animal shelters in Macedonia

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  • Mygdon
    Junior Member
    • May 2009
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    animal shelters in Macedonia

    This is nothing history-related, I only have one question about animal shelters in Macedonia. Does anyone know what documents I exactly need to bring homeless cats/dogs into the EU (Austria)? I have no idea what places to visit in order to get the right papers so that i wouldn't get in trouble at the duty controls. Not even sure if there are any animal shelters in our country..

    I don't want to bring any animals over here to sell them and make profit out of it, don't get me wrong. I just want to give homeless dogs/cats new places to live here.
  • julie
    Senior Member
    • May 2009
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    They would need to go into quarantine for a period of time, I dont think it will be a cheap exercise.
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