece .

Paragraph 47

A greater Yugoslavia , including Bulgaria especially under Russian influence, would almost certainly be, objectionable to us.
Though in pre-war days the Russians may have favoured the idea of a Balkan federation, we can now say quite definitely that they regard it askance.

Editor Krapched Explains why Bulgaria Can Not Accept Anglo-American Demands for the Evacuation of Recent Armed Territories

February 14, 1944

No. 2434 (R-2260)
American Consulate General, Istanbul , Turkey

SUBJECT: Editor Krapched Explains why Bulgaria Can Not Accept Anglo-American Demands for the Evacuation of Recent Armed Territories


I have the honor to present below an editorial from the Bulgarian newspaper ZORA of February 6, 1944 , in which the Editor, Mr. Krapchev, explains why Bulgaria can not accept the demands made by the Anglo-Americans for the evacuation of the recently annexed territories. The reason he gives is that actually these demands are based on the perpetuation of the terms of the Treaty of Neuilly, a treaty which Bulgarians have always regarded as unjust and intolerable.

Mr. Krapchev reviews some of the circumstances connected with the Treaty of Neuilly as he interprets them. He regards the Treaty of Neuilly, and the other treaties signed at Paris in 1919, as the primary cause of the present war. He points out that these treaties were imposed by force upon the conquered, and that without the participation of Russia . He adds that similar conditions were imposed upon the Soviet Union . In their demand that Bulgaria evacuate Macedonia and Thrace the Anglo- Americans merely indicate that their first demand with respect to Bulgaria is the restoration of the terms of the Treaty of Neuilly.

The second condition which they lay down is equally impossible, the writer says, for it demands that Bulgaria make war upon Germany .

These demands can not be accepted by Bulgaria because they would restore an intolerable situation and, even if accepted, would not be the final demands, for they would be followed by others just as the terms of the Armistice of Salonika, which were not altogether intolerable, were followed by other harsher demands at Paris . All Bulgarians, the writer says, remember conditions in Bulgaria following the Treaty of Neuilly between 1919 and the beginning of the Second World War, a period in which Bulgaria ' s neighbors did not cease to interfere in her affairs, as far as they were able, and to terrorize her.

In commenting on this editorial one is obliged to point out that Mr. Krapchev vails--as he fails in all his editorials-- to refer to the fact that Bulgaria of her own free will and without provocation declared war upon the United States and Great Britain in December 1941. This was a wholly wanton act, although doubtless performed at the urgency and insistence of Germany , but still performed by the Bulgarian government acting as a sovereign power. At that time there was no hostility felt by Americans against Bulgaria , although Bulgaria had given great offense by providing bases for the German army from which the latter attacked Greece and Yugoslavia . Hence Mr. Krapchev should make clear to his countrymen why it is that the Anglo-Americans demand that Bulgaria evacuate the territories she has occupied in connection with this war. Mr. Krapchev is quite right when he states that many British and American writers and leaders in the past supported the rightness of Bulgaria 's demands to Macedonia and to an outlet on the Aegean Sea in Thrace . Every person informed on Macedonian affairs knows that Bulgarians predominate by a large majority in the population of that part of Macedonia included in Yugoslavia in accordance with the terms of the treaties of Bucharest and Neuilly . Everyone also knows that the application of the term " South Serbia " to Macedonia and " South Serbians " to the Macedonians is only political camouflage and has no more actual justification than to call the Irish " West Anglians ".

By declaring war on the United States and Great Britain Bulgaria put herself in a blind alley from which there appears to be no exit except by giving up the territories annexed after Apri1, 1941. Nobody believes that this would be an act of justice, for war does not create justice, but rather promotes injustice of every kind. "He that taketh up the sword shall perish by the sword", whether right or wrong.

Mr. Krapchev's final assumption that the demand to evacuate Macedonia and Thrace, plus the demand to make war on Germany, would be followed by other demands is probably true, but Mr. Krapchev and other Bulgarians who advocated the seizure of these territories following Bulgaria's alliance with the Axis should have thought of all this before they have committed themselves and their country to such a policy.

The editorial in free translation reads as follows:


By Danail Krapchev

"When one knows what the Anglo-Americans demand of Bulgaria first of all--because this demand is number 1 --he understands that as far as she is concerned they are going back to the Treaty of Neuilly, to the treaties of Paris of 1919. And these ill-omened treaties-acknowledged as such not only by the conquered but also by eminent English and Americans-- brought on the Second .World War. Even the aged Lloyd George withdrew from the unwelcome work in which he, together with the late Clemenceau, took an active part and predicted, though rather late, the Second World War. The late American President Wilson, who went to the Paris Conference with a definite program, as is known from the memoir of his helper Lansing, the second American delegate to the Conference, considered himself betrayed and died tragically of regret in his native land. The tragedy of his predecessor is best known to President Roosevelt who was then his Minister.

Besides we must recall that the Paris treaties were imposed on the conquered at the" end of the First World War without Russia 's participation. And not only this: they were imposed on the Soviet Union as well.

It is these ominous treaties of peace, signed with the knife at the throats of the conquered, that the Anglo-Americans wish to perpetuate, to become the corner stone of human history.

Otherwise what does the Anglo-American invitation to Bulgaria mean when they ask her to evacuate the Bulgarian lands liberated in 1941, what does it mean if not the perpetuation of the injustices committed toward her at Neuilly ? The demand is that we should evacuate the newly liberated Bulgarian lands--and this is the first demand-- lands which were taken away from us by force after the First World War, but also those which were taken away from us by force during the war between the Balkan allies (1913) by our former allies.

The Anglo-Americans wish to make the injustices committed toward the Bulgarian nation in the course of history, in the course of centuries, permanent, even including those injustices against which the English protested at that time. Even those treaties which do not beat the signature of the Americans, as in the case with regard to Western Thrace . This of course is demand number one, after which the other numbers follow. The second of these is to make war on Germany . Other demands will follow later, as was the case after the First World War, when at the Armistice of Salonika somewhat more tolerable conditions were imposed, but later at Neuilly they were made ten times more severe. These conditions affected even the oldest territories, as the Western Frontiers. They also affected the army, while preparations and restitutions were imposed upon us. Nothing was left of Bulgarian sovereignty. Our neighbors continually and un-interruptedly made Bulgaria 's conditions worse up to the eve of the Second World War. Bulgaria was constantly terrorized and humiliated, while the Bulgarian nation was torn and enslaved.

Only he who has a short memory has forgotten the not distant past, which the Anglo-Americans desire to perpetuate."

Respectfully yours, Burton Y. Berry, American Consul General
To Department in original and hectograph
FHB; SA. File No.891

06-09-2011, 03:39 AM
CMC organizes Bridges for Dialogue. 22 June 2011 in Brussels. CMC in a joint effort with the Home of Macedonian Culture will present the first Macedonian-Greek Dictionary ever published in Greece and discuss the role of civil society and people to people contacts as facilitators of mutual understanding in the event of international rows.


George S.
06-09-2011, 07:18 AM
MK Will there be a group of neo nazis attacking people like they did in greece with professor friedman??

06-09-2011, 11:21 AM
MK Will there be a group of neo nazis attacking people like they did in greece with professor friedman??
not, a chance in hell because they would be jailed 100%. anywhere, outside of greece that is a crime and athens would be faced with more costs - fines.

06-10-2011, 11:28 AM
YouTube - ‪EMISIJA NESTO NOVOPETRA VELKOVSKI,SILO MAGAZIN,BRICOT,ACE KOTEVSKI 2‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSlOj_sGdxM&feature=channel_video_title)

06-14-2011, 04:13 PM
External Affairs – Ottawa

Athens , April 27, 1948

No. 87. Following for D.M.I. from Military Attach, Begins:

M.A. 28. Civil war period 12th to 26th April.

1. Rebel activity still widespread. Looting, sabotage, recruiting raids continue, especially Poloponnese. Few major rebel incidents, mainly Peloponnese . First phase G.N.A. general offensive commenced April 15th in Roumeli area.
Operation given code word “dawn”.

2. Minor rebel activity confined to sabotage of road-rail communications, especially Peloponnese , shelling communication Northern Greece , looting and recruiting raids all areas, especially Peloponnese . Rebel units Voulgara area, X88, reported moving northwest, probable due to operation “dawn”. Being pursued by G.N.A. commando units. April 11th, strong rebel band attacked Kalavrita, c.9760, killed or captured entire garrison of two N.D.C. companies. G.N.A. drove rebels out of town and clashes continue in Mount Aroania area, D. 04.

3. G.N.A. operations in Khaicsidiki are peninsula east of Salonica and in Papadhes area, K. 9817, resulted in considerable rebel casualties and kept them on the move. April 13th, G.N.A. clashes with band of 500 strong in Mount Khasia area, S. 96, and captured 134 rebels. G.N.A. generally taking more offensive attitude. April 15th, operation “dawn” commenced with three divisions. Embassy cable No. 79 of April 16th refers. April 25th, G.N.A. units closing ring had reached general line X.9317.

Fleece No. 212

February 6, 1945

For Foreign Secretary from Foreign Office

Please refer to paragraph 9 of FLEECE 89 reporting the Soviet Government’s view on Yugoslav-Bulgarian federation.

2. Tito has been careful not to give us a hint of negotiations for Yugoslav-Bulgarian pact of alliance and mutual understanding, and in reply to our representations has confined himself to an assurance that federation is not an immediate probability. There have, however, been so many recent signs of friendship between the two countries that this development, however unwelcome, does not come as a surprise.

3. It seems to us here that most of the disadvantages seen in respect of a federation apply to a lesser degree to a pact is intended to be the first step towards a federation. If a pact were concluded, Bulgaria would escape from much of the treatment which she deserves of a defeated enemy and the reactions on the position of Greece would be unfavourable. We think that we should take the line that an enemy state under an armistice regime is debarred from entering into special treaty relations with another state, especially with which she is still technically in a state of war, except with the explicit permission of the victorious powers with whom it concluded the armistice; and that we should insist on full reparation being made to Greece before Bulgaria may conclude the projected alliance.

4. It would be a great help if you could arrange for this subject of Yugoslav-Bulgarian relations to be discussed at the present meeting. You will remember that the U.S. Government have not yet given their views in reply to our request.


The King
War Cabinet
Secretary of State for Dominions
Lord Privy Seal
Secretary of State for air
Minister of Production
Minister of Information
Foreign Office
Mr. Pack
Defense Office

Foreign Office - January 1945

My telegram No. 4886 to Moscow .

In the light of Belgrade telegrams Nos. 47 and 88 and your telegram No. 108, you will see from my telegram No. 85 to Belgrade that we have now instructed Brigadier Maclean to make to Tito a communication on the lines foreshadowed in paragraph 3 of my telegram under reference. You should also immediately inform the Bulgarian Government of the views of H.M.G. on the following lines:

While H.M.G would welcome a confederation between all the Balkan States, both Allied and enemy and including possibly Turkey , they could not approve an exclusive union of federation between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria . Moreover while H.M.G are prepared to agree to the creation of a Macedonian State in the future federal Yugoslavia they would be strongly opposed to the creation of a Greater Macedonian State involving claims on Greek territory. They therefore look with disfavour on the activities of Macedonian propagandists in Bulgaria which the Bulgarian Government appear to have condoned and they do not recognize the right of the Bulgarian Government to transfer without the consent of the United Nations any part of Bulgarian territory to the Yugoslav federal State of Macedonia.

My telegram No.10823 of 28th December:

His Majesty's Government's view on Macedonian question and Yugoslav Bulgarian federation.

Tito, who has not yet been notified of views of His Majesty's Government, has expressed himself in conversation with Maclean as opposed to a Yugoslav-Bulgarian federation at the present time. Question arose over a report which had reached Tito that General Velebit his representative in London had informed the press that Albania and Bulgaria would join the new Yugoslav Federal State . After reference to London Maclean informed Tito on 8th January that there appeared to be no truth in the report. Tito expressed relief and went on to say that, although he did not exclude the possibility of an eventual extension of Yugoslav federation at some period in the future, there was no question of either Bulgaria or Albania entering into any federal union with Yugoslavia at present. In case of Bulgaria in particular Tito was not ready for such a step. As he had pointed out to a Bulgarian delegation who had visited him the day before with polite messages the Bulgarians had, on several occasions in the past, sworn eternal friendship to the Serbs but this had not prevented them from turning on them and massacring them at first opportunity. It would take the Serbs some time to forget the behaviour of Bulgaria in three wars.

At the same time there was no point in perpetuating such enmity, and, if good relations could be achieved, it would be to everyone's advantage.

2. This assurance taken with the assurance in regards to Greek Macedonia reported in telegraph 2 of my telegram under reference indicates that at any rate for the present Tito’s views on these questions are substantially in conformity with those of His Majesty’s Government.

3, I am anxious that to avoid the risk of subsequent misunderstandings our views should be communicated formally to Tito, the Yugoslav Government in London and the Bulgarian Government as soon as possible. On the other hand I should not like to do so before being assured that these views are not materially at variance with those of the United States Government and Soviet Government. I suggest therefore that you should communicate the gist of the foregoing paragraph to the State Department and inform the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs that we propose to notify Tito, the Yugoslav Government and the Bulgarian Government of the views of His Majesty’s Government on 18th January (repeat 18th January) unless we hear before then that the United States and Soviet Governments see objection to this procedure.

07-06-2011, 07:56 AM
YouTube - ‪Промоција на Македонско Грчки *ечник во Брисел 22 06 2011‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAo9X2_8BnQ)

07-12-2011, 04:54 AM
YouTube - ‪EU officials make vague proclamations on EU bailouts‬‏ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4ovdhHUSxc)

07-13-2011, 11:19 PM

08-03-2011, 09:21 AM

08-15-2011, 04:51 PM

08-29-2011, 11:03 PM
MP Karygiannis accused of berating civil servants (Aug 26, 2011)

08-29-2011, 11:06 PM

SEPTEMBER 2 - 4, 2011


George S.
08-30-2011, 04:41 AM
why can't they get rid of MP Karygiannis.wh is it so hard after all he's done & is doing.

08-30-2011, 07:34 AM
why can't they get rid of MP Karygiannis.wh is it so hard after all he's done & is doing.
He gets elected by his constituents (Chinese) and only they can vote him out off office. NO SPEAK ENGLISH

08-30-2011, 07:36 AM
Macedonia expects foreign investment wave

09-04-2011, 07:25 PM
On Bishops, faith and military missions!

By J.S.G. Gandeto

We will not exaggerate if we state that USA is one of the most religious countries in the world. We will not be off the mark either if we state that religious values, traditions and customs have permeated into almost every sphere of our diverse culture. As a matter of fact, the people of The United States are not only assured their religious rights and freedom to safely pursue their religious affiliations, but more importantly, they also have those rights guaranteed by the first amendment of our constitution along with the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Our founding fathers made sure that the government shall have no control over religion nor shall religious institutions receive government assistance: thus defining the separation of church and state. Only through such separation, they thought, and rightly so, can the people of the United States enjoy their continued religious liberties.

Consequently, the religious spectrum in this country is so diverse and so colorful that it became a vital and inseparable component of our identity and culture.

Here, I will not dwell on the importance of religion upon our lives; that should be the sanctuary of every individual or group of individuals to secure for themselves free and unimpeded pursuit of spiritual happiness as they see fit. I believe that each of us separately, obtains and derives varied spiritual experiences as we visit our religious institutions. We obtain and enrich those experiences as we interact with our fellow believers and as we reflect upon the impact of those experiences, we harmonize the content of the received sermons with our daily life’s challenges.

Mine is not to judge the values received from such an interaction; mine is to accept and recognize the right of every individual to take away and retain for himself what that person deems important and beneficial to him and to dispose or to part company with things that do not coincide with his convictions.

Personally, I expect, after visiting my church, to come away content with a touch of reassurance in my faith, that the guidance from my Lord and the path I have chosen to follow are righteous. I would like to feel convinced that the sermon delivered by my priest reflects the teachings of our Lord and that the faith and the belief in the goodness of all men is preserved, reaffirmed and accentuated. I would like also, after receiving the sermon from my priest, to be able to readjust my thoughts, to recalibrate my standards and to reaffirm my faith in those who take the pulpit in front of me. In other words, I would like to walk away enriched by his sermon, to feel invigorated and recharged, to feel cleansed and uplifted.

But what I do not expect, what I do not want to hear, what I do not want to experience, what I do not want to believe in, is a sermon that preaches hate, a sermon that preaches intolerance, a sermon that insights violence and a sermon that calls for destruction of property and lives of our fellow man. That is what I do not want to witness ever being propagated by my priest.

Let me be more specific.

Recently the Metropolitan Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Thessaloniki (Salonika), Anthimos, delivered to his parishioners in his sermon and called on his followers to board buses and go with him to Florina (Lerin), to destroy a radio station.

Why, you ask? For a simple reason that the station’s broadcast will be in the Macedonian language. This is the religious leader of a Christian faith, the second senior Metropolitan in the Greek Orthodox Church, who exhorts his faith followers to violence and calls for a destruction of property that belongs to the ethnic Macedonian minority living in Greece.

But what makes this episode a newsworthy piece of information is not that this person makes a mockery of his proclaimed religious devotion; it is not his myopic indulgence in violence, not even his prejudice-filled sermon—this is not his first time we know of him putting his hate-filled foot in his equally toxic mouth—but the fact that he takes it upon himself to regulate and even execute (outside the law), administrative and judicial matters. He intends to participate in the destruction of the radio station; he is the one who sees no other recourse but to personally go there and destroy everything in the station to “broken glass and nails”.
Imagine a Catholic priest in United States calling on his followers to go and destroy a radio station in town, simply because its programs will be broadcasted in the Spanish language. Can anyone out there comprehend the scope and the enormity of indignation that will reverberate throughout our country? Can anyone out there picture the intensity of the revolt that will ensue following such an act? It is really unconscionable to even think, let alone understand, the gravity of such an outrageous call.

Let us read the sermon before we attempt to understand the reasoning behind such a preposterous call by a high ranking Greek religious leader:

“In the difficulties and storms we face in our lives, as I mentioned before, those we have next to us are included. I do not say this myself, it is in a prestigious newspaper, and I am saying also its name . . . is "The Investor's World" of last Sunday's issue. You cannot read it from there, I am showing it with the newspaper, so you will not think this is a rumor or something we invented . . . I will tell you, because you cannot read it from a distance . . . "in preparation is a radio station of the Skopians [sic] in Greece". Do you hear that? And also those who are watching us, do you hear that? "Representatives self-defining as Macedonians announced through a newspaper in Fyrom [sic] that they have already got a license and are preparing to broadcast in their idiom [sic]. The president of the Florina municipality district of Meliti, Panagiotis Anastasiadis, who likes to be named also with a Skopian name [sic], announced a radio station that will broadcast in the slav-Macedonian idiom [sic]". On the top there is the internet address of the newspaper that announces the operation of such radio station. What can I say to you? The newspaper is valid, and here, this guy has made a statement and is about an interview he gave to a Skopian [sic] newspaper: "The member of the Rainbow Party and president of the municipal district of Meliti Panagiotis Anastasiadis or, as he likes to be named, Pande Ashlakov" who among other statements against Greece and some against us, is saying that "We are ready, we have the license ready and we will take it and start the broadcasting of the radio station." Is this possible, I ask you? Can we Greeks go and make radio stations in any Balkan country or any other? What's happening here? We have some of those who were left here since the Civil War period, as we call it, that difficult period, who did not leave to the other side and stayed here with us, they have, of course, Greek origin and live here but were brought up for many years with their conditions. So, those who stayed here or who took care to stay here, are now revolting and are instigated from abroad by the Skopian [sic] propaganda, together with the other things they are doing, like statues, etc. and are trying to create this issue . . . They will make also a TV station. And now I beg and ask this moment: Mr. president of the region of Central Macedonia, because they are saying they will address to all Macedonians and also the Thessalonikians, their announcement says, Mr. president of the region of Western Macedonia, gentlemen of the remaining secretariat of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace we had but was abolished (I complained then to Mr. Papandreou, and he told me "no, we will have a substitute". What substitute, there is nothing!). To whom we can address to tell us what is going to be with this? That is why we address to the Ministry of Interior and deputy ministers relevant to the media to tell us: is it true, such a radio station will be become in Meliti and by which the Skopian [sic] propaganda will be broadcast inside Greece, so they will create an issue in Macedonia, yes or no? If it is yes, then I and the youth, and anyone who wants to, I will say it like I feel it, I do not know what will happen, if we say yes and they do it, at least 40-50 buses must go there and together with our brothers in Florina and Meliti, we will destroy everything into broken glass and nails. Otherwise it is not possible to do the job differently . . .”

Let’s see if we can break it down and shed some light on it:

(1) “those who we have next to us are included”, refers to the ethnic Macedonians as part of the storm and identifies them as the culprits for the difficulties in their (Greek) lives.

(2) "in preparation is a radio station of the Skopians [sic] in Greece". The radio station of the “Skopians” in actuality is the station of the ethnic Macedonians living in Greece. They are the ones who have requested and are about to receive a permit to operate a radio station. This would be tantamount to, let us say for example, a minority group of Salvadorians requesting permission to open a radio station in their language in the USA. “Skopians” is the term he pejoratively uses for the people from the Republic of Macedonia.

(3) “to broadcast in their idiom”. By idiom he means language but because of prejudice and hate he reduces the Macedonian language to just an “idiom”, something of a diminished quality, and something of a lesser stature.

(4) “The president of the Florina municipality district of Meliti, Panagiotis Anastasiadis, who likes to be named also with a Skopian name [sic], announced a radio station that will broadcast in the slav-Macedonian idiom.”

Here, Anthimos inadvertently admits that the president of the Florina municipality likes to be named with a “Skopian name”, meaning his own original Macedonian name, forgetting in the process that perhaps, it was his predecessor who forced the conversion of his name into a Greek sounding one.

(5) He is accusing the president of the Florina municipality of making statements against Greece because he said: “we are ready to start the broadcast”.
Perhaps in Anthimos’ mind it must have sounded like: we are ready to start the revolution.

(6) “We have some of those who were left here since the Civil War period, as we call it, that difficult period, who did not leave to the other side and stayed here with us…”

You can almost feel the sadness oozing out of his thoughts as he reflects on the missed opportunity to drive the ethnic Macedonians out of the occupied territories. “Who did not leave”, (reminiscing regretfully), as they were being “politely nudged”, by burning their villages and killing off their inhabitants to go across the border.

(7) “So, those who stayed here or who took care to stay here, are now revolting.”
In other words, this ethnic Macedonians who were not driven out and who, despite all the repressive measures undertaken by the Greek government to exterminate them (yes, you read it correctly “exterminate” them), have survived, “are now revolting” by having a radio station that will broadcast news in their own language.

Wow! One would exclaim being stupefied by such a revolt against the Greek government. This Greek defender of democracy forgot to charge the ethnic Macedonians living in Greece, with another crime against Greece, namely using oxygen—a Greek invention and property—which naturally, is reserved for the Greeks by genus only.

(8) Those who stayed here “were brought up for many years with their condition.”
Perhaps, you are curious to know what he meant by “brought up for many years with their condition?” The “condition” he is referring to is the universal right called self identification which, to the Greek government is analogous to an infectious disease, a plague that ought to be avoided under any circumstances. That is the “condition” with which the ethnic Macedonians living in Greece are infected with.

(9) He appeals to the Ministry of the Interior to find out the truth about this radio station. If it is true then he wants:

“with the youth and anyone who wants to, with 40-50 buses must go there and together with our brothers in Florina and Meliti, we will destroy everything into broken glass and nails. Otherwise it is not possible to do the job differently . . .”

This is the second highest senior member of the Greek Orthodox Church who personally intends to lead a mob of volunteers on a mission to destroy everything into broken glass and nails of someone else’s private property. This is a religious leader whom you go to on Sundays to receive blessings from and into whose hands you have entrusted your children’s teachings and indoctrination into your Christian faith. Just for a moment pause, take a deep breath and reflect upon the gravity, upon the enormity and upon the consequences of such a call.

I am almost sure that we have witnessed similar calls for actions by other leaders of a different faith. I am also sure that your reaction to such calls was one of a total dismay and complete revulsion.

But one should not be surprised to hear statements from this religious leader that defy logic. Anthimos, the Metropolitan Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Thessaloniki (Solun), has shown his true colors in a few other occasions before.

On November 5, 2007, the Associate Press quoted him as saying: “Macedonia is Greece”. He also demanded that parts of it which are still missing should be “returned” to Greece, clearly referring to the part of Macedonia that belongs to the Republic of Macedonia.
He is on record claiming that “Macedonians as an ethnic group do not exist.”
Well then, your holiness, the disseminator of the God’s faith, if you claim that ethnic Macedonians do not exist, then, you do not have to undertake a military mission to search and destroy the radio station “to glass and nails” because there are no listeners as such.

Who are these infected with “their condition” people going to broadcast their “propaganda” to, if there are no listeners to receive it?

I find his behavior highly problematic. I find his views and attitude incomprehensible and deplorable for a simple reason: he is a religious leader, a man of God, a person with prestige and influence; a person entrusted with propagating the Orthodox faith. His preaching can have lasting impressions with far reaching consequences. As a member of the Orthodox faith I am embarrassed by his attitude and behavior.

My final thoughts:

To place the aforementioned episode of this Greek Metropolitan Bishop Anthimos in a proper context and measure the severity of prejudice and hate imbedded in its content, one ought to take the following realities into consideration: (a) that such malicious action is directed towards other fellow Christians in a supposedly “democratic” country and a member of the European Union, (b) that this episode is not some unverifiable occurrence from the middle ages, but happens today in an era of high technological advances in communications when almost everything gets exposed immediately, and (c) it is a call to physical destruction of property not by a law enforcement personnel but by a leader of the church.

And now, imagine if you will what these Greek religious leaders have done to the Macedonian minority in Greece in the early years of this century, when practically nobody was watching.

It should be born in mind that the salary of this bishop, who calls for destruction of somebody else’s property, is paid by the Greek government. Such is the life in today’s democratic Greece.

Until next time…

09-07-2011, 09:53 PM
Macedonians Abroad Request Immediate Annulment of Interim Accord

Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Jurists who have been consulted by the Macedonian government in relation to lawsuit against Greece before the Hague-based International Court of Justice must draw up a legal syllogism – proof, but what the government had accepted as legal arguments in this case is lack of knowledge.

This is the keynote of a column written by Marjan Popeski, lawyer and expert in international law, in which he clarifies his idea that Macedonia should file a motion for invalidation of the 1995 Interim Accord between Macedonia and Greece. His proposal has already won backing by Canada-based Committee for Democratization of Macedonia, which brought up an initiative to prove the meaninglessness of the interim deal.

The committee posted the motion to three legislators in the Macedonian parliament representing the Diaspora and they are expected to bring up the issue at a session.

The Ohrid-born lawyer claims the interim accord between Macedonia and Greece is not in line with the concept of jus cogens norms in the United Nations Charter, thus it is meaningless (Article 53 of the Vienna Convention on the Law on Treaties). Consequently, Article 5 of the Interim Accord is a meaningless norm and hence the interim consent is voided and has no legal action.

Furthermore, he quotes extracts from the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. The Convention provides (Article 53) that a treaty will be void if, at the time of its conclusion, it conflicts with a peremptory norm of general international law.

Jus cogens, the literal meaning of which is "compelling law," is the technical term given to those norms of general international law that are argued as hierarchically superior. The power of a state to make treaties is subdued when it confronts a super-customary norm of jus cogens.

The bottomline of Popeski's column is that „groudless intterim accord has no legal action and that Macedonia doesn't have to change its name.“


09-07-2011, 11:00 PM


Metropolitan. Methodius :

The interview with Mr.. Methodius, bishop responsible for the American-Canadian Diocese of the MOC - OA and also member of the Holy Synod, was motivated by numerous speculations and rumors of problems in the diocese. Mr. Methodius set a seemingly arrogant questions to get you more detailed and precise answers, I sincerely thank and who publish in full. Of course, Mr. Methodius, one of the younger bishops put him in the MOC and general questions on the recognition of the MOC and the situation in III and in Macedonia in general.

- Visokopreosveshteni Lord, with your entry into this American-Canadian Diocese, at the beginning you said that your priority wil be collecting youth wing of the church. Since then spent five years and younger are not yet in the church. What is the problem, whether priests, in you or whatever? publicly stated at the "Macedonian Roots" Tv.makedonski hour, that in those churches where young priests have more young visitors. Was that the only reason to change the old priests?

d. Methodius : I have five years of constantly trying to explain what it means to live young in the Church. And in the Gospel the Lord says: Do not defend the children to come unto me! That does not mean that we the Church need to do Disneyland for young people to primamime zalazheme or to come and participate. They should voluntarily and of his choice and spiritual need to feel the Church as their home. First, young people entering the church, it means they can begin to regularly attend religious services regularly to fast and pray, to practice, ready to partake of the Lord Mysteries. Finally, I agree with your impression, simply because it is unfair to many of our young people actively involved in the liturgical life, active in church societies and dance sections, and even the church authorities, who sacrifice their time and energy , and conclude that in this respect nothing has changed. Is not it obvious evidence of this example and the current Vice President of Eparhiskoto Assembly, which is a very good young man, an intellectual and a believer. As for personnel policy in the diocese, I'll say only that everyone is given a chance to prove and show. I do not distinguish between young and old priests, but among the priests who have successfully performed the mission and those who abuse their position.

- Your priority was also introducing religious education in our churches. Except in a few larger churches, where once there was, in other churches is nowhere to be maintained. What's the problem, old or young priests, whether it is disobedience, and whose is it?

d. Methodius : And it's a symptom. It is obvious that in general we lack optimism. The introduction of religious instruction and the Macedonian language in church schools is a process and it can not, or should happen overnight. Where necessary facilities and Sunday schools are working at full steam. But there our communities where the majority of the members are elderly people, and where simply not enough children to form classes. Also, I think it should be no obstructions usmerime to develop the administrative work of the Diocese and filling the vacuum of the previous decades in terms of communication, information and obligations as institutions have to state precisely the states, so that we can use the help that society provides to nonprofit organizations. The idea is, instead of blaming each other and ask why things orderly wines do not go well, to begin pousrdno, so besides Sunday school course where there are conditions to organize and church nurseries and much more above all religious activities, which will cover all age groups. The media in particular can help in this, the current defeatism zameninme to properly inform and obnaroduvanje very useful such initiatives.

- Do you think the traditional church gatherings to introduce new content, especially in the spiritual sphere?

d. Methodius : One such innovation is the church choirs smotrata that 3-4 years ago have introduced. Certainly we need to understand that the joint in the Church and the activities gravitate around the Church. Well, everything that we do not have a dominant spiritual and moral character. It excludes, of course, patriotic, sporting and cultural activities.

Innuendo to show disunity in the Church

- Your deacon Stephen banner on a public rally before more people and priests said that in this diocese will have more and Stefanovci Kirilovci. What does that mean? Are these previous hierarchs did nothing for this diocese priests or set wrong, so you now rectify their mistake?

d. Methodius : Absolutely wrong conclusion. First, the deacon Stephen neither position nor expressed something like this. Obviously, someone responds with false and malicious insinuations of the people meant to display any disunity in the top of the Church and to denigrate the excellent cooperation and personal friendship we cherish each other with His Eminence and grandfather Cyril . Especially with them, but with all the other brothers in the Holy Synod of Hierarchs. You should spend time digging that propaganda against the unity of our people and our Church.

- What are your plans with Archimandrite Arsenie who brought from Strumica and set in New York? Why are priests leave their jobs, and bring your people from Macedonia and whether it corresponds to the previous question?

d. Methodius : Archimandrite Arsenius came to America as the Strumica diocese clergy to pursue doctoral studies. Moreover, in the Church and your not my man, we are all Christ. His setting for the pastor of the parish in Queens is in compliance with the personnel policy that I as the bishop responsible AKMPE have in office. Priests currently on his parish without fault, nor want, and can not legally act as priests in America. If you care, you need to cater for all, and Archimandrite mentioned should not be an exception.

- Why America brought in a priest who was Vraniskovski apostate? Do not you fear that it can be done as another error with it, so you get a situation in the diocese to secede from the MOC?

d. Methodius : All clergy who seceded with apostate Vraniskovski been defrocked by the MOC and no place for them in the Church. That cleared things and these are only harmful misinformation.

And for me the price is too high Evangileieto

- A one and a half, for providing new Gospel of our churches, which are chargeable after $ 500.00. Did you think it is not to say, audacious high price for this people? Anyway, please let us explain the logic as it has come to the price of the Gospel?

d. Methodius : The logic is very simple. Cost is made ​​on consensus and voting Eparhiskoto diocesan Assembly and Executive Board. Maliciously sound and intonation even myself that I had something to someone charged. We are serious Diocese and should respect each other and the world does not respect and recognize. Although personally I think it is set too high a price.

- We hear that in Canada and America are collecting signatures against your performance against your decisions that you make, you do not agree with what was written against you. Therefore, you have immediate priests in Detroit called an extraordinary meeting and you are ordered to immediately take measures to deny this letter as untrue . What is truth and what untruth in all this ? Finally, in the Church, probably allowed a not dogmatic thinking if it comes to religion, but about organizational matters, right?

d. Methodius : What happened in Detroit was a regular session of the diocesan Executive Board and the meeting was attended by all members of the EUO. It is not a collection of priests by command or function in the meeting was to talk about writing. The meeting came a resolution that condemned the above letter as misleading, especially after it began to circulate, many signed the petition addressed to me or through personal phone calls and letters apologize and confirm that they were forged their signatures. This letter was not signed and is a decent act of perjury and arbitrariness that some of the ecclesiastical authorities of his meetings condemned even before that to do EUO. But we do not fight with ordinary things, but by forces podnebesjeto and the father of lies.

- Master Visokopreosveteni Why go every year in Macedonia three times and sit for two months? The apartment and all the expenses you paid on time. You are a member of the Holy Synod of the MOC, our information tells you never or rarely attend meetings Sinodskite. Why? And right you think that your absence from nearly six months a year to make large expenditures of the Diocese and our churches. Some of us, believers have the feeling that you do not understand that it is useful to sit here and resolve problems through our many churches, which in fact, believers and we pay you and priests?

d. Methodius : Me and the priests of this diocese I've make a living wage and do not deserve to be treated as mercenaries. It shows how little we have self-esteem. I go to Macedonia twice a year when we have plenary sessions of the Holy Synod, to which all the hierarchs need to attend. To discuss the presence or absence my sessions is insolence. I as a member of the Synod has committed and work well in committees and working groups, and individual responsibilities, and my going to Macedonia officially. The money paid for my accommodation is part of my salary and it should not be subject to charshiski gossip.

- What specific things Vashot deacon? Can not his job to take some of the parish priests do not have?

d. Methodius , nor deacon can work clerical work, nor vice versa. It has been established by the canons of the Holy Orthodox Church.

Do not justify breaking the fast

- As a hierarch, that is your opinion about fasting? We see that allow dirty dishes during the fast and did not react and did not oppose it. Line of least resistance, or have other, theological explanation?

d. Methodius : I bless disruption of fasting and insisted he absolutely be respected. And not just in fast food mrsnata, but fasting in lying and gossiping, perjury and fasting in hatred. Fasting is a means salvational human life. But fasting is also an expression of free will. And the Gospel says: He who fasts shall not condemn those who do fast and vice versa. Each will be responsible for their actions before God. Christianity is a faith in free people.

- When you go to vizitacija our churches across America and Canada and performs sacred worship, why take money from churches, which also pay your hotel bills? Did you pay by the Diocese, you have to use a car and you paid. Is it not contrary to yours, even as a monk, renunciation of avarice and whether it is against the material as irrelevant to the Church and especially its top officials?

d. Methodius : Even I'm embarrassed to hear such a lie. I for my visits to our churches, I never asked for money. He blames me for his avarice takes great sin of the soul. May God forgive him for that.

- With your coming to this duty, rather than solve problems, create new look. Could you explain that?

d. Methodius : The problems solved and created, but what worries me is the fact that the very widespread sport in our communities is more competition which will offend the bishop or priests. The church is a living organism is impossible no problems, just need all the mutual respect and good will to want to solve them. Otherwise if you teach it in advance, then if God himself came down to earth, He would be crucified again.

- When they came to this diocese as new parishes organize and where?

d. Methodius : The organization of new municipalities is not tied to my desires and ambitions, but the specific features of konkreni initiative committees. We have more churches in formation, but strategically wrong to open new fronts the first to take care of existing ones. Currently, the most important thing is to concentrate on reviving the churches in Florida, Arizona, in Montreal, etc., to be prepared for future extensions.

We should be concerned about external recognition of the MOC

- Are generally MOC-OA has entered into a severe spiritual crisis? Bishop Peter scandals in Australia are well known. Here also we have big problems though not to so sharp. In Macedonia the skandlot Vraniskovski not forget, because he was appointed bishop in exactly protezheata Holy Synod. The church has repeatedly proved to be excellent with every koketa power. And in communist and "democratic." Not once, not one bishop did not speak of poverty and unemployment that tishti people, which is the product of the authorities. Public kitchens and possibly other assistance are more the exception than the rule, and many of the bishops of the SAS, even the lower clergy, still enjoy great material wealth ..?

d. Methodius : fan passions are high, but is not sure whether to cheer or Samson the lion. Things can always be shown and made ​​black by this, but it does not serve our integrity as a church and as people. I already use with the parable of the holy man Paisios of Mount Athos. That human-fly and man-bee. If we want to see only evil, only evil and only seen in this world, it is our personal choice. Finally in the Gospel says: the world of evil lies. But in this world there are many pros and has a fundamental basis for optimism. This particularly applies to us Christians. Himself creating heaven and hell still here on earth. God's call should be aware not to be good and not to touch anything that will not be polluted.

- Are there bishops in SAS that reflect, in accordance with the canons and Eastern Orthodoxy, not to seek recognition from the SOC already on our holy Church? Finally, scholars know the truth, and everything else is politics. In such conditions, if you thought the union and communion with other Orthodox churches not recognized?

d. Methodius : These are two separate issues. First, the public and is well known that the SPC is currently occurring major internal turmoil and divisions. They are not willing to deal with foreign affairs for them when they have internal problems. In that sense, when one side has no capacity for negotiation, negotiations can not continue, and with them the denouement. Second, the MPC is in canonical position much better than any other recognized churches and fellowship with them we would only put a damper on those positions. We are a Church of apostolic preemsvo and if you have respect and recognize themselves, should not be afraid of recognition from the outside. And this primarily means keeping the original Orthodox faith as we passed by the holy apostles.

- As seen on church leadership lustration in Macedonia?

d. Methodius : I could only speak in my name because I am not entitled to any official opinion of the MOC SAS on this issue. Time anti-Macedonian propaganda and assimilationist policies of previous occupation once and for all ages to stop. In this sense, the example of all ex-communist countries, the law of lustration is extremely important catalyst to the process of clearing and the impact of defense against those who today do not want good for Macedonia. There should be no exemptions and exceptions to institutions and individuals in the application of this law.


09-08-2011, 12:57 AM

09-08-2011, 11:26 AM

Жесток судир на СМК и ОМД поради наградата за Глигоров

Наградата за животно дело на поранешниот претседател Киро Глигоров од организацијата Обединета македонска дијаспора (ОМД) е неприфатлива за најголемиот број Македонци и македонски заедници во светот, бидејќи не ја одразува нивната волја, смета Светскиот македонски конгрес (СМК). ОМД реши да го награди првиот македонски претседател по осамостојувањето по повод дваесетгодишнината од независноста на Македонија.

Неразбирлива е мотивацијата на организацијата ОМД за награда на Глигоров, кој во својот мандат наводно ја одвратил државата од погрешни потези кои можеле иднината на Македонија да ја одведат во несакан правец (?!), бидејќи тоа воопшто не е вистина. Почит кон функцијата што ја вршел, но грешките на Глигоров не ги покриваат ни 1000 години од независноста на државата Македонија", се вели во соопштението на Конгресот.

Од СМК наведуваат 14 причини зошто Глигоров не требало да ја добие наградата:
(1) во времето на распаѓањето на поранешна СФРЈ со босанскиот претседател Изетбеговиќ предлагаше платформа за асиметрична југословенска федерација;
(2) со Стојан Андов ја жртвува Владата на Никола Кљусев за да го спаси југословенството на Денко Малески од одговорност во Собранието;
(3) без образложение за мисијата поради која го именува, го смени Васил Тупурковски од специјален пратеник на претседателот на Републиката во Соединетите Американски Држави;
(4) со Стојан Андов го анулира гласањето во Собранието за членот 1 од Уставот на Македонија како држава на македонскиот народ и држава на рамноправни граѓани";
(5) без собраниска одлука декларира промена на државното име во: Република Македонија во загради Скопје";
(6) во 1992 година ги подели Македонците во светот формирајќи втор Светски Македонски Конгрес со Џон Битов од Канада како алиби за манипулација со емиграцијата заради промената на државното име и знаме;
(7) цели шест месеци по одлуката на Собранието во јули 1992 година не ја поднесе апликацијата на Македонија за прием во Обединетите нации се до обелоденувањето од пресот на портпаролот на генералниот секретар на ООН во јануари 1993 година дека Македонија се уште не поднела апликација за прием во Обединетите нации;
(8) со Бранко Црвенковски ја внесе Македонија во Обединетите нации под понижувачкото привремено обраќање Поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија";
(9) со Стево Црвенковски ја прифати македонско-грчката согласност од 13 септември 1995 година со којашто се суспендира една третина од Уставот на државата Македонија;
(10) ја суспендира грижата за положбата на државата Македонија за припадниците на македонскиот народ во соседните земји на републиката и за иселениците од Македонија;
(11) прифати промена на државното знаме на Македонија;
(12) беше претседател на држава без парламентарна опозиција и со партизирано судство од 1994 до 1998 година;
(13) направи груб атак врз уставниот поредок, во обид за суспензија на парламентарната демократија, осудувајќи го поразот на СДСМ како крај за демократијата во Македонија, барајќи од народот да не го остава сам" и
(14) им беше покритие на Бранко Црвенковски за криминалната приватизација на општествената сопственост со која се криминализира целото општество, и на Соња Николовска за пирамидалната штедилница ТАТ во Битола.

Глигоров: Ние немаме друга татковина освен Република Македонија
Првиот претседател на Македонија, Киро Глигоров, упати честитка до граѓаните на земјава по повод Денот на независноста, 8 Септември. Глигоров во честитката пишува дека одржаниот референдум пред 20 години значеше врв на борбите и стремежот на македонскиот народ за слобода и сопствена држава.

Иако меѓу последните на Балканот, Глигоров вели дека тоа македонскиот народ го направи длабоко свесен за сопствените права и идентитет.
- Огромно е задоволството што дваесетгодишниот јубилеј го чествуваме во слободна и суверена држава, национална држава на македонскиот народ и татковина на сите припадници на другите етнички заедници што живеат во државава, членка на ООН и рамноправен субјект во меѓународната заедница. Без оглед на величината и богатството, без оглед на тоа како е прифатена, дали е напаѓана или оспорувана, Македонија ни е една и единствена татковина. Таа е географски одредена со нејзините меѓународно признати граници. Ние немаме друга татковина. Затоа мораме да ја чуваме, да ја градиме и да се бориме за неа. Притоа е важно сите граѓани на Република Македонија еднакво да ја сакаат државата и да ја чувствуваат како своја татковина. Тоа е важна претпоставка за меѓусебно разбирање, дијалог и соработка, за меѓусебно почитување, толеранција и соживот. Таквите определби се традиционални на овие простори и се содржани како во Крушевскиот манифест, така и во асномските документи, потсетува Глигоров.
- Уште еднаш од се срце сакам да ви го честитам Денот на независноста на Република Македонија и да ви посакам добро здравје, семејна благосостојба и подобар живот, се вели во честитката на првиот претседател Глигоров.


09-14-2011, 10:10 AM
2011 Macedonian Film Festival


George S.
09-14-2011, 11:25 AM
umd are like lapdogs theu award people who sell us out.Kiro gligorov told the greeks we aren't macedonian we are slav.It's a slap in the face when he says we have no connection to the past.Also sold us out both on the name & flag.Looks like if you compromise & capitulate you will be awarded an award.Which ever you look at it gruevski is a traitor.

09-14-2011, 12:58 PM
UMD, is a computer science program - a small network of supporters aka family & relatives, a click

09-19-2011, 02:42 PM

George S.
09-19-2011, 04:24 PM
the ventilators are flying thick & fast at skopje.They should know that they don't need to accept the ventilator.The country chooses it's own flag not one which greece concocts for them.

09-19-2011, 08:21 PM
the ventilators are flying thick & fast at skopje.They should know that they don't need to accept the ventilator.The country chooses it's own flag not one which greece concocts for them.
Sadly, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia missed a HUGE chance today to make a human rights statement and if I was Athenian I would be very pleased to see so many Greek flags flying proudly in Skopje today.

09-25-2011, 10:12 AM
Australia’s official stance on Macedonia

By J.S.G. Gandeto


Even though I prefer to open my article with a suitable phrase - to grab your immediate attention - this time, I will begin my story with an impromptu question: If you ever find yourself in a time squeeze and are not sure how to proceed or how to react to a given situation, would you:

(a) Do what seems natural to you.
(b) Do what the majority of the people before you have done already.
(c) Take the advice of a fellow who has vested interest in the outcome or
(d) Consult as many scholars/experts on the field as possible before you make your decision.

Obviously, your first initial approach would be to read and understand the question being asked. Second, you would read and analyze the choices given. Next, you would eliminate some of the choices and finally, you would focus on one that, in your opinion, makes the most sense regarding the essence of the question being asked.

Considering the choices given:

Choice (a): Most likely you would not select choice "a" because the question does not allude to things being done instinctively, or on the spur of a moment without some consideration.

Choice (c): Chances are that you would stay away from this one because you may get suspicious and may question this fellow's hidden agenda or motives.

Choice (d): You would decline selecting choice "d" on the strength of the "time squeeze" constraint emphasized within the question itself, thus, the urgency of the decision to be made will preclude its selection. Here, the contrast is obvious; you do not have the luxury of time to indulge yourself in a time consuming research to consult all the experts in the field.

Therefore, your choice most likely would be "b"; do what the majority of people have done already.

In the article "Australia's official stance on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)" from September 13, sent to the American Chronicle by the so-called Australian Macedonian Advisory Council and written by certain Paul Kiritsis, their Executive Director, we find the following advice given to the Australian community in advance of the Republic of Macedonia's Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's visit to Australia scheduled for late October.

He is concerned that you, the citizens of Australia, could "erroneously" call the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name and not refer to her by the awkward and insulting acronym-imposed by Greece-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Since Mr. Kiritsis feels that:

"Many Australians have been misled by this continuous propaganda, their ignorance of history, unwillingness to take initiative and educate themselves, lack of conscientiousness and to an extent, anomalous inertness on the part of the Greeks, who remained calm and assured the past few decades because they supposed a culture based on erroneous beliefs could not possibly evade extinction. As a result, a climate conducive to dangerous activities has proliferated surreptitiously in both in Australia and abroad", he would like to prepare you and offer a lesson in history.

Since he finds you ignorant of history, unwilling to take initiative and educate yourselves and since you lack consciousness, he, Kiritsis takes it upon himself to educate, enlighten and advise you how to think and how to act when the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski from the Republic of Macedonia visits Australia in October.

In his letter of advice to you, the usual Greek propaganda lines are being repeated- ad nauseum- again. He is cautioning you not to offend the Greeks living in Australia by referring to Republic of Macedonia according to her constitutional name. In other words, you need not do what majority of the world's countries have done already; pay no heed to 126 countries of the world among which are: USA, Canada, Britain, China, India, Russia, Brazil and the rest, but rather listen to these Greeks who, with their incessant peevish complaints, have become the laughing stock of Europe.

In their overzealousness to appropriate the inheritance of the Ancient Macedonians and portray them as "Greeks", modern Greeks have demonstrated utter contempt not only for your intelligence and wisdom but also for the leading scholars of the world past and present. They have betrayed the writings of their "own" nineteenth century historians who saw the ancient Macedonians not as brethren but as conquerors of Greece (Roudometof 2000). They have unscrupulously usurped the reporting of the ancient Greek biographers themselves whose description of Greece never included the kingdom of Macedon . To them the boundaries of Greece extended from the Ambracian Gulf in the south to the river Peneus in the north (Strabo, Scylax, Dichaerchus, Scymnus, Dionysius). Are they also suggesting that Isocrates, in his letter to King Philip of Macedon, lied when he told Philip that his "ancestors left Greece entirely and found their kingdom among the people of non-kindred race"? Moreover, weren't the ancient Greeks pleading with the Romans to force King Philip V to evacuate from Greece ? (Pol. 16 and 18; Diod. 28. 5ff.; Livy 31-33; Plut. Flamininus). And when Rome defeated the Macedonians didn't they proclaim the liberation of all the Greek cities? (Polybius, xviii,46,5).

Numerous epitaphs do testify and serve as a somber reminder that Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks were two distinct and quite antagonistic neighbors who were embroiled in constant squabbles and disputes ranging from territorial disagreements to form and style of government. Consider the following epitaph for the ancient Greek hero Demosthenes:

“O, Demosthenes, if your strength was equal to your wisdom, Greece would have never been enslaved by a Macedonian Ares.”

Or perhaps you prefer these few preserved lines that unambiguously testify to the veracity of our claim regarded the ancient Macedonians as brethren:

“With the fallen Hellenes at Chaeronea was buried the freedom of Greece.”

No amount of propaganda can erase the meaning of these lines; Greeks at Chaeronea were fighting the Macedonians "to safeguard the liberty of Hellas ". No amount of half-truths can suffice and overcome these incontrovertible facts; Ancient Macedonians conquered the ancient Greeks and kept them under the Macedonian yoke for centuries. Garrisons, which are sure sign of servitude, are not stationed in your own country; "As long as Chalcis , Corinth and Demitrius, the fetters of Greece , are garrisoned by the Macedonians, there will be no freedom for the Greeks."

In lieu of these and plethora of other irrefutable facts how do you justify your claim that Macedonia was always Greek? What idiosyncratic sinister drives possessed your soul to assume that lies can be passed over as truth? Or do you suppose, with your twisted logic, that others are ignorant, uneducated and without conscience (I forgot that you do) and that you, perched on your broken Greek marble, can dispose the truth as you see fit?

(Do you ever consider that your pervasive and barbaric attacks on our Macedonian identity will have lasting and negative, detrimental consequences for generations to come and that your bigoted, racist attitude towards our ethnicity has planted seeds of mistrust, prejudice and hate to last another five hundred years? When will you grow up? When will you realize and come to your senses that we, the ethnic Macedonians want nothing from you that does not belong to us. Is asking for permission to visit the graveyards of our beloved departed grandparents too much? Is asking to be allowed to freely use our Macedonian language at home and in schools too hard to comprehend? And when we declare that we are ethnic Macedonians, is it really up to you to decide what we can or cannot call ourselves?).

I am profoundly puzzled as to how you Greeks present these facts to your students? Will you ever reconcile and tell the truth for once? Aren't you the only country in the world that celebrates its conqueror?

Be reminded that slogans history do not make. Be reminded that historical truth presented to serve domestic market will not find a fertile ground abroad. You can twist the truth, slip and slide around the facts, lie to your own people and demonize your neighbors but at the end you will suffer the inevitable defeat; you will drown into your own manipulative lies.

Mr. Kiritsis who thinks that you are ignorant of history continues:

"At this time, I will not engage you with a lengthy dissertation on historical truth. Any historian or scholar involved in serious critical inquiry will honestly disclose that the history of Macedonia (the geographical region) is an integral part of Greek history and that its actors were the Macedonian Greeks, from before Alexander the Great to the Greeks of the Byzantine Empire and the contemporary ones (http:/ /macedonia-evidence.org/).

Those who can, indeed, do engage in a lengthy dissertation of historical truth-they provide evidence to back up their claims. Those who cannot, refer you to websites.

Contrary to what Mr. Kiritsis alludes in the passage above that ancient Macedonia is an integral part of Greece , the evidence points to the opposite direction and cannot support such an elusive act. Greece occupied historic Macedonia for the first time in 1912, 1913 with the Balkan Wars. Never before that date did Greece ever claim Macedonia as part of Greece. Fact is that Greece maintained a consular office in Salonica prior to 1913. Countries do not open a consular office in their own cities; do they? Similarly, one is hard pressed to find evidence for the newly created designation "Macedonian Greeks" before 1986. Who were these people who kept silent over their dual ethnicity? Why were they hiding? Do Australians know or remember of any such designation prior to 1986? Can these Greeks provide a shred of evidence for this ethnic description? Isn't it a grotesque lie?

Fact is that Greece in her drive to exterminate the ethnic Macedonians has lost her political compass, is perilously close to losing her credibility and is dangerously manipulating the truth to her own populace. It is true that with her protracted campaign against the Republic of Macedonia , she is winning some minor skirmishes here and there, but truth is also, that you do not stop the bleeding of a severed aorta with a Band- Aid application.

Instead of reading and listening to your own Australian son, professor A. B. Bosworth, who says that the Greeks with Alexander in Asia were known for their absence from any major battle, the Greek Advisory Council in Australia wants to educate you and give you a "proper" guidance of protocol - the Greek style. Their laughable attempt to appropriate the ancient Macedonian Kingdom and steal the Macedonian legacy is an attempt to disrespect, obfuscate and denigrate world Academic Institutions.

The ancient kingdom of Macedon has nothing to do with Greeks. Alexander and his father Philip looked down upon these Greeks with utter contempt. Ancient Greeks have nothing in common with this mongrel race of residuals that inhabit Greece today.

Author after author, being disenchanted with modern Greeks' behavior and attitude, have depicted them as an agglomeration of Albanians, Vlachs, Slavs and Turks. Their violations of human rights of the ethnic Macedonians living in Greece and their continuous persecution and torment of them is a tantamount to thumbing their nose at the United Nations' universally established and accepted human rights codes of conduct and principles. In their path to procure documents, secure evidence or manufacture new one to support their inadmissible claims, these people will resort to corruption, deceit and willful endangerment of the well-being of anyone who dares to challenge their stands.

The world is simply tired of their fake concern about the name. It is amply transparent that their crocodile tears about the name are just a front to blur and deflect the real attention from the gist of their crime; the continuous denial of existence of ethnic Macedonians living in Greece whose human rights are being daily violated and whose existence as people is being threatened. That is the real issue with Greece today. These ethnic Macedonians are the real thorn in Greece 's behind because they expose and reveal to the world that democracy in Greece is a total farce. The inhumane treatment of the Macedonian minority in Greece is slowly but gradually emerging as a colossal problem for them that must be addressed sooner than later.

I know and strongly believe that Australians are quite able to separate the truth from fiction and act accordingly. I also know and wholeheartedly believe that Australia will soon join the majority of the countries of the world and refer to the Republic of Macedonia by its chosen constitutional name.

A memorable encounter (20)

From Metz Epitome 53-62.

King Porus of India responds to Alexander's emissary's message to bring tribute and hostages to Alexander and meet him at the boundaries of his kingdom:

“Porus, King of India, has this to say to Alexander: No matter who you are -and I am told that you are a Macedonian -it is better for you to remain at a distance and to reflect upon your own misfortunes rather than envy another. Porus is undefeated up to this time, and Darius caused me no alarm. So, imbecile, don't give me orders. Just set one foot in my territory with hostile intent and you shall learn that I am king of India, that none but Jupiter is my master.”

I brought this passage up for only one reason and that is to emphasize the fact that even people of so far away places, like India , knew who the Macedonians were. Greek web sites inform that when Persians came in contact with the Macedonians, they described them as Greeks: “Yauna takabara”, the "Greeks with sun hats", a reference to the Macedonian headwear. Fair enough. Now let us go to Herodotus the man who should know a thing or two about the Macedonians, and see what he had to say about the Persian arrival in Greece .

He states that the Thessalians were the first Greeks to fall under Persian control in 480-79 B.C. (Hdt. 7.130). Fact is also that Persian army was in Macedonia since 492 B.C. (Hdt. 6.42-45), which gives Herodotus more than a decade's time to recognize that the "Greeks" in Macedonia , the "Yauna takabara," were the first Greeks to fall under Persian rule. That did not happen because Herodotus knew better; he did not place ancient Macedonians under Greek ethnic umbrella.

The Theft of a King – Who Stole Alexander
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6856-0
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

By Gandeto, J.S.G.

1. What is the book about?

The book centers on Alexander the Great and the Ancient Macedonians’ ethnicity. It elaborates topics related to the differences between the ancient Macedonians and the ancient Greeks and attempts to dispel the modern notion – one originating in the 19th century and thereafter propagated by some western authors – that ancient Macedonians “were” Greeks. Also, in the book the reader will find glimpses of today’s dispute between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece regarding the name of the Republic of Macedonia, in essence, what lies hidden behind this carefully orchestrated Greek problem with the name. Readers will have a chance to get acquainted with modern-day Balkan politics where deep-rooted historical intrigues, stereotyping and ingrained prejudices do justice for tolerance and rational thought.

The book offers glimpses into our continuous struggle to return Alexander to his rightful place - among his Macedonian kinsmen. Yes, it is a feeble voice in the dark, but a voice nevertheless, that isn't going to die any time soon. Through the topics discussed in the book, the reader will have a chance to see and understand the other side of the story. In the words of Marquez Garcia, "Our enemies have crushed many roses before but they haven't succeeded in stopping the spring from coming."

Compelling questions:
..If Alexander the Great was a Greek king, why would he dismiss his own "Greek" troops in the middle of his Asian campaign in 330 B.C.? (Arr. III.19.6-7; Plut. Al. 42.5; Diod. XVII.74.3-4; Curt. VI.2.17).

Why would Greeks in the mainland, supposedly his own people, rebel against him?

Why would the Greeks call the Lamian War a "Hellenic War" if they were fighting the Macedonians?

2. Why did you decide to write it?

My main objective was twofold: to bring to the forefront the differences between the ancient Macedonians and the ancient Greeks and to shed some light on much overlooked and, by some authors largely ignored, facts about the ethnicity of the ancient Macedonians.

I could no longer stay silent in lieu of such incontrovertible evidence left to us from the ancient chronographers that clearly distinguished and separated the ancient Macedonians from the ancient Greeks. I felt compelled to respond to the blatant and dishonest manipulation of historical evidence in order to circumvent and subvert the universally declared human rights covenants and obligations.

3. How did you get your book published?

A friend of mine suggested Outskirts Press as a reputable vehicle to reach my audience; I’m glad I did.

4. What types of readers will be interested in your book?

I would be happy if today’s younger generation gets a “whiff” of the twisted political winds in the Balkan and understand how distortions and manipulations of historical facts can be used for political gains.

5. What is special about your book? What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

What separates this book from other books in the same category is the blunt straight forward – no gloves – attitude. There is no glossing over, no need to look for clues hidden in between the lines or sugar-coating politically correct terms. If I have perceived historical distortions being sold as fact, I have described them as lies; if unsupported of evidence claims are propagated as truths, I called them fabrications; if historical injustice has been committed, I find no acceptable reason to remain silent regardless of socio-political consequences. Conscience compels me to act and stand against all social injustices.

If modern day Greeks succeed in their diplomatic offensive to convince the world that Alexander the Great and his Macedonians were actually Greeks, then such a verdict may accomplish two things: (a) prove that historical evidence can be ignored (and in this case it would be), that records can be manipulated and subverted, and (b) inflict irreparable damage to the confidence and the faith entrusted in the hands of scholars and academic institutions world wide. Such a verdict will amount to nothing less than the theft of a king. On the other hand, if justice prevails, as it should, then we may safely conclude that Alexander and his legacy would continue to rest among his Macedonians whom he considered his natural kinsmen and with whom he shared his troubles, setbacks, sufferings and pain as well as jubilation in his victories.

6. Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

Yes, I have. In 2002 I published The Ancient Macedonians – Differences between the Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks, One Golden Ray upon the Rock, a novel in 2005 and The Wolves of Trapper’s Bluff in 2007.

I most certainly will continue to write.

The book is available through most of the book stores;

J.S.G. Gandeto was born in Lubojno, Macedonia. Educated at Ss Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He immigrated to United States and continued his studies at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan and Nova South-Eastern University in Fourth Lauderdale, Florida where he received his post graduate degrees. He recently completed his 29th year as an educator and has since retired and is continuing to pursue his passion in writing. In 2002 he published his first book Ancient Macedonians - Differences between Ancient Macedonians and the Ancient Greeks. In 2005 he published the romantic novels One Golden Ray upon the Rock and in 2007, The Wolves of Trappers Bluff.

In the Macedonian Language he has published the following novels: Spasa's Light in 2004, Saraf in 2009 and Rosamarina's Grave in 2010. Book of poems Muabeti in 2003, poemata Ko Jagne in 2005 and Majka -Egejka in 2009. Currently, he is preparing for publication his latest novel Folded Impressions.

Articles by Risto Stefov:


Free electronic books by Risto Stefov available at:


Our Name is Macedonia


09-27-2011, 11:41 AM
Промоција на Современ македонско грчки речник во Лерин, 17,09,2011 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp39X3c9dZQ)

George S.
09-27-2011, 03:43 PM
no greek nazis around only microfone noizes.

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Macedonian Events Australia

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au auuu! Strip tease! hahah

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Macedonian Film Festival
Hey Fans! Opening night VIP party tickets are SOLD OUT!! Tickets to the films only now on sale online and at the Hoyts box office in Melbourne Central!

Tickets are also now available at the box office at Hoyts Highpoint, Hoyts Northland and Hoyts Woden.

10-26-2011, 06:03 PM
Slobodan Tomik & Slavko Mangov

George S.
10-26-2011, 06:08 PM
macedonian film festival should be ok.

10-27-2011, 03:01 PM
MMKUD "Nikola Karev" in defense of Jordan Mitev

27 OCTOBER 2011

Appalled by the article and the way it was published in the web page and Facebook group estradnata "Mura" in Bitola, we Administration, membership and all the supporters and supporters of the Macedonian Youth Association "Nikola Karev" in Melbourne, Australia condemn this insidious act and openly, without prejudice niikakvi stand in defense and protection of high authority and reputation he has achieved here in Australia our mega star - Jordan Mitev.

You dear Lord, with your reckless, immature and jealous move him preparing to degrade and obezlichite Jordan Mitev, believe that the Macedonian public judgments themselves, why it's misunderstood and hurt feelings of the Macedonian wise and honest people who knows and is able to appreciate, preserve and delivering the best.

Without a bit of a guilty conscience and human dignity accused Jordan Mitev for his song "guide star" and it's called the "Plagiarism", and that chorus is stolen from a song Pupinoski.

What irony ..... you truly regrettable, because with your baseless accusations are very low and drop miserable.

You gentlemen, when I forgot the presence in Australia, in 2009 ispofalivte that you nadmudrile Vojo Stojanovski and his song ready before you shoot, you are dokopale to that song and you took illegally.

With regard to your likeness as "she" in public "support me and to kopilevo posmeam of ku.vana."

Goal was to Jordan with a degrading your immature, stupid venture through song.

But obviously the problem is quite different nature.

When I saw how well the authority and Jordan reached the concerts in Australia, in September, you are offered Jordan to be your partner together to stay in Australia to welcome the New 2012 to all fruit pozhneete values ​​through Jordan, but since Jordan does not accept your offer, and guess at the same time to maintain concerts, on the one hand you, on the other side Jordan Mitev and the beautiful and talented young singer Gonxha Gogov, who are afraid not to fall into shadow, why Jordan and Gonxha with their beautiful voices and perfect their talent won the hearts of all Macedonians in Australia!

The management of M.M.D. Nikola Karev

Secretary SS Karbunichanec

MK - Congratulations, to the Macedonian Youth Association "Nikola Karev" in Melbourne, Australia ..

01-17-2012, 01:25 AM
Goceva Komitska Vecer (Toronto)


02-05-2012, 12:19 PM
Goce Delcev Night (Toronto, Canada)


- Organization, Obedineti Makedonci is headquartered in Toronto founded in 1959 is far and for many years represented the interests and needs of the large Macedonian community (200,000 plus) in Kanada.


02-07-2012, 12:56 AM
United Macedonians of Canada ~ Goce Delcev Night (2012) - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7a9w4AWeZE)

02-13-2012, 01:31 AM
Bufsko Oro za Kocho Nitchov - Banitza Valentines 2012 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYR_pvRWO_g)

Pesna za Mirka Ginova - Banitza Valentines 2012 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roeXi5sXEY0)

02-13-2012, 01:41 AM
Australian Government announces policy shift and recognises Macedonian community

02-23-2012, 02:18 PM
ANYONE, who thinks on-line petitions help in any way should do their homework first rather than waste our time. If, you really want to help the Macedonian cause contact your member of parliament DIRECTLY!! We, have a new Macedonian organization based in Washington DC. who loves to use those types of numbers (100,000) to FALSELY claim those are numbers of Macedonians they represent in diaspora .. 100% misinformation.

03-11-2012, 05:45 PM
International Day at CFB Borden ~ March 8, 2012 (Macedonia) - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqlKsN-1MZk)

George S.
03-17-2012, 05:19 PM
hardly anything at all on the umd site.The critical discourse items have been omitted.Deliberately!!

04-19-2012, 04:26 PM

UMD, have member's that belong to the "Freemasons". Now, let me remind everyone once again that those persons interests are strictly with the "Freemason$". If, anyone of those person(s) donates towards the UMD do you think they have personal agenda's and how that could be very dangerous for the rest of us? NWO

04-19-2012, 04:28 PM
hardly anything at all on the umd site.The critical discourse items have been omitted.Deliberately!!
$200 a person dinner is more important than murders .. what, on God's green earth can the president of Macedonia say for the first time .. klekni?

05-20-2012, 07:02 PM
A. Continue to do nothing B. Stand up

06-20-2012, 02:51 PM


06-20-2012, 11:30 PM
remove pls

07-03-2012, 01:01 PM

MACEDONIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM - LONG LIVE OUR GLORIOUS MACEDONIA - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waXosXfQZVo&feature=player_embedded)

07-26-2012, 09:24 PM
United Macedonians of Canada since 1959 - http://www.unitedmacedonians.org/events/Ilinden2012_forwebsite.pdf


08-02-2012, 06:19 AM
Vojo Stojanoski - Ilinden - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdxOi_HIRCE)

08-02-2012, 08:04 PM
EGEJCI - Expellees from Aegean MACEDONIA

EGEJCI - expellees from Aegean MACEDONIA - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePjoh-593g0&feature=related)

George S.
08-02-2012, 09:26 PM
Right on mk the vids were great.

08-16-2012, 08:18 PM
right on mk the vids were great.
sadly, people (?) in the umd (NE PISMENI LUGE) continue to deny that secret societies play any role in the macedonia-athens issues .. 100% false because they do!

08-25-2012, 07:50 PM

08-29-2012, 08:55 PM

08-31-2012, 08:54 PM
American Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese
38th Annual Macedonian Orthodox Church Convocation


2012 Host Church
Macedonian Orthodox Church “Nativity of Virgin Mary”
43123 Ryan Road
Sterling Heights, MI, 48314
Phone - (586) 323-4190

August 31, 2012 - September 2, 2012

08-31-2012, 09:08 PM

George S.
09-04-2012, 04:02 PM
thank goodness there are orgs like that around.

09-06-2012, 07:47 PM
thank goodness there are orgs like that around.
MHRMI/AMHRC, will outlast most other Macedonian organizations because they have ONE MAIN FOCUS and don't take on new things (Washington Walk of Fame) unless they have the resources in place.

10-02-2012, 11:02 PM
Prof. Tashko D. Belchev - Canadian Macedonian Historical Society - Toronto 1995 - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lmoy40r67Y&feature=related)

George S.
10-03-2012, 12:07 AM
there's a lot of causes but the one to improve the human rights of indigenous people like macedonian have to be at the top.

10-03-2012, 09:16 AM
there's a lot of causes but the one to improve the human rights of indigenous people like macedonian have to be at the top.
Sadly, a few people have been mislead by the UMD with false claims of Macedonian Human Rights. From, day ONE they have accepted the "Ventilator" which is a HUGE violation of Macedonian Human Rights.

They, will wake up from their coma but it's already game over for them in the next few years (10 max)

MHRMI http://www.mhrmi.org/


AMHRC http://www.macedonianhr.org.au/

George S.
10-03-2012, 03:56 PM
Mk i they cared enough they wouldn't seeking second best of anything.They are accepting the very thing they are supposed to be defending & holding dear in their hearts.I literally fell off my chair when i read that greece govt told their secret greek secret service to put a watchfull eye as the umd is the most dangerous organization of Fyrom, i fell off my chair laughing MK.

10-03-2012, 04:13 PM
they are accepting (VENTILATOR) the very thing they are supposed to be defending & holding dear in their hearts.
golem rezil!

anyone, care to bet soon you will see them use both EXCEPT when government officials are in the house? (whitehouse fear factor)



- alex, we don't want to upset anyone (USA)


Many, years ago I told the UMD (so many things i lost track) rather then looking VERY stupid and giving the highest "Goce Delcev Award" to US politicians you should be giving one to James Saunders in Toronto which thank God he's still alive to receive it yet they make ZERO mention of the award.

10-10-2012, 05:50 PM
Good work MHRMI!! Though, I think criticism of the name negotiations should be primarily directed towards the Macedonian Government.
Yes, I agree Macedonians must blame only those willing to play this cat and mouse game - Republic of Macedonia Government.


The, ROM government have been FORCED by secret societies to continue and I have been told (NWO) they'll NEVER accept the name "Republic of Macedonia" .. nothing to do with Athens. (1912)

10-10-2012, 05:58 PM
The, ROM government have been FORCED by secret societies to continue and I have been told (NWO) the'll NEVER accept the name "Republic of Macedonia" .. nothing to do with Athens.Yeah look, I think that's absolute nonsense. There is no world conspiracy against Macedonia. Claiming some sort of conspiracy from "secret societies" not only makes no sense, but is another way of denying Macedonian responsibility, incompetence and the slave mentality that exists there.

10-10-2012, 06:00 PM
Yeah look, I think that's absolute nonsense. There is no world conspiracy against Macedonia. Claiming some sort of conspiracy from "secret societies" not only makes no sense, but is another way of denying Macedonian responsibility, incompetence and the slave mentality that exists there.

Tom, you must trust me on this bato the NWO controls Macedonia led by George Soros (Mr. Wiki Everything)

Deny? Macedonian Truth :)

10-10-2012, 06:03 PM
Tom, you must trust me on this bato the NWO controls Macedonia led by George Soros.

Deny?Who/What is the NWO? George Soros - what does he control? Who does he control? What about everything that does not go the way he wants it to? How is that control? Do you know how many people there are in the world? Do you know how many competing interests there are? Do you know how incompetent people are?

If you actually believe what your saying, then you must know a lot about it. Explain it to us in detail and provide some evidence to back it up.

10-10-2012, 06:08 PM
Who/What is the NWO? George Soros - what does he control? Who does he control? What about everything that does not go the way he wants it to? How is that control? Do you know how many people there are in the world? Do you know how many competing interests there are? Do you know how incompetent people are?

If you actually believe what your saying, then you must know a lot about it. Explain it to us in detail and provide some evidence to back it up.

This, is only one VERY SMALL part of the New World Order .. tons on them.

George Soros, Puppet Master - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPLm0-uAZbs)

George Soros The New Global Leader? - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVJnC0MAIGE&feature=related)

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Season 1) - Secret Societies (Bilderberg) - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyCszON8duw)

Q. How, many people control the world?

10-10-2012, 06:28 PM
MK, without going into all the BS, the question was in relation to Macedonia. You claimed that "secret societies" and george soros control Macedonia and that it is them that want it to change its name.

10-10-2012, 06:36 PM
MK, without going into all the BS, the question was in relation to Macedonia. You claimed that "secret societies" and george soros control Macedonia and that it is them that want it to change its name.
Tom, who do you think divided Macedonia countries like England and Germany? NOPE

Now, they will admit it was a mistake and accept a country? I DON'T MAKE THE RULES!

10-10-2012, 06:39 PM
Tom, who do you think divided Macedonia countries like England and Germany? NOPE

Now, they will admit it was a mistake and accept a country? I DON'T MAKE THE RULES!MK, explain it all to us and provide some evidence. Give us names, dates, money trails etc.

10-10-2012, 06:41 PM
Tom, you're a very wise young man to deny these "secret societies" can't control a TINY COUNTRY you need to research these groups because they're real.

10-10-2012, 06:43 PM
MK, explain it all to us and provide some evidence. Give us names, dates, money trails etc.
Wikileaks, will NOT provide that data because they're controlled by George Soros. (guilty)

He, pays all sides of everything with money .. he, loves conflict

10-10-2012, 06:43 PM
Tom, you're a very wise young man to deny these "secret societies" can't control a TINY COUNTRY you need to research these groups because they're real.So you don't actually know anything? Are you just repeating rumours you heard?

10-10-2012, 06:46 PM
So you don't actually know anything? Are you just repeating rumours you heard?
ok tom you believe what you want and who holds macedonia back - greece

10-10-2012, 06:48 PM
ok tom you believe what you want and who holds macedonia back - greeceHave you got any details/evidence to offer or not? How do you know that secret societies control Macedonia?

Do you want to know who really holds Macedonia back? Its the Macedonians themselves.

10-10-2012, 06:58 PM
Do you want to know who really holds Macedonia back? Its the Macedonians themselves.
yes, but sadly when it comes to world matters they're only bit players in the goal to control everything.


10-10-2012, 07:00 PM
yes, but sadly when it comes to world matters they're only bit players in the goal to control everything.

ILLUMINATI RULE THE WORLDAgain MK, do you have any details/information about how the NWO/secret societies/illuminati control Macedonia or not? You've been on here long enough to know that we don't accept rumours and baseless claims, particularly ones as ludicrous as this. Either post up what you know and provide whatever evidence you have, or stop repeating what is plainly a silly conspiracy theory that ranks below most charsiski muabeti.

10-10-2012, 07:02 PM
1/3 - BILDERBERG EXPOSED in EU Parliament Press Conference: Mario Borghezio MEP, Daniel Estulin - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmhiGy2VPmc)

2/3 - BILDERBERG EXPOSED in EU Parliament Press Conference: Mario Borghezio MEP, Daniel Estulin - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cP49b2u6uI)

3/3 -BILDERBERG EXPOSED in EU Parliament Press Conference: Mario Borghezio MEP, Daniel Estulin - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki8gXV88wng)

George S.
10-11-2012, 02:50 PM
Mk i don't buy it completely just because george soros makes a donation to macedonia doesn't mean he actually controls macedonia.Not as much as countries like germany ,france & england.Why because i remember the greek president back in the 1990's was on a mission of unrelentless lobbying with the various key players that was president Mitsotakis,that's why we have been vetoed all the way because the key players of veto are with greece remember at the time greece was the presidential canditate of the eu.So one of the things it did was to convince the countries about fyrom & that it should not be suported.Over time this has evolved into nato so we are not accepted in 2 spheres.Also you mention about secret societies i don't doubt that some would be agains't macedonia but if they are supporting greece in some way even if its verbal historical truth then due to allready stablished ideas & things everyone assumes from the greek model.So it's kind of jumping the gun there George soros,then secret societies & avoiding the major players in the eu.Is like avoiding the plague.So please provide evidence of george soros can give aid of a couple hundred million & influence macedonia to that extent & how are secret societies doing their thing please explain.

10-12-2012, 01:22 AM

10-12-2012, 01:23 AM
Mk i don't buy it completely just because george soros makes a donation to macedonia doesn't mean he actually controls macedonia.

george, someone in the macedonian government told this to me as long as i didn't say who told me .. he was involved with original flag $$$ transaction with gligorov (sold)


look, we can't change the past i tell you this only because as macedonians .. where do we go next?

George S.
10-12-2012, 01:39 AM
MK i read one of the articles that the flag was sold for as much as $40 million dollars.The name would probably fetch higher butmaybe they are waiting for the right amount.The greeks allways beleive they can buy people out no matter what.
Tom's right that the most dangerous thing for the macedonians have been the macedonians themselves.The evidence is out there of an enslaved people with that mindset.I suggest you read that post as it is very eye opening written by Tom.This is the major cause that is preventing a revolution taking place .This particular mindset once lifted will enable the macedonians to free themselve once & for all .Macedonians can be running their lives & make their own decisions for a change.There other things in interfeering & influencing macedonian affairs but the mindset one is the only deliberating one it paralyses the macedonian into a stupor of non activity.They can't think about things like freedom.With the removal of the mindset from the macedonian people it's like a door opening to a whole host of opportunities one such is freedom of oppression & from tyranny & then by a revolution the people can start reclaiming the human rights they need so badly as the countries they are living in won't give to them.Read Tom's article the slave mentality which talks about the real cause of macedonia's problem & you will come out with a different outlook on things.Also i'm not sure if you have read the acedonian cause as defined by the MTO,that is an eye opener as one sees how far oof the mark macedonians have strayed ,we have some that think they are helping macedonia's interest when they are anti macedonian.You should know by the example the umd has set & has really become anti macedonian because it has strayed from the macedonian cause,you look at their actions & you will see i'm right.

10-12-2012, 01:33 PM

50th Anniversary Gala Banquet for the Registration of St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church in Toronto, Canada. We will be honouring all Past-Presidents and sections of St. Clement. We will have a presentation of pictures and video from 1962 and later. We ask anyone who has any pictures or video of the early years, from forming of the committee in 1962 to the construction in 1964, and any St. Clement related activities since 1964. Tickets are only $50 per adult, $15 per child up to age 12. Music by Biser.

George S.
10-12-2012, 05:44 PM
MK have you tried the macedonian canadian historical society they are sure to have a few photos of old.Sounds like a nice event.

10-13-2012, 09:35 PM

10-20-2012, 01:13 PM
Freemasony from Inside - Masons revealing secret practices and lodge activity - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a30lR_zb4o&feature=related)

George S.
10-20-2012, 03:13 PM
aren't the free masons mean't to do good.Or they just evil societies.?

10-20-2012, 11:04 PM
aren't the free masons mean't to do good.Or they just evil societies.?
No, the Freemasons want total control much like Hitler and use financial resources to get what they want. I, guess if you're a member it's good for their bank account but to all the rest .. evil 666.

11-19-2012, 06:54 AM


12-14-2012, 01:33 PM
those are secret oligarchic societies that are forces in modern history in Macedonia as well they need to be rooted out whereever they are found

George S.
12-14-2012, 05:24 PM
ever since macedonia got partitioned in 1913.There has been people & orgs wanting to destroy macedonia.That is to oblitirate it from the face of the earth.

01-16-2013, 03:49 PM
UMD "sugar daddy" Philip Reeker is a racist!

Washington disappointed with "some leaders" Balkans

"The United States is a little disappointed by some political leaders who shift the focus of attention in their countries of important things, and for their own programs," said Reeker

U.S. Assistant Deputy Secretary of State Philip Reeker today Brussels briefing at the U.S. embassy said Washington was disappointed with the actions of "some leaders" in our region. "U.S. little disappointed by some political leaders with their behavior shift the focus of attention in their countries of important things, and their own programs. In this sense, can be considered in 2012 as a year of disappointment for some things, "said the head of the State Department for the Western Balkans. Rucker, a former U.S. ambassador to Skopje yesterday for meetings with the European External Action Service, the European Commission and NATO. He praised the commitment of the European Union in respect of the Republic of Macedonia. "Macedonia has a special challenge in relations with Greece. European Commission to adjust this case and find a way to Macedonia to raise affordable high-level dialogue (cool), which will allow while searching for a solution to the name issue, continue the approach of Macedonia in the Union, and it applies for membership NATO, "Reeker emphasized. Assistant Deputy Secretary of State conveyed Washington's concern over the nationalist rhetoric of politicians in Albania, emphasizing that populism and nationalist messages do not help to create jobs and economic development.

George S.
01-16-2013, 09:49 PM
compromise & capitulate is not the answer to enter the eu.If it were what is greece compromising on nothing they get to monopolise the name.Just like everything else.

01-16-2013, 10:02 PM
compromise & capitulate is not the answer to enter the eu.If it were what is greece compromising on nothing they get to monopolise the name.Just like everything else.
that tenake is BEST known for alcoholic beverages at taxpayers expense. can, you say wine and cheese?

01-25-2013, 12:37 AM

George S.
01-25-2013, 12:53 AM
mk is the wine & cheese from macedonia??

01-25-2013, 03:10 AM
mk is the wine & cheese from macedonia??

Not, sure maybe Macedonia, Ohio USA? George, UMD got you too? United Macedonians of Canada is NOT UMD. You, think I would help those morons? NEVER!



The United Macedonians Organization of Canada (Macedonian: Организација Обединети Македонци) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1959 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada addressing the interests and needs of the Macedonian community of Canada. The organization also supports the human rights of the Macedonian minorities in Greece and Bulgaria, and promotes the idea of a United and Free Macedonia.


01-25-2013, 08:20 PM

George Mladenoff (Bulgarfil) uses a name from the MPO (Makedonska Tribuna) and UMD uses the name of the "United Macedonians Organization" (World).

Both headed for the same fate .. 6 feet under

Former MPO Luben Dimitroff (Toronto, Canada) http://www.macedoniantruth.org/forum/showthread.php?p=136225


01-29-2013, 12:59 AM


NOTE: If. you support the film festival do you understand what you support? Macedono-Bulgarians aka porn

01-29-2013, 03:53 AM
video clip has already gone viral .. "i was misqouted on this video"


^ best possible evidence in a court of law (in your own words)

01-29-2013, 05:06 AM

Several, years ago the wise folks over at UMD central had a great plan lets join Facebook and seek out 5,000 friends regardless who they might be - open house. Well, I guess that's okay if you don't post slanderous remarks for the 5,000 friends to read or get caught up in numerous lies.


Life, is short they choose to make it shorter .. next stop New Jersey. (home)