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  • Bill77
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    • Oct 2009
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    Originally posted by Bill77 View Post
    Sorry for being a party pooper and getting serious about this gentlemen, but......

    Australia Day

    My heart goes out to the Indigenous (Aborigines) for this day 224 years ago, was the beginning of the end for you true owners of this land. Your ancestors suffered. They were Murdered, torchered, made into slaves, land repossessed, children stolen, and attempt of genocide against your race.

    As a Macedonian, i can relate and feel your pain, anger, and feel saddened to the injustices committed towards your people.

    I support those of Indigenous heritage, leading to the use of alternate names, such as "Invasion Day" and "Survival Day", for this day. It should be a day of mourning, not celebration.


    • makedonche
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      • Oct 2008
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      Originally posted by Bill77 View Post
      Very true Bill!!
      On Delchev's sarcophagus you can read the following inscription: "We swear the future generations to bury these sacred bones in the capital of Independent Macedonia. August 1923 Illinden"