Questions about Macedonian History

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  • Dove
    • Aug 2018
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    Questions about Macedonian History

    Request for assistance.

    I have read a lot of books but still do not really understand enough about our Macedonia to have a clear understanding of its past. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could help me with my questions. I am sorry if they are basic questions that you may think I should know but I was told virtually nothing by my family. My sibling says that is 'a beautiful life'. P.S. There are some things I have chosen not to read because my mind is not ready for what I will feel upon exposure.

    After what I just said you may find the first question odd, nevertheless here it is.

    In what locations such as villages were chemical weapons used in war? Or what dangerous chemicals were used in crop production or for any other purpose in villages. Any references are appreciated. I am trying to understand if people I know or have known may have been exposed to dangerous chemicals.
  • Risto the Great
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    • Sep 2008
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    Napalm was used in Greek occupied Macedonia during what is described as the civil war by Greece.
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    • Liberator of Makedonija
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      • Apr 2014
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      The village of Bapčor (Kostur district) was the one of the first (if not the first) human settlements to be destroyed via napalm bombing. I know some other villages around that area were targeted with the chemical weapon as well but I do not recall the names

      At least in the case of Bapčor, almost nothing can grow there still over seven decades since the bombing (1949)
      I know of two tragic histories in the world- that of Ireland, and that of Macedonia. Both of them have been deprived and tormented.