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10-08-2010 until 12-30-2019
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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations at the forum of the Macedonian Truth Organisation (MTO)

(1) The national-ethnic and cultural-linguistic identity of the Macedonian people is historically Macedonian, and derives its character from the native, indigenous and geographic homeland of the Macedonians, which is called Macedonia. To ensure that their human rights, integrity and heritage are appropriately respected, the only nouns and adjectives acceptable when reference is made to the above character and identity markers is Macedon, Macedonia, Macedonian and Macedonians.

(2) The nation-state of the Macedonian people is the Republic of Macedonia, and is to be referred to by this official title so long as the 'republic' prefix is consistently applied to other states. Alternative references are the Macedonian Republic, or simply, Macedonia.

(3) The 'ethnic' prefix is only acceptable for Macedonians in cases where differentiation is specifically required - so long as it is in context and consistent where it concerns its application to other ethnic groups.

(4) Should any other differentiation be specifically required, the names of other ethnic groups that reside with Macedonians in either the Republic of Macedonia or the occupied Macedonian regions in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia or Albania, are to be given a prefix.

(5) Negating the identity, language and culture of the Macedonian people by deliberate avoidance of the terms Macedonia, Macedonian and Macedonians, or by any other means, is not permitted.

(6) Systematic anti-Macedonian propaganda and rhetoric are not permitted.

(7) Threads irrelevant to the Macedonian Cause, the community at the Macedonian Truth Organisation or the Macedonians in general may be considered as spam or not in the spirit of the forum. In such cases they are not permitted.

(8) Continual posting of messages in threads with the sole purpose of deviating from the initial topics with the use of unrelated and unnecessary information is not permitted.

(9) All posts, external articles, reports, etc that are cited in languages other than Macedonian or English, must be accompanied with a translation in one or both of the said languages.

(10) Despite the possibility of some conversations and debates becoming heated, extreme abuse and/or racism, vulgar language and/or terminology, threats, revelation of personal information about others, harassment, and other such behavior will not be permitted. If deemed necessary all relevant information including member details will be reported to the appropriate authorities for investigation which may result in legal action.

(11) Threads that are created must have a summary of a topic or excerpt of an article found in pertinent link(s) that have been included. One line threads will be considered unaccetable spam and are therefore not permitted.

(12) Compulsive and deliberate lies, irrespective of the topic, are not permitted.

(13) Any symbols or avatars found to be perceived as offensive to Macedonians are not permitted.

(13) Any explicit or extreme material is not permitted.

Failure to adhere to the above rules and regulations will result in a ban after 3 breaches. This may be reconsidered in some cases should the circumstances be of an unorthodox nature and/or require special consideration. To assure an effective deterrent against an individual or individuals with the sole purpose of causing dissent through spamming, racism or other improper means, the above rules will be strictly enforced.

The MTO administration will monitor all discussions as reasonably practical and reserve the right to remove any post and/or member from the forum, and update the rules and regulations as required. Members are encouraged to immediately report any post and/or member to the MTO administration if they feel that these rules have not been abided by.

The views expressed on this forum are those of the individuals. The only official representation of the MTO is made by the "Macedonian Truth Organisation (Site Owner)" username, and no other.
The Macedonian Truth Organisation is a worldwide initiative established in 2008 to convey the spirit of the Macedonian people.
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