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  • Jankovska
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2008
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    Originally posted by Makedonia View Post
    Keeping my friends close, but my enemies closer.
    Good to know, guess we are all playing the same game than


    • Pelister
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
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      Originally posted by Spartan View Post
      Some of you may remember me as Spartiati from Maknews. I look forward to reading this new forum, and engaging in some interesting conversations.

      The rules are quite simple. You are encouraged to engage in lively and interesting debate. I would urge you to as much as possible stick to the topic in question.

      We ask that you respect the rights of us Macedonians, and preserve our dignity as much as possible (that is being kind).

      It won't bother me that your a bit of a firebrand, but ... if I find any reference to Macedonia or Macedonians that is derogatory your out.

      Apart from that, Welcome.


      • Spartan
        Senior Member
        • Sep 2008
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        ^^ Thank you for welcoming me
        I dont post much, you wont have to worry about me. Im more of a reader
        Thanks for the heads up though
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        • pelagonia
          Junior Member
          • Sep 2008
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          Makedonia there is no Greek Macedonian identity. UNDERSTAND? I will never respect you unless you are a real Macedonian like me. Not some prosfiga from Asia Minor.
          ''The figures of SS. Kiril and Metodi, and St. Clement and St. Naum of Ohrid are shining examples to the sons of Macedonia, whom a glorious future awaits on the day that Macedonia, united and free, takes her place as a member with equal rights of the family of the Balkan peoples." Krste Petkov Misirkov, 1913.